1. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | How To Write A Dramatic Action Cue

    Hey Everyone! We recently posted a NEW Soundiron Session on our YouTube channel. This time composing in the style of a gritty dramatic action cue ala The Punisher and Breaking Bad. This uses predominately Modern Animated Percussion, Tines & Echoes and some real guitars. Enjoy! If you would...
  2. zygomatic

    Hello from Serbia

    Hello everyone! My name is Bojan and I come from Serbia. I've been a musician enthusiast for almost 20 years now. Started out playing an improvised drum kit then moved on to the classical and electric guitar and bass. After those keyboards came about and finally synthesizers, music production...
  3. A

    [SOLD] Orange Tree Samples Guitars

    Hello, I'm selling my three virtual guitars from Orange Tree Samples : Evolution Strawberry (non Kontakt Player) - 50€ Evolution Steel Strings (non Kontakt Player) - 50€ Evolution Stratosphere (Kontakt & Kontakt Player) - 50€ Ok for Paypal payments
  4. Time+Space

    Day 6 - 64% off authentic funk and soul Freshtone bundle

    It´s Day 6 of our Deals and we're offering 64% off the incredible Freshtone Bundle which includes the award winning Lost Tapes 1, Lost Tapes 2 and Vintage Drums. These three best-selling multi-format sample packs deliver a refreshing, genuinely authentic collection of legendary instruments...
  5. Sample logic

    Black friday sale: get 66% off cinematic guitars infinity!

    CINEMATIC GUITARS INFINITY World’s most powerful Cinematic Virtual Instrument! Get a massive 66% off this amazing suite of over 2000 sound sources, 1000 soundcore presets, and 750 ready-to-use instrument presets that gives you over 2,400 trillion sonic combinations to work with. CREATE...
  6. E

    Bounces Ohio - NI Maschine and WAV library

    NEW MASCHINE AND WAV PRODUCT AVAILABLE !!! Get our new Maschine and wav library inspired from Zapp and Roger work. This new funky loops and beats volume will provide you inspirational sounds, hi-quality samples and professional records. This library contains 4 construction kits including ...
  7. TomNoyd

    Fun with Roadhouse-blues-rock(ish) music

    In an honest (but probably unsuccessful) attempt at making a more natural sounding band, I decided to take a stab at a few roadhouse-country-blues-rockish tracks. (I may have failed at the embed code but hopefully something pops up). Honest feedback is always welcome. <iframe width="100%"...
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