1. ChrisSiuMusic

    Christopher Siu - Swingin’ Fiddle (Official Audio)

    Hey all, I wanted to share a recent piece of mine with you - Swingin’ Fiddle! I used Red Room Audio’s Bluegrass Fiddle in conjunction with the Swing! libraries to put this one together. Please enjoy! :D
  2. Red Room Audio

    INTRO OFFER ENDS TONIGHT! Traveler Series Celtic and Bluegrass Fiddles

    ...a nice add-on freebie. Red Room Audio is pleased as punch to announce the official launch of our new Traveler Series, an ongoing collection of boutique sample libraries featuring traditional world instruments faithfully recorded on location from destinations around the globe. Traveler...
  3. Bolder

    Fiddle! from BOLDER Sounds

    Hello All, We at Bolder Sounds are happy to announce the release of the new fiddle! sample library for NI Kontakt 5. This is a library we have been wanting to produce for quite some time now. We feel this library helps to fills a bit of a void in the ever expanding world of sample libraries...
  4. Illico

    Celtic - Circassian Circle

    Hi, I want to share with you my new piece. Its something with celtic's instruments... I let you discover them. I come from celtic region in France, Brittany, land of dance and song. One of my favorites is the Circassian Circle. Stand up, listen... and dance. Version Youtube Thanks for...
  5. amadeus1

    Celtic Era by Eduardo Tarilonte

    Hi Guys, here's a video link highlighting the Irish Fiddle, Concertina, and Bodhran. Click here for video
  6. Nathan Furst

    Irish/Celtic Fiddle library?

    Hi everyone. It's been a few years since I've been here, but am enjoying discovering this board again! I'm currently looking for an Irish/Celtic fiddle library of any kind. It can have phrases, loops, whatever. I'm using it as temp until I rerecord it. I'm surprised I'm not really finding...
  7. G

    Bluegrass instruments libraries

    Can you guys recommend any good libraries/instruments for Bluegrass? I got RealiTones' RealiBanjo. And I've seen Boulder Sounds Banjo come up as a suggestion as well. But I'm also looking for some good Bluegrass-style upright bass, mandolin, and fiddle instruments.
  8. sturmsounds

    Sturmsounds new release // thai bow - cinematic fiddle

    Hi Guys, much time has passed since the last release. But now we´re proud to present you our new instrument called " Thai bow". It´s a picked, ebow played fiddle from thailand and atmospheric instrument with nice tone drifts. More infos at our page. Please refresh your browser if you can´t see...