field recordings

  1. ltreacher

    FOLKLORICA - virtual instruments inspired by Folklore project

    Hey! Folklorica is now live! Folklorica is a virtual instrument project designed and built by composer Lucie Treacher (me!), which uses tales, taboos and superstitions as starting points in creating colourful and conceptual virtual instruments for Full Kontakt 6.4.1...
  2. John Judd

    Homemade Percussion Video

    Hi V.I. Control folks, Just thought I would share something I have been working on. After writing an onslaught of library tracks, I got a little burned out and needed something fresh in my I started sampling household objects and doing field recordings to create my own catalog of...
  3. soundethers

    Quark for Iris 2 Released

    Hello, we just released "Quark", a special soundset for iZotope's Iris 2 made of original urban field recordings and endless textures. Take a look here: All the best, Matteo
  4. soundethers

    Subtle World released by Soundethers

    We released "Subtle World" a collection of pulsing textures for Kontakt 5. You'll find field recordings, textures, beats and pads, built in the Free Photosynthesis Engine. Automations (with Low Pass, High, Pass, Distortion, LFO pulses) are pre-assigned to you midi controller's knobs as well as...
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