french horns

  1. Meredithmoo25

    French Horn player and composer available for remote session work

    Hi Everyone, My name is Meredith and I a professional French Horn player and Composer, but currently paying the bills doing remote session work on the horn. I am a seasoned session player having performed on soundtracks for Disney, Marvel, and Pixar as well as with artists such as Sir Paul...
  2. amadeus1

    VSL Synchron Jupiter - 6 French Horns

    Hi guys, Here's a video walkthrough and review of the new Synchron French horns, currently on sale for a modest price. Thanks, Bill
  3. B

    Shared recording sessions! French horn, clarinet and string quartet.

    Hi everyone - hopefully you are all safe and well!! We are very fortunate that our live room is isolated from our control room so we are still able to safely record musicians during these troubling times. Ordinarily we have a minimum booking of 3 hours to secure a session but once we have...
  4. ashtongleckman

    Caspian In-Action Overview

    Hey all! Here's my overview of Performance Samples' Caspian. Love what Jasper did with this one. Really intuitive and playable.
  5. R

    Help Req: Mahler's 6th (re: French Horns)

    Hi all, I'm currently working on Mahler 6th Symphony as my first full-on mock up of an orchestral piece (yes, I have the cow bells, phew). Currently I'm working within Sibelius 7.5.1 to score the music before I export it to one of my DAWs to start using orchestral samples and mastering it...
  6. stigc56

    How can I trick a VSL Horn to play a written C5?

    Hi I have just moved my french horns parts from the BRASS library to the Dimension Brass Library, but it seems that the range is different in those two libraries. The good old BRASS lib. can reach the written Bb space above the system in the G clef, but the Dim Horn 1 can't go that high. In...
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