1. W

    ProTools Crackles on Playback and Mix Print post-export

    Hello, So I am trying out protools to see if I'll want to purchase the DAW once I'm done with my master's program. I'm running into a major issue right now though and I'm getting crackles on playback..! I'm near the end of my program and this hasn't happened all year. These are all audio...
  2. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: How to record hardware synths using Ableton Live

    I've made a video about how to record hardware synths using Ableton Live's magical "External Instrument" device.
  3. sailenox

    A little Update - my own audio technology company which will change the sound of future

    I posted this last year. I just want to give you a little update. Right now i'm studying information- and communication technology and its really hard. I've learnt so much until now. I know how an Equalizer works and i can even build my own Equalizers. I'm surrounded by cracks in audio...
  4. Bluemount Score

    How much $$$ for a decent laptop for music production?

    So I'm pretty much a hardware-noob, especially when it comes to laptop components. Somebody else did put together the parts for my current computer and I was somewhat proud that I actually managed to make it running on my own. It's still a great PC, however I'm planning to buy an additional...
  5. F

    What is causing the crash of my audio interface?

    I already posted this on other places, but didn't get any answers so far, so maybe someone here can help me. Last week I was recordings some improvisations with a friend of mine. And every 30 seconds or so my audio interface crashed and restarted with a very annoying click sound. So it was...
  6. thecompactor

    Is the i7-9800X a bad CPU to start a build off of?

    I am starting a new build and could use some critique. I'm moving up from an i5-3570K on an ASRock H77M with 16GB of DDR3. My parts list so far is: Mobo: ASRock X299 STEEL LEGEND CPU: i7-9800X Cooler: Noctua NH-U12A RAM: 64 GB DDR4 (add more as I go) Storage: A mix of Samsung EVO SSDs for...
  7. Bluemount Score

    Hardware MIDI fader / controller recommendations?

    I‘m for somehow having a hard time finding a (cheap) MIDI controller with just 2 (or more) faders for external CC control. The E-Piano I use for MIDI recording doesn‘t have a single one. I change all CCs inside the DAW after recording. I thought it‘s finally time to gear up... Any recommendations?
  8. J

    FS: Novation Bass Station II

    Selling a mint condition Bass Station II Amazing little synth, I am however moving to a smaller studio, and scaling back on my hardware. I have barely used this thing (mainly due to my expanse of software synths), but it works great as a standalone analog synth, or as a MIDI controller, or...
  9. SwedishPug

    What reverb does Joe Hisaishi use?

    I was listening to Joe Hisaishi recently (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away in particular) and obviously he is a tremendous composer but I was paying particular attention to the reverb. It sounds so lush and vast without getting messy. Anybody have a guess at what reverb his scores tend to...
  10. wuubb

    Nature of hardware limits when using Kontakt?

    Between these 3 components: RAM, CPU, and storage, what is the order in which they usually crap out when running large templates? I'm curious from a hardware standpoint what the priorities should be when building a system say for VEP. Based on what I read on here, it seems that CPU would be the...
  11. Jdiggity1

    SOLD: NEW Mackie Big Knob Studio+ Audio Interface PRICE DROP

    EDIT: Item now sold Still sealed in box. No longer needed. This is the flagship model in the latest Big Knob series. Original purchase date was over a year ago so there might not be any warranty left. Asking For $280 $250 Pickup from La Canada, Los Angeles. Can ship for an extra $15 or so.
  12. SimonViklund

    Drum pad to record MIDI input?

    Hi, I'd like to rent a drum pad so that I can input percussion patterns into my DAW (it'll be Reaper or Ableton Live, PC) - and I'd like to hear suggestions for what brand/model of drum pad to get. Whether the drum pad can play samples (stored in the drum pad itself) or if it allows you to...
  13. GrapeBotherhood

    Master/Slave setup: where to put best CPU?

