1. M_Helder

    Jeremy Soule like fantasy mockup

    Hello everyone, I've been checking the limits of EWCC libraries for some time now and wanted to see if it is (or I am) capable of soft and ethereal textural writing, which in my opinion it absolutely does (not sure about my end). Here is a piece inspired by The Elder Scrolls universe that I...
  2. Duncan Formosa

    In a Land of Myth [Orchestrated]

    Finally got round to orchestrating this. It's turned out better than I thought it would and I'm quite pleased with it. Let me know what you all think.
  3. D

    Made a new track inspired by Jeremy Soule's work on TES and the Northerner. (ambient fantasy)

    Hi everyone! My new track inspired by Jeremy Soule's Skyrim night themes. I wanted to make the track sound dark, mysterious but also beautiful and ethereal. It nailed the Skyrim ''night themes'' feel pretty well, in my opinion! Disagree? Agree? Let me know what you think, what could be improved...
  4. berlin87

    Stuck with thinking in A-B-A patterns of four to eight bars each

    Hi everyone, I can't seem to get my brain to think outside the box, or.. bar. Classic patterns are deeply engrained in my compositions, which means most of my music follows sonata or rondeau forms. Eight bars A, eight bars B, eight bars A again (with small variations in orchestration). I would...
  5. Loïc D

    Ministry Of Magic - Advices & spells welcome

    Hi guys, Here's a new tune that took me some efforts to achieve and is a first try with my updated template. The inspiration is quite obvious. Any advice on writing, arranging, mixing, mastering, etc. will be rewarded with Bertie Bott's beans. It's nothing ambitious or serious or...
  6. reimerpdx

    Freedom and Fantasy - Star Spangled Banner

    Here is a track I wrote for a Dungeons & Dragons kickstarter campaign called Monsters of Murka. Monsters of Murka is a hilarious new campaign setting for fifth edition DND full of comical monsters, detailed maps, parodical mayhem, and political satire! This campaign setting includes...
  7. reimerpdx

    Hybrid Soundtrack for an RPG Webseries

    Hi fellow VI-C'ers. I'd like to share with you my studios recent album release, Adventures of Gaia, Vol.I. A soundtrack created for a SciFi Fantasy ttRPG web-series of the same name. This is an ongoing project, and I anticipate refining enough music for a second volume within the next 6 to 9...
  8. beyd770

    The Last Guardian (PS4) - "Forest" - Berlin Strings Mockup

    After finally taking everyones advice about transcribing more, I mocked up this version of Furukawas wonderful little piece. He has kindly provided scores for several of his compositions on his website: Takeshi Furukawa Berlin Orchestra + Garritan CFX Lite Piano, Pianoteq Clavichord, VSS3...
  9. Broojacker

    Battle track for videogame

    Hi, I have here atmospheric orchestral battle track for the dark fantasy game. I will be grateful for your opinion.
  10. leoniscaeli

    My 2017 album - The Bridge

    Hello, I recently uploaded on spotify my album released on 2017, and that was only on bandcamp. Would love to hear some thoughts about it as I am planning a new release very soon. Thank you in advance,
  11. ChrisSiuMusic

    Christopher Siu - Chief Of The Sky (Official Audio)

    Hi composers! I hope you're having a wonderful day! Today I wanted to present to you something I've been working on for the past couple of months. For the past year, I've been refining my composing and production style, experimenting with soft/emotional, adventure/fantasy, and cinematic/epic...
  12. JonAdamich

    Her Spell of Enchantment

    Fantasy theme for an upcoming project. Nothing too long. I hope you dig it!
  13. Cory Pelizzari

    Some Fantasy Themes

  14. paularthur

    For Sale: Embertone Shire Whistle & Jubal Flute! (SOLD)

    Selling my copy of the beloved Embertone Shire Whistle: $10 Embertone Jubal Flute: $10 Fantastic for character pieces and candy layers! Embertone gave me the thumbs up to sell them, msg me!
  15. Celestial Aeon

    Joyful instrumental soundtrack tune

    I've been dabbling around with a new virtual album on which each tune will use similar instrumentation and the basic concept would heavily rely on hang drums and similar melodic percussive layers. I was originally inspired by the magnificent soundtrack of the video game Ori and the Blind Forest...
  16. JonAdamich

