1. ChrisSiuMusic

    Inside The Score: Good Egg Galaxy (Musical Analysis)

    Hey everyone! Today I wanted to break down the music behind Good Egg Galaxy, a cinematic orchestral piece from Super Mario Galaxy. If you’re into music theory, you may enjoy this :) Thanks, Chris
  2. ChrisSiuMusic

    Determination - A Track in the Style of Disney

    Hi all, I'd like to share my newest track with you: Determination. I hope it will inspire you, and make you feel fulfilled by the end. I will be doing a walkthrough and breakdown of the track next week, so feel free to subscribe! Thank you :)
  3. dog1978

    Thrill review and interview videos

    I've done a big package about thrill. At first I shoot a little film for trying out "Thrill": Here is the review: And here a interview with Stephan Lembke of Galaxy instruments (check the english subtitles): And we couldn't find the spider after shooting the intro video:
  4. transverb

    Galaxy Pianos? Vintage D - Thoughts on 2 for 1

    Dear VI forum, I'm looking at picking up a piano VI and have been doing a lot of research (reading forums, listening to demos, ect). I currently own the Una Corda + The Giant for reflective / cinematic work and Addictive Keys for rock / pop mixes. There is also a 2-1 deal going at Best Service...