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  1. F

    OWC NVMe U2 Shuttle - 4NVMe drives inside an enclosure!

    Don't know if anyone saw this, but OWC announced a new product that allows you to use NVMe drives inside a 3.5 enclosure to then put into some sort of 4-Bay or NAS setup. Looks super interesting, all I know is that NVMe drives are a lot faster for streaming samples than a normal SSD. Will there...
  2. MoeWalsaad

    Ways to Re-direct Kontakt to find samples in new directories

    Hello, I wonder are there any methods, software, or tools that can re-direct Kontakt to look for samples in a different directory than the one it expects to find the samples at? Maybe a general Windows/Mac software that creates smart files-shortcuts/proxies that make shortcuts appear as if they...
  3. S

    Kontakt/Logic can't find my new sample drive even though it has the same name?

    So I just got a new sample drive. The old one was a RAID 0, this new one is a JBOD. I gave it the exact same name. Copied the entire folder hierarchy. I open up Logic and Kontakt can't find anything. So I have to sit there and re-point everything to the correct location. It's tedious and very...
  4. B

    Seeking Advice on 2nd internal SSD for MacBook Pro

    Dear VI-Control folks, Thanks so much for your amazing posts. I learn so much from you! I'm requesting your tech expertise, as I'm about to dive into the world of score composing. Q: I want to install a 2nd SSD into my MBP (swapping out the Optical/DVD) to hold sample libraries. I prefer...
  5. Heledir

    Any experiences with the EastWest CC Hard drive?

    I'm thinking of getting it so I can clear a whole bunch of space off my current HDD, and so I don't have to download 83GB libraries like Stormdrum 3, etc. Only thing is, when I googled the specific hard drive they use, it didn't exactly show great user reviews -- lots of it stopping to work...
  6. H

    Help build new computer.

    Hi everybody. Long time reading from this Forum. First time asking for help. Intel I7-8700k, Asus Prime Z370-A, 16 Gb Rams, No idea about Hard drives, Should I go with SSD hard drive or regulare ones and how many do I need. Windows 10, Spitefire Albion One, Eastwest Composercloud Monthly plan...
  7. L

    Recommendations on my gear for using Kontakt live

    Hi, Im having some issues with pops and noises during live playback of kontakt libraries, wich I believe have to do with the "CPU" and "Disk" indicators going red for brief moments (yes I know its obvious!). So I ask if you people could please make recommendations on my setup in order to...
  8. stigc56

    Help! My slave suddenly lost connection to a hard drive

    Hi I have never experienced this before, but suddenly my Slave 1 (MacPro 2009) boots with the information that one of the drives isn't recognized. Disk Tool doesn't report the drive, so what can I do?
  9. marclawsonmusic

    A Tip for Glyph Drive Users

    This may be common knowledge for some, but I thought I would pass it along anyway... The other day, one of my Glyph drives (GT050Q 1TB) started smoking. Literally smoke was coming out of the side accompanied by a nasty electrical burning smell! I unplugged the thing immediately. I have no...
  10. J

    NAS for storage - How do you have yours setup?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about adding a NAS to my studio for archiving / music playback / backing up etc. I like the idea of NAS as I can have 3.5" noisy drives in a separate room and all I need is an ethernet cable to connect. If I purchased one of these, , would I be correct to assume that I...
  11. J

    OWC Thunderbay 4 with SSDs - Turning the fan off

    Hey guys, I have a Thunderbay 4 here that I'd like to use with SSDs. Was wondering if any of you who have one have had any luck with disconnecting the fan on the back? It's far to loud to have in the studio while recording. From what I know, SSDs don't get very hot. The Black Magic Multi-dock...
  12. musicalweather

    Migrating main hard drive to new hard drive - advice?

    I'm looking to replace the main hard drive on my Mac desktop with a larger drive and perhaps one that's an SSD instead of SATA. I have three other internal drives on this machine, drives which I use for sample libraries, video etc. But my applications and OS are on the main drive which is 250...
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