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  1. Leslie Fuller

    Indie Film Music Contest Summer 2022 just announced!

    Just received notification of the latest Indie Film Music Contest, this time for Summer 2022, and it opens for registration on April 29th. It seems that there will be two films to choose from to score this time, and as before there is a Young IMFC and a Standard IMFC category, both paid entry...
  2. Soundiron Team

    Francesco Ferrini on joining Fleshgod Apocalypse, Designing a Livestream | Soundiron Podcast EP #43

    In this episode Nathan & Craig chat with Anne-Kathrin Dern - a German-born composer based in Los Angeles who creates educational resources for musicians. Enjoy this wide-ranging interview on career stepping stones, immigrating to the USA, growing on YouTube, the numbers game of rejection...
  3. ChrisSiuMusic

    What are your favourite viola/celli themes?

    Hey friends! I'd love to know: What are your favourite pieces using string ensemble, and specifically featuring the melody in the violas, or in the cellos? Any classic melodic soaring themes come to mind? Thanks so much!
  4. Leslie Fuller

    10th International Film Scoring Competition 2022 (as part of the Zurich Fillm Festival)

    Another Major International Film Scoring Competition announcement! Registration is open from 11th April with a submission deadline of 6th June 2022. The 6 minute film to be scored can be downloaded for free upon request. A competition entry fee is payable. See link below for full details...
  5. Soundiron Team

    In The Studio With Serj Tankian of System Of A Down

    In The Studio returns with Serj Tankian, who is best known as the singer for the rock band System Of A Down. Over the years Serj has established himself in the world of film and television scoring and in this video we get an inside look into his studio, composing process & tons of insight into...
  6. Leslie Fuller

    Heavyocity & Metapop | Native Instruments - The Heaviest Score Wins Competition!

    Competition just announced: The Heaviest Score Wins, where you are tasked to rescore Heavyocity’s Damage 2 Trailer. Link here to Metapop page with instructions...
  7. Leslie Fuller

    Spitfire Audio and Darkstar - Haunted House Scoring Competition just announced!

    Spitfire Audio have just announced another scoring competition. This one asks that you “predominantly” use their Darkstar Haunted House library! The page linked below provides relevant information...
  8. Leslie Fuller

    Montreal International Film Scoring Competition 2021-22 Just Announced!

    The Specialized Diploma Program in Film Music at the Université du Québec à Montréal, and l'UQAT are proud to announce the seventh edition of the Montreal International Film Music Composition Competition. Three short films are proposed to composers of all parts of the world to inspire...
  9. ChrisSiuMusic

    My NEW Template for Orchestral Scoring. Updated For 2022!

    I'm not a huge template guy, but I've just updated mine for general purpose scoring. What are some must-haves in your template?
  10. Leslie Fuller

    The Cue Tube - New Discord, and Patreon Only Video for Rescoring.

    Received an email earlier from The Cue Tube advising that their new Discord was going to replace the current Forum. Join here: Also, there is a new “Noir” clip for rescoring, but only for supporters of The Cue Tube’s Patreon. Patreon page here...
  11. Leslie Fuller

    Score The World 3 Competition Announced!

    Hi Everyone, Yet another scoring competition for your enjoyment! As before, this is a paid entry competition with the film to be scored provided after payment. See link below for early-bird registration details. After last...
  12. Leslie Fuller

    Heavyocity Symphonic Destruction Rescore Competition Just Announced!

    Another competition to get our teeth into! Heavyocity have just announced a free to enter competition to rescore their Symphonic Destruction Trailer! Details here:
  13. Leslie Fuller

    Not a Competition, but a scoring challenge from Spitfire Audio for Hans Zimmer Month!

    Spitfire Audio have just announced a Scoring Challenge for Hans Zimmer Month. Check out:, and scroll down to Dan Keen’s section where there are links to download the video, and for t&cs. #hanszimmermonth Also see Dan’s video on scoring to picture using Hans...
  14. Leslie Fuller

    New Indie Film Music Contest W2021 Just Announced!

    Just received notification of a new (winter 2021) Indie Film Music Contest. See the following linked page for information: The animated film to be scored is shown on this page as a YouTube video, but without sound effects...
  15. Leslie Fuller

    OTICONS FACULTY 2022 Competition Announced

    Hi All, in case you’ve not seen or been notified, registration for the OTICONS FACULTY 2022 Competiton has been announced. Detail of registration and requirements are set out in the link below:
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    Scoring My First Film: What I Learned!

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll take a look at a few things I learned over the course of scoring additional music for the Hallmark film 'Her Pen Pal'. It was definitely a great learning experience, so I hope I can share some of what I picked up with you here. Please enjoy! Big thanks to the...
  17. Leslie Fuller

    CAIFF (California Independent Film Festival) 2021 Scoring Competition Now Open!

