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  1. LeonRossMusic

    Spitfire Audio - Hans Zimmer Strings | Multiout Question

    Hey guys, Quick question- does anyone know if there's a way to multi-out multiple microphones from Hans Zimmer Strings? Cubase shows there's 16 available Stereo Outputs, however I cannot find the function within the Spitfire Player to output specific mics. I can see you can route CC's to...
  2. fish_hoof

    For You - Hans Zimmer Strings and JXL Brass... a delicate, intimate, not rip your face off composition.

    Hi all, Here is a composition I did for a project featuring Hans Zimmer Strings and JXL Brass. The two work so well together its insane. Below is a video I did along with the music. Its not pretty as everything was done via zoom, but, it's a powerful video. Giving away almost $90,000 to...
  3. fish_hoof

    Hans Zimmer Strings - 40% off thread

    Hey everyone, If you've read my posts, I think its no secret that I am huge fan of this library and what it can do. With it being 40% off this Black Friday weekend, I wanted to start a thread showing some of my work using the library, but also encourage others to do the same, by posting your...
  4. fish_hoof

    Another Hans Zimmer Strings Song - Anxious Chase

    Hi all, Here is a song I wrote for an exercise. Used HZ Strings, layered a little bit with Spitfire Chamber Strings. Really like how this one came out. I also mixed the strings difference by NOT using the Close or Tree mics, I actually really like the sound of using the other mics and...
  5. Sarah De Carlo

    Handel 'Sarabande' Epic Orchestral Arrangement using Spitfire Hans Zimmer Strings

    Hello everyone. I have read in many forums about the difficulty of using 'Hans Zimmer Strings - Spitfire' in more 'classic' productions, so I wanted to do this experiment by producing the famous 'Sarabande' by George Frideric Handel using this library together with 'Forzo' for brass instruments...
  6. Sarah De Carlo

    Dark Cinematic Underscore using Spitfire Hans Zimmer & Solo Strings + Zero-G Ethera Gold

    Hello everyone! In my last production, I used an ensemble for the dark / cinematic style that I really liked: Hans Zimmer and Solo Strings - Spitfire + Zero-G Ethera Gold. As for organic sounds ... Hans Zimmer Strings: - Violins and Cellos Long Super Sul Pont. - Pizzicato + Long Super Sul Tasto...
  7. Sarah De Carlo

    My return to action music production (BT Phobos+MAP+Ethera Gold).

    Hi everyone, after a period in which I focused more on the production of orchestral music, today the inspiration to produce action music is back. As I often do when the inspiration is missing (we talked about it in another thread), I randomly selected presets from some libraries, and from them...
  8. Sarah De Carlo

    Here's how I would write the final music of 'Game of Thrones'.

    Excited for my first production with 'Spitfire Hans Zimmer Strings', I decided to produce what for me could be the final music of the 'Game of Thrones' saga. Used libraries: - Spitfire Hans Zimmer Strings - Spitfire British Drama Toolkit - Spitfire Solo Strings - Forzo (Brass) - EastWest...
  9. nickmurraymusic

    ULTIMATE Spiccato Strings Shootout - Which Library Sounds Best?

    I decided to pull up 19 different Spiccato String libraries and test which one sounds the best (at the time of making this video). I tested Spitfire Audio's Albion One, Albion Legacy, Albion 2 Loegria, Albion 3 Iceni, Mural (Legacy), Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Hans Zimmer Strings, BML Sable...
  10. reutunes

    Spitfire Audio : Hans Zimmer Strings - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 70 - Spitfire Audio : Hans Zimmer Strings More information on Hans Zimmer Strings ► https://bit.ly/2F42A1l The Samplecast YouTube show ► http://www.youtube.com/TheSamplecast
  11. reutunes

    Damn! I forgot to even post this... Samplecast #70 now live

    With all the HZ Strings drama this month, I forgot to write a post about the actual show! So sorry. Recently, I've been involved with the releases of Clouds and Trailer Xpressions II and have been working on a few other cool things which I'll tell you about in next week's newsletter. Episode 70...
  12. reutunes

    Audio Ollie : Scoring Synths - The Samplecast Big Review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 69 - Audio Ollie : Scoring Synths More information on Scoring Synths ► https://www.audioollie.com/ The Samplecast YouTube show ► http://www.youtube.com/TheSamplecast
  13. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene of my latest composition - Fragments - Spitfire audio libraries

    Hi All, In this video I show in details the techniques I use to orchestrate and to create a sound which is closer to realism. Libraries used in this composition: - Hans Zimmer Strings - Spitfire Symphonic Strings - Spitfire Chamber Strings - Spitfire solo alternative strings - Olafur Arnalds...
  14. amadeus1

    Hans Zimmer Strings - uncommon, rare, unique articulations

    Hi Guys, Here's a video emphasizing the uniqueness of HZS. Thanks, Bill
  15. amadeus1

    Hans Zimmer Strings vs Metropolis 2 Composite Strings

    Here's a comparison between HZS and Metro 2 Composite and Violins - Long Articulation
  16. Epicomposer

    Spitfire Audio - Hans Zimmer Strings (Review)

    As probably one of their most ambitious projects to date, award-winning British sample library developer Spitfire Audio just released an orchestral string library that carries the name of one of the best and most successful film composers of our time: Hans Zimmer Strings. Having scored iconic...
  17. amadeus1

    Hans Zimmer Strings vs Synchron Strings - Basses

    Here's a video comparison between the basses in Hans Zimmer Strings and Synchron strings by VSL.
  18. marcodistefano

    Piano and Strings (Hans Zimmer Strings, Spitfire chamber/symphonic/alternative solo/chamber evo)

    Hi All, I just finished to produce this lovely composition which is showing the power of many spitfire string libraries. What you hear is (in order of appeareance) Olafur chamber evo Spitfire chamber strings solo alternative strings Spitfire symphonic strings Hans Zimmer Strings. Also used...
  19. marcodistefano

    Hans Zimmer Strings vs spitfire alternative solo, chamber and symphonic strings

    Hi guys, just made a rendering of the same composition with 4 spitfire audio string libraries alternative solo chamber strings symphonic strings hans zimmer strings Below is the video, you can take your conclusions. I am sure that with the time I will be able to do even better than this (I...
  20. amadeus1

    Hans Zimmer Strings vs Synchron Strings - Violins

    This is a comparison between the two libraries for the violin sections.
  21. H

    Hans Zimmer Strings install troubles

    Hello, Has anyone successfully installed Hans Zimmer Strings? The spitfire app downloaded the sample library to my OS drive, instead of the sample drive (despite my best efforts). I copied everything to the sample drive, and moved the original download to the trash, and now the HZ strings...