1. Cory Pelizzari

    Getting to the Bottom of "Swing! More"

    Check it out here:
  2. Cory Pelizzari

    Getting to the Bottom of "Swing!"

    Check it out here:
  3. Cory Pelizzari

    Developer Spotlight - Sample Oddity

  4. ThomasNL

    Collecting good pop/rock band libraries (Drums, Guitars, Elec. Bass)

    Hey guys and girls, I have a clear overview of all the orchestral libraries out there but I actually have very little knowledge about the best and worst libraries for more pop/rock music styles. Unleash your suggestions onto my humble soul! Kind regards, Thomas ps. I did try to find the...
  5. Cory Pelizzari

    Developer Spotlight - Dream Audio Tools

  6. dman007

    Which Guitar Amp & Effects VSTs would you recommend?

    Which guitar amp & fx VSTs would you recommend? Which sound the most realistic? Which provide the best results for modern rock, hard rock and metal productions? How do the different ones compare? And are there any Guitar Instrument VSTis you'd recommend for use with them (for rock, hard rock...
  7. jrrshop

    AAS Latin Vibes introductory sale $19

    50% off AAS Latin Vibes for Strum GS-2 and AAS Player introductory sale, now $19 instead of $39: AAS introduces Latin Vibes, a sound pack available for the AAS Player (Free) or for Strum GS-2. Latin Vibes explores the world of traditional and modern...
  8. dman007

    Vibrato VST

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good vibrato VST for use with electric guitar VSTis? Thanks in advance
  9. A

    CLOSED [SOLD] Orange Tree Samples Guitars

    Hello, I'm selling my three virtual guitars from Orange Tree Samples : [SOLD] Evolution Strawberry (non Kontakt Player) - 50€ [SOLD] Evolution Steel Strings (non Kontakt Player) - 50€ [SOLD] Evolution Stratosphere (Kontakt & Kontakt Player) - 50€ Ok for Paypal payments
  10. Dear Villain

    A different quartet: accordion, clarinet, guitar, marimba

    Part of our upcoming album, Acclarion (accordion and clarinet duo) performs alongside various virtual instrument combinations, including this piece, with guitar and marimba. The piece is named Geranos (ritual crane dance associated with the mythical king, Theseus). The guitar and marimba take...
  11. Time+Space

    NEW Audiority Tube Modulator vintage tremolo vibrato plug-in

    The latest addition to Audiority´s line of affordable yet effective plugins has arrived at Time+Space. Tube Modulator is a collection of several tremolo, vibrato and spatial position effect circuits ranging from the late ‘50s tube bias tremolo to the late ‘60s psychedelic vibe pedals. Getting...
  12. K

    Song Symphonique 2

    This is number two of an orchestral suite based on the song form.
  13. Illico

    Remember 80's

    Hi, Here is a new composition. This is my brother request, a small tribute to the Americans series of the 80s. Wah-Wah guitars, funky brass and some orchestra ...100% VSTi, hope you'll like it. Don't hesitate to comment. Thanks Soon, I'll work on something complitetly different, Celtic style.
  14. Simone Coen

    Chocolate audio - black friday special

    Hi, all of our products are slashed by 50% to 65% off list price until Dec. 3rd 2017. Including our best sellers Uproar RAW, Glissando Concert Harp, The Black Album Drums and The 88 Series Pianos.
  15. APD

    Get 81% off Studio Devil Massive Amp Bundle!

    STUDIO DEVIL proudly offers the Massive Amp Bundle featuring a collection of 5 top quality guitar amps for Mac and Windows. Normally valued at $525, the whole collection is now offered for $99. That’s a total savings of $425 (81% off). This offer is valid only until November 29th, you don’t want...
  16. LinkinCB

    Heavier7Strings 20% off for Holiday Season

    Hi guys! To celebrate Halloween and incoming Black Friday and Christmas, Three-Body Technology announces 20% off for Heavier7Strings until next year! The price is $199 from original $249. Music! Beer! Hope all you guys will have great holidays!
  17. Illico

    Orchestral with Guitar and Drums Kit

    This is the first time I use Guitar & Drums Kit with an Orchestral library. Any feedbacks are welcome on orchestration, mixing, etc. Please do not hesitate to post any comments
  18. marksumm

    MkVI Audio: Weird and Wonderful Kontakt Instruments

    Hi all, My work on MkVI Audio has landed me a role at a far larger sample instrument developer. I want to focus all my attention on this and so MkVI Audio - and its instruments - have disappeared forever.
  19. MatthewHarnage

    Fantasy track combining Medieval Era II with acoustic guitar. Looking for any feedback on mix.

    Hey everyone, This was created for a Fantasy game coming out in 2018. It is played in a secret library area and was meant to be calming and somewhat reflective. The main melody is the main theme of the game, inverted. I thought I did pretty well with the mix. Everything sounds clear and...
  20. antcarrier

    Fretless Guitar Orchestral Prog Rock

    Hi! I have just finished writing my latest piece. It is a combination of classical music and prog rock. It has fretless guitar and bass, orchestra and a LinnStrument. I had a lot of fun making this. I hope you enjoy! :) Jon
  21. MoteMusic

    Warm in the Cold - Game music

    The finished draft of track 2 for my upcoming game music asset store pack. This one is designed as an ingame background track. I say draft because everything is a draft until I've had feedback! Otherwise, it's complete and fully produced. In here there's a sampled&altered piano, strings, syths...
  22. beyd770

    Second attempt at uplifting music - Omnisphere 2 / Ibanez RGD

    Hey guys! This is my second attempt at mockups and writing with samples. After I posted my first track,, I realised I needed to work on writing solid stand-alone melodies. So I made a piece I...
  23. DanielOutro

    Looking for musicians and producers to work remotely

    We're Outro, a Montreal-based company that has recently launched an online marketplace for musicians, producers and singers. Our mission is to give talented artists a consistent source of revenue — you can work by selling your own loops and samples, or by collaborating directly with Outro users...

