1. D

    Cubase & VE Pro Template: Freeze and Unload?

    I've googled this and searched the forum, but I didn't come up with anything pertaining to my situation. If I messed up and this is a frequent question - I'm genuinely sorry. I recall some people saying they freeze tracks in Cubase (with a VE Pro template) for faster loading, but I can't really...
  2. MoeWalsaad

    Stop Cubase Freezing at startup

    As an orchestral music composer who uses lots of Kontakt and Play sample libraries and complex routing, It keeps happening, that large Cubase projects crash or freezes at startup, most of the times I find a way to walk around these problems like: 1 - Restarting my machine 2 - Disable expensive...
  3. G

    VEP6 keeps freezing when I load up an instrument

    Hi Guys, I wonder if you can help me. VEP6 keeps freezing when i try load up an instrument. All was running fine, and now its not working. I am running 6.016502 on Mac OS 10.12.15 I have deleted the preferences files for it on the Mac. But its still freezing on instrument loads. Anyone know...