1. S

    Horn Glissandi?

    In a composition of mine, I'd like the French horns to play a descending glissando spanning a major 2nd. I know some glissandi on horn are achieved by adjusting the position of the hand in the bell, but the passage is to be hand-stopped the whole way through, so that method wouldn't be possible...
  2. Simone Coen

    Chocolate Audio releases Glissando Harps - preannunces Winter Sale

    Chocolate Audio has announced the release of Glissando Harps, a new library for Kontakt that features Camac and Salvi 47-string concert harps sampled in full detail. Each Harp was sampled in a different venue and with different setups in order to augment flexibility and usage scenarios...
  3. amadeus1

    Orchestral Tools Symphonic Harps

    Hi guys, Here's a video on Orchestral Tools Symphonic 2 harps. It has more harp features than any I've seen before. In the video is a short comparison with VSL Harp 1.
  4. Hidden_Path

    FREE from Hidden Path Audio, Orchestral Rise Builder!

    You heard it right, a FREE orchestral sample library for your epic orchestral rise/glissando needs! Simply click our link below and sign up to our newsletter and you'll receive a download link immediately. Recorded with full orchestra in a traditional scoring stage environment, our...
  5. Simone Coen

    Chocolate Audio releases Glissando Concert Harp for Kontakt

    Chocolate Audio is introducing today Glissando Concert Harp: a 47-strings Concert Pedal Harp, released for Kontakt and with a custom Glissando engine, a first for scripted instruments. Features: 3.7 GB of compressed samples content (11.6 GB uncompressed). 8244 samples. 2 microphone sets...
  6. onnevan

    Classical music dynamics in Ableton Live

    Hi everyone! I struggle trying to do the music more dynamic in Ableton, classical techniques are very complicated to replicate, glissandos and rubato for example or making a composition in "free time", with variable bpm. Also the change ¡n volume, intention, accents and all those kind of...
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