    As in the title....given that I mainly work with: - Lots of VSTs and Kontakt instances -Lots of Orchestral Work -Not so much audio recording -A few plugins in the inserts, but the most of them would be used only in mixing/mastering phase, when I have already bounced all the VSTs tracks to audio...
  14. Callum Hoskin

    Logic User Considering Switching To Cubase

    I am a competent logic user and very happy with the program however I need to upgrade my hardware as I am pushing my machine to the limit. It goes without saying that macs are expensive and overpriced so I am considering windows alternatives and running cubase. This would obviously be a huge...
  15. kingseamus

    Duet 2 Cycling On/Off

    After years of use without issue, my Duet 2 has started cycling on/off after a couple minutes of being plugged in to my computer, causing my speakers to pop loudly. I'm using a Mac Pro 4,1 with macOS 10.11.6, and haven't had any recent software updates. I also should have the latest firmware...
  16. B

    Seeking Advice on 2nd internal SSD for MacBook Pro

    Dear VI-Control folks, Thanks so much for your amazing posts. I learn so much from you! I'm requesting your tech expertise, as I'm about to dive into the world of score composing. Q: I want to install a 2nd SSD into my MBP (swapping out the Optical/DVD) to hold sample libraries. I prefer...
  17. dannthr

    Exploring the Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer

    This week, I Received my Soma Labs Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer. It is an 8 voice hardware synthesizer with a complex ecology of intermodulating elements including a self-modulating delay. The result of this complexity is what I find to be really interesting and compelling textures and noise...
  18. thecompactor

    Looking for advice on a network setup for my partner & myself

    Background Both my partner and I are media composers. Recently, she took on a project that is pretty large in scope and was working away at it with a subscription to the EW Composer Cloud. Everything was going fine until her iLok was obliterated by our cat. Since I wasn't working on anything at...
  19. L

    Recommendations on my gear for using Kontakt live

    Hi, Im having some issues with pops and noises during live playback of kontakt libraries, wich I believe have to do with the "CPU" and "Disk" indicators going red for brief moments (yes I know its obvious!). So I ask if you people could please make recommendations on my setup in order to...
  20. Seycara

    New Mega Build

    I am making a 10k audio pc and am currently stuck between two possible configurations: i7-7700k with 64gb 3000mhz ddr4 or i7 6800k/i7 6950x with 128gb 3000mhz ddr4 I know that the broadwell-E cpus have quad channel ram support as well as support up to 128gb ram which would be useful for...
  21. DanielOutro

    Vintage Roland Drum Machine and Synth Samples

    Hey everyone! We linked up Toronto producer and all-around gear obsessive Dan Only to record some samples from his vintage gear collection. Follow the link to 150+ free samples from the TR-808, TR-909, SH-101, Juno 60 and more! There are a few non-Roland machines in there too. Hope you like em :)
  22. sazema

    New PC build, CPU advice? (modest budget)

    It's a right time to switch my old machine (with Intel Dual Core E8400, 8Gb ram) with something new. But I have no idea where to start (and what to choose). First of all, I want to change only MOBO + CPU + RAM, because I have graphic card, sound card, SSD's etc, case and everything else. I'm...
  23. manuhz

    Building a new PC DAW: DDR4 velocity and latency considerations

    I've recently decided to switch from Mac to PC. Not an easy decision for me, but the total amount for a 128gb machine with latest i7 CPU was unquestionably the main reason. Now, I am trying to understand wich hardware components make here the biggest diference, mainly regarding to the best...
  24. E

    Question about difference with i7 4790k and 5820k or 5930k

    Hello guys! I'm on i7 4790k now, 32gigs of RAM and 3.5 TB of SSDs. I'm thinking to move to DDR4 configuration and, specifically, to 5820k or 5930k processors. Can someone please tell me, who have been previously on 4790k and moved to 5820k/5930k, is it a big difference in workflow and is it...
  25. E

    Question about Studer Consoles

    Hello guys! I've found one older Studer 962 console and I would like to know your opinion on it! I know that there are better studer consoles, but I've found this one for relative cheap price. So the questions! Could you please tell me, where are Studer older consoles in this whole chaos of...
  26. EvilDragon

    Hollow Sun Garage Sale!

    Hello everyone! The late and great Stephen Howell has left quite a bit of hardware in his wake. This is YOUR chance to become the owner of hardware pieces that Steve used himself to create various Hollow Sun Kontakt libraries! Some of the units are prototypes that never went into production -...
  27. E

    Question about AD/DA Converters

    Hello guys! I'm planning to buy some quite decent converter (DA mastering preferably, but AD/DA would be also good!) for orchestral production. Also, if possible that the converters are high end inside price range of lets say 3500$. Number of channels aren't too much important, so the...
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