1. SBK

    Giveaway "Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic 1" by NI

    Facebook Giveaway, win Strummed Acoustic 1 by Native Instruments
  2. SBK

    Free giveaway "Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic" by NI

    Facebook Giveaway
  3. BrotherCharles

    Win Martinic Elka Panther For FREE | Reviewer's Revival

    HURRY in! - Win a FREE license of Martinic Elka Panther VSTi | Reviewer's Revival Exclusive Giveaway DRAW Enter The Draw Here
  4. BrotherCharles

    ** california keys giveaway raffle **

    Howdy Gang, We're running a raffle event over at Reviewer's Revival. This is a great chance to win a FREE copy of Q Up Arts' California Keys Sample library. Just check out the guidelines and throw your hat into the ring. :D California Keys is a cool, retro collection of 6 vintage instruments...
  5. P

    Giving: Magix Music Maker 80s Edition Not a very good DAW, I got it from a software bundle from HumbleBundle and have no use for it. Resale value is practically 0 so I'm giving it away. The actual DAW is free IIRC but this one comes with some loops or something. If you have...
  6. S.M Hassani


  7. creativeforge

    Winners of the summer giveaway!

    Here are the winners of the Summer 2017 VI Control Giveaway:
  8. creativeforge

    March giveaway ends MONDAY 20TH! There's still time!

    WHAT IS VI-CONTROL: So much talent, so many brilliant people, so many developers and outstanding libraries, always pushing the envelope and renewing the sound palette for artists and engineers creating for media, cinema, video games, installations, commercials and various art endeavors that uses...

    (Gave) away $50/€30 Ableton web shop discount coupon.

    I bought Korg NanoKontrol 2 and received a bunch of free software and this voucher. I don't use Live or any of the Ableton products so giving it away, if anyone could get some value out of it, please reply I'll send the code. Copied from the description: This coupon gives you a $50/€30...
  10. creativeforge

    Time to say goodbye...

    Dear friends of VIC, Early February this year (2015), I started work on this new incarnation of VI-Control. For a one (1) man job (with some outside help), and thanks to your collective input, I'm pretty happy with the result, and I hope you are too. THANK YOU to all who contributed to the...