    A Magical Journey (Fantasy Adventure)

    Here is a little Disney-esque piece I put together. All with spitfire orchestral bundle, minus some light 8dio choir. Hope you enjoy it! \
  17. Jerry Growl

    How to become an Ogre - Low end cleanup

    Hi, It's hard to get a natural sounding low end (especially when mixing on small speakers) Any suggestions? EQ per track where needed? Or just in the master? Any tips / critique on the composition & orchestration are also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  18. MatthewHarnage

    Looking for mixing/sequencing feedback on new dark/fantasy game track

    Hey everyone, This is the most recent track for a game I'm scoring: Since this is the latest time I've had the opportunity to use full orchestral stuff I'm really trying to use each track to grow my mixing chops. Any feedback on the sequencing or mixing would truly be appreciated. I feel...
  19. N

    New track

    Epic fantasy track
  20. MatthewHarnage

    Fantasy track combining Medieval Era II with acoustic guitar. Looking for any feedback on mix.

    Hey everyone, This was created for a Fantasy game coming out in 2018. It is played in a secret library area and was meant to be calming and somewhat reflective. The main melody is the main theme of the game, inverted. I thought I did pretty well with the mix. Everything sounds clear and...
  21. MatthewHarnage

    New track from a Dark Fantasy game I'm currently scoring.

    Hey everyone, I recently started scoring a fantasy game. This is my first time finally getting to score in this genre (I've done about 20 games so far, but haven't gotten this lucky yet). Just wanted to share the main theme/first track with you all. Bought CSS, Spitfire Percussion, and Albion...
  22. S

    Trailer : music + sounddesign

    Hi I recently worked on 5 trailers of Hollywood movies. Unofficially but it was just to promote my sound and Music work. Trailers : NOTHING ! Thank you, Stan.
  23. S

    Stan Lockfield -> Hello from France

    Hi, I'm a french composer for films and video games. I also make trailers for films, short-films, etc... I'm 27. I hope you will discover my work. I try to find professional movie projects to work on. I compose music from a long time (12 or 13 years now). Thank you, Stan.
  24. Svyato

    Epic fantasy music attempt (Albion One)

    Hello everyone, That's been one year that I've been using sample libraries (for scoring) and wanted to try a new genre, that is epic / fantasy epic style. I would be glad to have some of your feedbacks in order to improve my skills, please, if you enjoy it (or not). :) Have a very nice day ;)
  25. danielb

    Epic Elf War ... #Trailer #Evenantcourse

    Hi guys I just finished a trailer track after beginning to follow the evenant trailer course ( ) Nice and instructive if you don't know nothing about trailers... So here is a first try, I tried following the steps they describe and to make it powerful !! :) any...
  26. Oliolijanko


    Hi everyone! This is a piece I composed for the Pixel Federation company, one of the major online game developers, for their strategy/fantasy game Emporea: Realms of war and magic a very popular game on facebook. This was a demo track I made for them to get the job and fortunately I succeeded :)...
  27. N

    Symphonic fantasy track

    Just posted a new track, and thought of sharing it here:
  28. C

    Hidden Kingdom

    Symphobia strings, Sample modeling brass, berlin woodwinds. Thanks for listening and your critique.
  29. E

    "Black Sails" - Pirates of the Caribbean [Choral, Action, Adventure, Uplifting, Orchestral, Epic]

    Greetings fellow composers! I made this track a while ago. It is a music video I edited for Pirates of the Caribbean. I call it "Black Sails". Enjoy! Thanks. NOTE: YouTube video/audio is slightly out of sync. I will be making a remastered version of this piece in the future.
  30. E

    “Carol of the Bells” [Epic/Rock/Orchestral/Choir]

    For my first post, I would like to share a track I made for Christmas. This is my cover of “Carol of the Bells”. I always wanted to make my own epic version of this. Hope you all enjoy this piece.
  31. Simon Daum

    Piano & Emotional Soundtrackmusic or for some soundsamples also visit youtube. Thanks for the interest, and look foreward to make a difference
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