1. P

    Why don't more companies offer free or cheap trials of libraries?

    The other day I downloaded the 8dio century brass try pack. I liked the sound of the solo flugelhorn and wanted to make sure it was worth $50, and after buying the $4 try pack and using it in a cue, I'm happy to say it was worth it, and bought the full version. Had I not been able to try it out...
  2. Dave Hilowitz

    Trying out Apple’s new Sampler plug-in + FREE SAMPLE LIBRARY

    Apple has a new sampling plugin called Sampler; it comes as part of Logic 10.5. In this quick video, I give the new plugin a spin, and use it to create an EXS version of my Box Violins Sample Library.
  3. ryevick

    Looking For Movie/Cinema Clips For Practice

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, I did a search and I didn't see anything on it. I would love to find a place that allows you to download legally short scenes from movies without any orchestration or music on them to practice scoring. I know people will say you can film anything and put...
  4. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio FREE ASMR Available Now

    FREE ASMR Available Now Welcome to our new cloud collaboration library Free ASMR. 8Dio Free ASMR is our latest creation utilizing samples provided by you, the community. Over a couple of months, we asked the community to submit ASMR content to create a library that would explore these types...
  5. ScoringArts

    Academy of Scoring Arts - Free Orchestration Event - Saturday @ 11am PDT

    Composer friends! You're free on Saturday at 11am Pacific Time, right? (It's not like we're allowed to go anywhere!) We at the Academy of Scoring Arts had an event planned with master orchestrator Thomas Goss, which due to obvious viral circumstances, had to be adjusted. Well, we are going to...
  6. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio The New Glass Marimba On The House

    On The House The New Glass Marimba The New Glass Marimba is a custom 8DIO instrument and is a modification of the classic Marimba. We have taken a classic Marimba and replaced the wooden bars with glass bars, this gives a very warm and bright tone to the classic sound. This instrument is a...
  7. Cory Pelizzari

    My Snare Noise Tool

    Download here: Support my work: Buy my albums:
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    Writing A Trailer Track With 100% Free Orchestral Sample Libraries.

    Happy Thursday everyone! In today's video, let's do something awesomely fun and write a track from scratch using 100% free sample libraries! Please enjoy :D
  9. 8Dio Productions

    On The House The New Copperphone

    On The House The New Copperphone The New Copperphone is a custom instrument made from modified Copper pipes. The end result is a 12 pipe instrument that sounds somewhere between pristine bells and a metallic marimba of sorts. The Copperphone contains five core deep-sampled articulation types...
  10. Cory Pelizzari

    Getting a Silent Hill Sound With My Voice

    Kontakt 6 full and Omnisphere versions here:
  11. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio On The House The New Propanium

    8Dio On The House The New Propanium Welcome to "On The House" by 8Dio. A series of free advanced sample libraries for everyone. If you feel like leaving us a TIP - just subscribe to our Youtube channel! The New Propanium (aka Milltone) is a multi-sampled tonal metallic drum that has been...
  12. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 7!

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 5! For the next 48 hours, grab our 37 person Orchestral Choir 'Requiem Pro' for $88 and for the next 24h, receive our Century Harps for Free (With any purchase of $98 or more)...
  13. BenBotkin

    Making it as a Freelance Composer: Strategies and Tools for Success (FREE WEBINAR NOV 19)

    Hey everyone! I'm going to be hosting a free webinar about career paths and business strategies for the media composer in the modern music industry via my educational brand, Forte Composer Academy. This event is aimed more at those in the earlier stages of their music journeys, but I know this...
  14. Ben

    Free! Get your copy of VSL's Big Bang Orchestra

    VSL is giving away a new sample library, for free: Big Bang Orchestra Feel the power of a full orchestra playing at the same time with multiple mic at the Synchron Stage Vienna. Use this library to create dramatic, mysterious or soft soundscapes. Or just use it to add more power to your music...
  15. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt Video Tutorial: How to Make an Arpeggiator (sort of) + FREE TOY PIANO KONTAKT LIBRARY

    I've made a new video. I take some first steps towards coding my own arpeggiator script, then bail and show off the great arpeggiator script that comes bundled with Kontakt. Along the way, I make a free "toy piano" Kontakt library. Link to the library in the YouTube video description.
  16. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: Getting started with SFZ: the free sampler + free SFZ sample library

    In this video, I provide a basic introduction to SFZ – a free sampling format that provides a lot of the same functionality as Kontakt, albeit with a far more basic UI. A link to the toy xylophone sample I created in this video can be found in the YouTube video description.
  17. R

    FREE Patches for Omnisphere 2 - Limited Time

    Happy Holidays from ILIO! Here is a free sample pack that contains a selection of the sound designer's favorite patches from each of ILIO's patch collections for Omnisphere 2, PLUS an EXCLUSIVE BONUS PATCH. Get yours now at From now until January 1, 2019, all of ILIO's...
  18. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt video tutorial: how to make mic level knobs + free bowed nagoya harp kontakt library

