1. ChrisSiuMusic

    What is one piece/song you’ve written that captures you as a whole?

    Hi friends, This thought just came to mind. Throughout our lives as writers and creatives, we’re always trying to put together music that defines who we are, and are proud to share with the world. However, it’s so easy to become overly critical of our own work and lose sight of the progress...
  2. Duncan Formosa

    Something for Christmas

    I'm really bad when it comes to trying to get a piece finished. So I set myself a challenge to come up with a christmassy kind of piece to force me to do something. This is what I've managed to make. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated (especially on the B section cause I feel that's the...
  3. Akarin

    Your best 2018 purchase?

    I see that the "most disappointing library" thread is making a come back to my front page, these days so I was wondering what's your best 2018 acquisition. The year is nearly over and even though there may still be Christmas sales coming our way, considering the Black Friday craze, I think now...
  4. Aviram Dayan Production

    DreaMelodic Sound - Happy Dream Track Pack (Wav)

    Video: All info: http://www.aviramdayan-dreamelodic.com/happy-dream-track-pack
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