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    I have had only great experience with SUPPORT andCustomer service from SAMPLE LIBRARIES companies - kudos to SAMPLE LOGIC and EAST WEST. But STAY AWAY from E-INSTRUMENTS I have a fairly good system, All my libraries play seamlessly and when I installed their pianos…well ALL of them are...
  2. Breitenbach

    TOP 9 Problems with Cubase 9 from a Logic X User

    Only 9 actually because I'm actually loving Cubase so far. Also be forewarned some of these are kinda superficial and subjective, and some might simply be beginner's mistakes. I'd still be extremely grateful for any suggestions from Cubase 9 pros. ————— 1.) The video player window closes...
  3. Dear Villain

    Drone Attack

    Hope you'll check out it out! Comments always appreciated :)
  4. budapestscoring

    Upcoming shared sessions

    Shared sessions are coming up with Full orchestra and String orchestra. Half hour portions can be booked on a discounted rate. April 29th 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba 40 strings (12-10-8-6-4) Costs: $937 (per half-hour session) May 15th 3...
  5. valyogennoff

    Music Careers in Dollars and Cents

    Hi. I was looking for something like this for some time and now that I've found it, I thought I could share it with you here. :)
  6. Michael Firmont

    *UPDATE 2* Tutorial Series for film composer beginners (Youtube)

    Hello to the hole VIC community :) I have to create a tutorial for a special subject at my university and thought about creating a small series with some topics I think can help to find an easier way as a beginners. It's for sure as well a matter of taste, but as well (personal) experience and...