fantasy music

  1. Tinesaeriel

    "Wild Witch" (2018) Re-Score - Clara Escapes from Chimera

    Hey again, folks! Did another scene re-score from the Danish fantasy film "Wild Witch." In this scene, we see protagonist Clara escape from the film's main antagonist Chimera, who is serving under the greater-scope Big Bad, Bravita Youngblood. Please excuse the English dub here, as some of...
  2. nuyo

    Fantasy, Elvish, Celtic Sample Libraries ?

    What are the names of them and who are the developers ? I keep seeing them on YouTube and Instagram ?
  3. Lassi Tani

    Fantasy style piece for a game: "Island in the Sky"

    Hi all! I made this piece for a fantasy/strategy game, which is under development: I have to say I haven't composed for games before, so any tips and feedback are appreciated! :)
  4. BlackDorito

    Fantasy Ride

    Here's a recent orchestral piece. I had in mind people riding in the country (happy), passing thru a city (chaotic), then back into the country. Has a variety of textures in the middle, so I will call it a fantasy. Hope you enjoy it.
  5. Celestial Aeon

    Personal Spotify milestone

    Just wanted to share one of my biggest personal milestones of my music career - my fantasy music / instrumental music project Celestial Aeon Project managed to surpass 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify few days ago! Feels amazing as I never thought I would get this far! Will be great to...
  6. Celestial Aeon

    Epic Trailer Music - The Journey Begins

    I wanted to create an epic fantasy / trailer tune with Spitfire Albion I and some 8Dio choirs. The end outcome is quite solid, but I still suck at mixing. I tried to create a sort of natural flow to the tune with clear sections and dynamic changes and from the compositional point of view I'm...
  7. H

    The Red Order - Orchestral Schore

    A fantasy style orchestral track intended for an upcoming game soundtrack music library package. Critique is welcomed! I did not want to go all in on a church bell so I ended up using a small bell sound (crotales), I think it gives a better effect since I want a more fantasy than christian feel...
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