    In this video, I find out what happens when you play a Japanese Nagoya Harp (Taishogoto) with a violin bow! In the process, I demonstrate how to make microphone volume level control knobs. There's a FREE Kontakt library in the description to the YouTube video. Enjoy!
  19. Dave Hilowitz

    Video Tutorial: How to Make Decent Looping Samples + Free Musical Wine Glasses Kontakt Library

    In this video, I explore various techniques for making samples loop. First, I cover the options available within Kontakt, then I investigate external tools: LoopAuditioneer and WaveLab. At the end of the video, I put theory into practice by recording some musical wine glasses and making them...
  20. reutunes

    FREE iZotope Ozone Elements Mastering Software - instructions below

    Well, this is a seriously amazing deal that nobody should pass up. As a way of getting you to subscribe to their newsletter, Plugin Boutique are currently offering a FREE version of iZotope Ozone Elements (normally worth about £60). There's a little bit of a process to this but it's pretty...
  21. S.M Hassani


  22. pbattersby

    (free) Virtual Playing Orchestra v3.1

    I'm not sure how many people around here are interested in a free orchestral sample library but just in case, I thought I would finally post this and just see. Visit the link below to learn more and download the library. There are 2 versions of the library (both share...
  23. SoNowWhat?

    BBC Sound Effects Library - For Non-commercial Use

    Apologies if already posted elsewhere (did a search in Sample Talk and didn't see it). BBC has made their sound effects library publicly available though not for commercial use, (I guess that's fair enough really). Enjoy.
  24. augustof

    Free Brush Drums Kit (VSTi Mac Only) Beta testers needed :)

    Just finished my first attempt for a VI (Mac only) made with HISE ( you are free to download and try it (will be a buggy one I bet). Navigate to Once page loaded, type "sampleson" without quotes and download will start Let me know if it worked. On 10.11.6...
  25. Y

    30 Gb Free Sound Fx Samples

    Thought I'd let my fellow forum members know about this. If you need Sound Fx samples here's a good place to start! Full commercial license, direct download. There's also a list of included samples. Only catch is, very slow download on the server I tried.
  26. d.healey

    HISE Tutorials

    Hello, I've been working with HISE for a couple of years now and I've been putting together some tutorial videos going over the basics. I'll be adding more when I have time and going into more complicated topics.
  27. Time+Space

    Get a free world-class piano from Synthogy!

    Since it was released earlier this year, Synthogy's Ivory II Studio Grands has gone down a storm with users, further boosting Synthogy's incredible reputation for creating the world’s finest virtual pianos. Now has never been a better time to invest in this sublime collection as you´ll also...
  28. Time+Space

    Free iZotope Ozone Imager Plug-in

    iZotope has released a small tease of what the Boston-based audio experts have in works by adapting the popular Ozone Imager module for release as a free plug-in. Those familiar with iZotope will get a sneak peek of what is to come, and new users will get a chance to own a piece of Ozone for...
  29. reutunes

    Samplecast #55 now live - with RP Verb 2 review and much more

    Hey Controllers... Sorry about the lack of a "proper" show last week. I simply didn't have the time to put it together. I hope you enjoyed the newsletter as a replacement. This week it's back to normality with an extra-long show. This has been one of my favourite episodes to put together, with...
  30. Michael Antrum

    Some Free Mac Pro Ram (4,1 & 5,1) UK only

    Hi All, I have recently upgraded my Mac Pro 4,1 (flashed to 5,1) to 64gb RAM. I have left 6 x 1gb sticks (genuine Apple) and 2 x 4gb Sticks (Crucial) which need a good home. I'm more than happy the send this free of charge to anyone in the UK who wants it, as it will just gather dust here. So...
  31. karelpsota

    [%40 OFF] AVA - INSTINCT Trailer Sound Effects (20 Free Sounds)

    Ladies and gents, I've been really focused on sound design and mixing this past year. I essentially limited my workflow to only one rule: "don't use any samples you can't record yourself". It was a tough challenge. Although I wrote less tracks, this forced me to dissect what made...
  32. Time+Space

    Gothic Instruments DRONAR FREE Edition

    Gothic Instruments has released a special version of their popular DRONAR Kontakt software and it´s completely free! Featuring five presets from each of the four currently available modules (Hybrid, Guitarscapes, Live Strings and new Dark Synthesis), the DRONAR Free Edition includes nearly all...
  33. DanielOutro

    30+ free sample packs for just about any genre

    Hey friends! Hope everyone is doing well. I've been working hard with the team at Outro to put together some sample packs for our website. If you're a sample head, or just looking for a few extra sounds to spice up your production, we've gotcha covered. The packs are up on our featured page...
  34. DanielOutro

    Remix Competition with Free Samples

    Hey friends, Outro is running a remix competition using free samples from our site! Here's how it works: Download all three samples from Outro (they're free!) Chop, twist and slice the samples into a new track. All genres of music are game. Post the finished track in the comment section of...
  35. reutunes

    HOW TO: Create soundscapes in record time... and more with Samplecast #44 now live!

