1. Nami Audio

    Hammer & Felt Kontakt Library by Nami Audio

    Introducing Hammer and Felt Kontakt library. https://namiaudio.com/en/piano-keys/8-hammer-felt.html From the simplest upright piano, to a more intimate one and with experimental and lush sounds, Hammer & Felt will help you getting ideas as fast as never before. With a simple yet effective...
  2. S

    Casio PX-5S 88-Key Privia Pro Digital Stage Piano with Power Supply - $619 shipped obo

    Listed on Facebook marketplace - will do free shipping to VI members. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/281944243412008
  3. Michael Antrum

    Sold: Nord Electro 4 HP (Hammer Action) In U.K.

    I'm selling my Nord Electro 4HP. I have a Nord Stage 2 EX, so it's getting little use. I have owned it from new and it is in excellent condition - only one small mark on the rear corner of one for the wooden end cheeks. If you are a perfectionist it can easily be replaced for about £30-odd...
  4. SAsound

    Recommended Midi Keyboard 49 or 61 with hammer-action?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone would know of a good Midi keyboard with hammer-action? Preferably with 49 or 61 keys, and also no more than 400 euros. Thank you
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