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  1. fedelecuo

    My first time scoring to picture #SpitfireWestworldCompetition

    Hi! This is the first time that i compose a piece for a film scene. I will really apreaciate if you watch my entry for the Spitfire & HBO westworld competition and give me your opinion Thank you! if you also are participating in this competition, feel free to show me your entry, i will love to...
  2. fedelecuo

    My entry for #WestworldCompetition

    Hi! This is the first time posting on this website and also the first time that i compose a piece for a film scene. A friend of mine recomended me this place because of the great community that it has. I will really apreaciate if you watch my entry for the Spitfire & HBO westworld competition...
  3. BenBotkin

    50% 0FF Film Scoring for Beginners - Benjamin Botkin Course 6 HOURS LEFT!

    Hey guys! The second online course that I just launched through my new online educational site (Forte Composer Academy) is called Film Scoring for Beginners. This in-depth, 42 lesson/10-hour-long video course course is intended to be a pretty comprehensive introduction to the art, craft...
  4. Sarah De Carlo

    Here's how I would write the final music of 'Game of Thrones'.

    Excited for my first production with 'Spitfire Hans Zimmer Strings', I decided to produce what for me could be the final music of the 'Game of Thrones' saga. Used libraries: - Spitfire Hans Zimmer Strings - Spitfire British Drama Toolkit - Spitfire Solo Strings - Forzo (Brass) - EastWest...
  5. Norman

    [email protected] Discount on Film Composition and Orchestration Ebooks!

    Halloween Sale! 20% off on all Ludwin Music ebooks! Nine books: Film Music Anthology-Developing Material-Scoring Tips-Composer's Handbook-20th Century Score Anthology-15 Lesson Orchestration Course-Composition-Focus on the Strings 20% off on all ebooks-until November 3rd! Click here...
  6. Manuel Igler

    Survey for my bachelor thesis

    Dear community, I need your help! I'm a composition student (at ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem, NL) who's currently conducting a research about whether the DAW is the "Holy Grail" of film composing or more of a creativity killer. I'd be happy if you could fill out my survey - it will only take...
  7. Norman

    Four Seminars on Film Music-Hexachords-Orchestration-The Rite of Spring

    I am excited to announce a series of seminars in Los Angeles! These seminars will run for four consecutive Saturday mornings beginning May 5, and are similar to the ones I have presented in Boston, Seattle, Toronto, NYC, Beijing, Shanghai, Vietnam, and Thailand. Check out more info on me here...
  8. Gordon_hiphoplp

    Setting up 5.1 surround

    Hi, I have been working on stereo so Far, but now I feel that I should consider upgrading to 5.1, I work for television Primarily and In India, 5.1 is still not used much in TV commercials or programs, but I still want to do it, Need advise on setting up budget 5.1 surround system from you guys...
  9. D

    Interpretation/Creation of Moods in Film Music

    I'm currently working on my first feature film and I've noticed the director and I have somewhat differing interpretations of what mood any given piece of music communicates. So this obviously presents a problem when composing a cue. When he wants tragedy, I feel the piece I just wrote is tragic...
  10. Norman

    Ludwin Music 40% off Sale through July 10th!

    We just want to say thank you to the VI Control community for your continuing support! Fourth of July Sale! 40% off all Ebooks Use the code "4567" for your discount! Click on either image below to go to our website: Click here to read testimonials from satisfied customers:
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