    Just received notification this evening of the CAIFF 2021 Scoring Competition. The link below takes you to the Competition page with relevant information, and a further link in that page goes to the entry form. The film will be provided on payment of a $15...
  18. Leslie Fuller

    Composers Choice Contest (IFMC 2021 No.2) - Only for email subscribers.

    Just received a notification (below) from IFMC of another contest, which will only be open to email subscribers. —————- Hey, To fill the time until the next Indie Film Music Contest we have a new opportunity for you. We created another contest but this one works a little bit differently...
  19. Leslie Fuller

    The Indie Gathering Film Scoring Competitions 2021 (ended), 2022 Competitions now open!

    THIS 2021 COMPETITION HAS ENDED, BUT THE CLIP TO BE SCORED IS AVAILABLE. As with the Horror Hotel competition (which is linked to this one), I’ve just noticed this Film Scoring Competition, which also “slipped under the radar” and ended on 1st June 2021. The competition information page is at...
  20. Leslie Fuller

    Horror Hotel Film Scoring Competition 2021 (ended), 2022 Competitions now open!

    THIS COMPETITION HAS ENDED, BUT THE CLIP TO BE SCORED IS AVAILABLE. I noticed another Film Scoring Competition, which “slipped under the radar” and ended in April 2021. The competition information page is at the link below: Just follow the...
  21. Leslie Fuller

    Rec Change - Scoring for Social Change Film Scoring Competition 2021

    Hi Everyone, I’ve just noticed another Film Scoring Competition, which “slipped under the radar”. Unfortunately, registration has been open from 1st May, and the submission deadline is 30th June 2021! The film to be scored (Merma) can be downloaded for free using a Google Drive link, and on...
  22. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 25% Off Weekly Flash Sale | Sick Volume 3: "Dark Places"

    Learn More: Our weekly flash sale continues with a select product from our shop. This week you can save 25% off Sick Volume 3: “Dark Places”, a collection featuring 175 professional dark/suspense/horror environments, soundscapes...
  23. Leslie Fuller

    9th International Film Music Competition 2021 (as part of the 17th Zurich Film Festival)

    Another Major International Film Scoring Competition announcement! Registration is open from 3rd May, with a submission deadline of 18th June 2021. The 8 minute film to be scored can be downloaded for free upon request, and on acceptance of certain conditions! A competition entry fee is...
  24. Leslie Fuller

    NOT a Competition, but yet another Scoring Opportunity!

    While looking around, I just discovered that there was a previous Abbey Road Studios Film Scoring Competition in 2020! To my surprise, the 2020 competition page is still up on Abbey Road Studio’s site, and the 2020 competition video is still available for download. Link to the page follows...
  25. S

    Is 512gb SSD Enough for Film Scoring?

    Hello Everyone, I'm a composer who's learning to score for media, and I really don't know tech. - barely at all. I'm new to all of this and keep finding contradicting posts on what I'll need. I'm setting up my DAW/rig from scratch. For my needs and minimum experience, I'm only considering a...
  26. Leslie Fuller

    Abbey Road Studios Film Scoring Competition Announced!

    Just seen another Film Scoring Competition announcement, this time by the famous Abbey Road Studios, in London. This one is time limited, with an entry deadline of 24th April. See below for details...
  27. Jan @ Treeswift

    TWO DAYS LEFT: Get our debut library Zebra Elementals: ISLA at 25% off! (Ends April 16th)

    Hi there! I'm Jan Morgenstern (or sin(x) around these parts) and some two weeks ago, I've launched my soundware label Treeswift Audio along with our debut release, Zebra Elementals: ISLA, a fairly unique library that I've worked on for most of 2020. ISLA is a collection of water-inspired...
  28. gohrev

    Berklee's "Film Scoring 101" Course

    Hello everyone, I am thinking of taking Berklee's Film Scoring 101 Online Course, and I was wondering if anyone ever took this course or could tell me whether it's worth pursuing? Any insights will be greatly appreciated :)
  29. musicbyjoao

    Top moments where a film/games that blew you away the first time you watched it (because of how the score was used)

    The following are some moments that immediately came to mind when thinking of occasions that blew me away when I watched them for the first time. They are mostly simple moments that were different than expected and therefore had a great impact and made some impression on me. In no particular...
  30. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron: Iron Throne 2.0 | A Sinister Horror Scoring Collection (On Sale for $19 LTO)

    => LEARN MORE <= Iron Throne is a very eerie and dark collection of metallic percussion and semi-melodic effects, ideal for use in horror and suspense scoring, sound-design, trailer fx and post-production. We used viola bows on the throne edges to create sinister melodic and dissonant tones...
  31. C

    VI Control Professionals in Film Scoring, Is abusive behavior really an industry standard?