    What is this guitar?

    I've never been exposed to guitars so don't know much. Is it acoustic or one of the many types of electric guitar? Can you recommend a library where I can get the sound closest to this? Another one that comes to mind is:
  25. Grizzlymv

    Evolution (OTS) guitars realistic strumming?

    Hey guys. For those of you who use the Orange Tree Samples guitars libraries, especially the acoustic ones, are you able to achieve convincing / realistic strumming parts? I’m not a very good guitarist and can’t always get a real guitarist coming in. Sometime it’s just for a quick background...
  26. M

    Poetic Guitar II on sale… good for classical guitar?

    Hello all, Best service has Poetic Guitar II on sale for $59 (yes, it appears that that is both the dollar and euro price). This offer includes three guitars: Acoustic guitar with a pick (AGP), Acoustic Guitar with fingers (AFR), and classical guitar played with fingernails (CNJ). I'm in...
  27. thov72

    First track using the Resonator from Indiginus

    Hey folks I wrote a piece a while ago using mainly that great sounding hound dog guitar...the Resonator that sound and I also love the track that Tracy included so I thought I´d post something. Hope you enjoy and please comment....
  28. Oliolijanko

    The Sea

    Hey everyone! Please let me share a newly recorded version of my composition "The Sea". Don't know If this is the right place for it, but it's a guitar composition so I thought It would fit well in the chamber music althought it's not a typical chamber music piece. There's a nice story behind...
  29. Vin

    FS: NI The Giant

    Both sold, thanks!
  30. A

    Scherzo for X-Wings guitar cover

    I always thought this track from the Force Awakens could have been played by Dream Theater or something. I couldn't resist covering it. Hopefully the crappy editing and drums won't turn you away :0 Soundcloud:
  31. MoteMusic

    "Not So Normal"- Orchestra, electric guitar, piano.

    Hello everyone! I have just finished the score for a short independent film. This is a cue in which our character is at first dreamily drifting in his disturbed state, and then as he walks he sees everyone as peculiar strangers, who may all know his secret. He then finds that his medication has...
  32. Composers Tools

    Composers Tools releases THING THONG... Now on Sale!

    If you have ever wanted an instrument that’s full of inspiration and versatile enough to turn it’s hand to percussion, pads, guitar or tuned sound design, then Thing Thong is for you. Go to the [Product page] - Now on 69$ intro price, just for the next month! Thing Thong runs in the full...
  33. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling releases free DISTORT 2 Update

    Strezov Sampling releases free Distort 2 1.1 Update adding a finetuned version of the clean samples patch with an alternative tuning. Owners of the library will receive a download link during the next 24 hours. About Distort 2: DISTORT 2 is an electric guitar sample library perfect for film...
  34. donbodin

    Review of Evolution Modern Nylon from Orange Tree Samples

    My new favorite nylon string guitar library, Evolution Modern Nylon, continues Orange Tree Samples' tradition of transforming midi into credible guitar performances. Full review, demo and more: Evolution Modern Nylon is avillable from from
  35. X-Bassist

    Indiginus Renegade Electric Guitar

    Just got the email for this new guitar (A Telecaster very cleanly recorded with 2 pickups and combo). The walkthrough video is impressive, has a wide range of sounds (snapshots) and articulations (many buttons and keyswitching). All for an intro of $49. These guys are amazing, but honestly, I...
  36. Ollie

    "Catalyst" - Hybrid Djent style track

    Coincidentally, like Wibben, I have also been working on a track mixing aspects of hybrid trailer music and Djent metal. With a rather similar looking 7 string... :) All comments appreciated. Thanks, Ollie
  37. Mundano

    Ego te saluto! Hola, Hello, Hallo, Ciao, Bonjour

    Hi everybody, i am a musician/composer, recording/mixing technician, multi instrumentalist (piano/synths, guitars, violin, recorders, percussion), from Colombia. I have lived in different lands and have enjoyed different cultures. Since december 2015 "V.I. Control Forum" called my attention and...
  38. Ollie

    Star Wars Theme (Guitar Orchestra) - Cooper Carter

    Fun video I came across. As a guitar player myself it's nice to see how all the parts gel together in a way I can visualise more easily. There's also a link to the individual "guitar section" stems:
  39. donbodin

    Face Melting Guitar: Review Shreddage 2 IBZ Impact Soundworks

    Spent some time with the wonderful guitar library Shreddage 2 IBZ from Impact Soundworks. More info and full written review here : Shreddage 2 IBZ is available from Impact Soundworks...
  40. borghipablo

    The Nurse - klezmer music for CL - GT - CB (Recording)

    I composed this piece for a film last month, it's a nice theme for Clarinet, Guitars and Contrabass, it has something of klezmer music. I hope you enjoy it! Pablo
  41. donbodin

    Sample Library as Art? My review of The Planet from Atom Hub

    Spent some time with Atom Hub's The Planet, an ambient guitar based sample library that is out of this world. Are there any sample libraries you feel are works of art? Read review here: The Planet is from developer Atom Hub available for €7.00...
  42. StrezovSampling

    Distort 2 Released |Intro price $99 ends on Aug 17

    Distort 2 is a highly intuitive mockup tool especially designed for composers working with midi keyboards. Never before has it been easier to play in guitar riffs. Splitting the keys into two zones, one with palm mutes, the other with sustains, Distort 2 allows the player to use both hands for...
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