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  1. Vik

    The pros/cons of using solo strings instead of first chairs?

    I just listened again to OT's first chair demo.... ...and wonder what the pros and cons would be for someone who used regular solo instruments (in this case, it would be most relevant to use OT's solo strings I guess) instead of using the first chair library?
  2. Vik

    Poll: which of these 30+ virtual violins would you recommend?

    There are already several polls about virtual strings/violins here on VI-C, but those were created while there still was a 10-response poll limit – so one poll was about products with only solo violin products samples, the other was about quartets/first chairs etc. But any violin hunter out...
  3. Vik

    Poll: Which solo violin libraries are you really happy with? (old thread)

    ETA: This poll is closed now, because there's a new, more complete poll in this thread: Based on the solo/first string string instruments listed in this thread (I'm sorry if any...
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