    Back to normality this week with a typically busy Samplecast show. I thought it was about time that I brought back the "tips and tricks" section of the show as it's been absent for a while. This week learn how to create evolving soundscapes from pretty much any sound source and a bare minimum of...
  36. DanielOutro

    Why do you make music?

    Hey everyone! I've been producing music for nearly 7 years and can sometimes feel like i'm chasing an unknown goal. There are moments where I feel as if music is just something I do for fun, and others where I'm totally driven to put out releases, and strongly believe this is something I need...
  37. kierangreig

    New Free Kontakt Instrument Subscription Service

    Hi there! I've started a free subscription service where you signup and get one free instrument a month. This is a project that I started primarily to improve my abilities in creating NKI's. If anyone is interested, I'll post our Facebook page!
  38. reutunes

    Samplecast #40 out now with "Barrage" review, bargains, freebies and more

    The final show in this series of The Samplecast - and it's a big one! This week, a review of Hidden Path Audio's "Barrage", a sample library giveaway, bargains, news and much more. Don't forget about the podcast - it's an extended version of the show with more chat, music, product demos and the...
  39. calebfaith

    Free Kontakt Instrument: Wine Glasses

    Wine Glasses is a simple Kontakt Instrument which includes a very small sampleset of a wine glass being bowed and flicked. It includes 3x dynamic levels with 4x round robins. This instrument has only been sampled at the one pitch but using Kontakts pitch shifting abilities it has been stretched...
  40. ontracktuts

    Free Presonus Studio One on Udemy

    Hey Guys, I used to be a Logic user, but have moved over to Studio One. I'm really liking the user interface and some of its features. It may be lacking on some functions in comparison to Logic and Cubase, but I think its a real contender to these guys. I'm busy putting together a full course...
  41. DanielOutro

    What types of sounds/instruments would you like to hear in a sample pack?

    There are a lot of sample packs with classic drum machines, synths and traditional instruments. Let us know what new sounds you think could be interesting or helpful in your productions! This includes: Genres Playing styles FX Moods
  42. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling releases free Wotan and Freyja Updates (New Agile Legato for Wotan)

    Hello everyone, as promised from us 2 months ago: Today we release 2 free updates for Wotan and Freyja. Both of them are now fully compatible with our upcoming choir release Arva allowing the user to load and share their presets among all of these libraries. Additional small bugfixes have...
  43. Hidden_Path

    FREE from Hidden Path Audio, Orchestral Rise Builder!

    You heard it right, a FREE orchestral sample library for your epic orchestral rise/glissando needs! Simply click our link below and sign up to our newsletter and you'll receive a download link immediately. Recorded with full orchestra in a traditional scoring stage environment, our...
  44. d.healey

    The Haunted Music Box

    A free little Kontakt library for Halloween.
  45. karelpsota

    New Website & FREE Sample-Pack

    Hey everyone :) I've spent the last two days putting my website site together. Would love to have your feedback. I also decided to share some sound design I made while I was in France. Its recordings from different objects I found in my dad's farm. I processed them heavily and...
  46. mcalis

    Great collection of free orchestral (raw) samples!

    EDIT: Made the mistake of not using search before posting this (in my enthusiasm). I see that this resource is already fairly well known and used in the VI community. Apologies! Perhaps this has already been posted here at some stage, but this is a fantastic resource of free samples...
  47. reutunes

    The Samplecast #10 is LIVE! The show for sample library geeks, plugin fans and musicians

    Hello Controllers (is that the collective noun? I've no idea) The Samplecast show #10 is now LIVE - Plenty of great features in the show this week including news, reviews, updates and free samples. The video version of the show is below and the podcast is here. Featured this week: Synferno...
  48. jesusginard

    Wavesfactory releases Phi - VST/AU

    1.618, Phi or the Divine Proportion is everywhere in nature. From the birth of a leaf, our own body and DNA to the shape of the Milky Way. We perceive this ratio as perfection and beauty. Now you can apply the Golden Ratio to your music with "Phi", an audio plugin that re-arranges the sample...
  49. SampleScience

    Orion Sound Module: Free Rompler

    I hope I'm posting this in the right section of the forum. If not, let me know! :) I've just released a free rompler instrument called Orion Sound Module. The idea behind the Orion Sound Module plugin is to provide a rompler based on public domain samples that can be used to create...
  50. Xenox.AFL

    Small xmas gift from us, 2 soundsets for FREE!!!

    It's xmas and we thought to give away 2 soundsets for FREE, get our TAL Bassline 101 soundset and our LinPlug Spectral soundset for FREE till the end of the year... Don't forget to get our other stuff for -50% off, too like our cinematic tool kit Aphelion or our drumloops...! Check it out at...