    Short background: I started an intense development of my music skills back in 1996. I was living, eating, dreaming music. Around 10 years later I got my first TV composing jobs (for short forms, like weather and horoscope shows, ads...). That led to a bigger gig for the top organization in my...
  32. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron releases "Sonespheres 3 - Current" | A cinematic scoring toolkit (Intro Offer)

    Learn more: Sonespheres is a series of uniquely sound-designed atmospheric synths, textural pads, evolving soundscapes, nuanced drones and tonal ambiences, built for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5+ Sonespheres 3 - Current...
  33. Aleela

    Is this possible? Cubase with DP

    Is it possible to use Cubase for the composition and DP for the video together in the film scoring?
  34. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Session | How To Write A Dramatic Action Cue

    Hey Everyone! We recently posted a NEW Soundiron Session on our YouTube channel. This time composing in the style of a gritty dramatic action cue ala The Punisher and Breaking Bad. This uses predominately Modern Animated Percussion, Tines & Echoes and some real guitars. Enjoy! If you would...
  35. BenBotkin

    Film Scoring for Beginners - Benjamin Botkin Course on Sale for $240 (was $475)

    Hey everyone! My comprehensive for-beginners course on film scoring is currently on sale for $240 (used to be $475) and it's called (surprise) Film Scoring for Beginners. This in-depth, 42 lesson/10-hour-long video course course is intended to be a pretty comprehensive introduction to the...
  36. VidPlayVST

    Hello, plug-in developer from Wales

    Author of VidPlayVST, multi-format video player plug-in. Lots of useful information here if you are composing to picture.
  37. Soundiron Team

    Sample Logic & Soundiron Introduce Modern Animated Percussion

    Sample Logic & Soundiron introduce the world’s most modern drum machine: Modern Animated Percussion. ']Modern Animated Percussion redefines everything you know about percussion and rhythms. Built for the full version of Kontakt, MAP contains over 6,000 sounds and instrument presets. The...
  38. Aleela

    Cubase working with video - tutorials?

    Hi! Where can I find tutorials that explain how to work with videos and other film scoring features in Cubase?
  39. Craig Peters

    Soundiron - Zitherette Version 2.0 update! On sale for $17.40!

    Enchanting sounds with tons of possibilities Welcome to the Zitherette Version 2.0 Upgrade! We are excited to breathe some new life into this classic library with all new features and 20 Custom FX Presets. Zitherette now has a brand new user interface with sound shaping controls that let you...
  40. amadeus1

    Bridge to Terabithia - Jesse's Bridge - Film Score Analysis

    Hi guys, Here's a video analyzing the cue Jesse's Bridge by Aaron Zigman. Look at harmonic analysis and melody characteristics.
  41. Ilko Birov

    Benjamin Wallfisch

    Ashton Gleckman interviews Benjamin Wallfisch:
  42. Dr Sabs

    The Last Jedi ScoreTalk - Film Score Bros

    Hey Guys, I recently started a youtube channel focusing on discussing film music and all things surrounding it and this week we are doing a discussion of the music of the new Star Wars film The Last Jedi. We stream at 4PM PST and this is the streaming link: Thought this would be of interest...
  43. ckiraly


    I've been a member for a little while now but haven't actually introduced myself. I'm an amateur musician who really loves soundtracks and film scores. Huge fan of Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard and JunkieXL. I'm very much still learning the ropes of composing and all of the...
  44. Freds

    [VIDEO] Film Scoring Orchestral Template Walkthrough w Cubase

    Hi everybody, here's a walkthrough video that might be useful to some. It's a detailed description of my film scoring template for Cubase and how I approach mixing and delivering of stems. Use the index number under the description if you need to jump chapters as the video is very long and some...
  45. budapestscoring

    Upcoming shared sessions

    Shared sessions are coming up with Full orchestra and String orchestra. Half hour portions can be booked on a discounted rate. April 29th 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba 40 strings (12-10-8-6-4) Costs: $937 (per half-hour session) May 15th 3...
  46. akox

    Out Now - Z3bramatic: Horror Reimagined (U-He Zebra² soundset) w/ Intro Price + Easter Sales

    Hi guys! Z3bramatic: Horror Reimagined has just been released and is the final chapter to our Zebramatic soundset series. Once again, this soundset aims at dark cinematic scoring for film and video games. However, it contains sounds which are quite different from what you might were...
  47. composerboy

    Orchestral Mixing with Jake Jackson

    Has anyone done the online film orchestra mixing masterclass with Jake Jackson at Thinkspace Education? Thanks! Ken
  48. K

    Workflow for resized cues

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here! I had a few questions on film scoring so figured I'd post here. What is your workflow for when you get revised cuts where the lengths for the cues have changed? I'm a Cubase user and I find changing the tempo (to fit the new cue) a huge mess. I figured there's gotta...
  49. M

    Fee for a short film with a budget?

    Hi everyone, I just got my first paying job as a film composer. I have worked with the director in the past (for free on small productions) and he always wants to work me with again! Now he's making a 15 minute short film, but this time there is a bigger budget (including a music budget) and...
  50. 1

    First Live Recording!

    Hello everyone! :) This is my first live recording with an orchestra :D I have composed this track for the graduation film "Generation Mars" at the Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer, directed by Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin. Recorded with the Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra (KORK). A...
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