1. waveform

    For Sale Uvi Falcon 2

    Hello guys i'm selling uvi falcon 2 for 200€ (no transfer fee included) no trades,pm me if you interesting. Paypal only.
  2. udizisser

    UVI Prime8+ Roland TR-808 Drum Machine

    One of the best 808 drum machine recreations. Quick walkthrough and demo
  3. E

    For Sale UVI Falcon, UVI vintage vault, UVI misc

    Here you can make a bargain on plugins (vst, AU) I'm selling away part of my plugins. Selling various UVI plugins: PM me for bids or anything you wanna know Search on UVi google to see info about the products For UVI : Transferred to your ILOK , It costs 25 USD per license on ILOK. This is a...
  4. M

    For Sale UVI Falcon 2.8.2 + 7 x Expansions

    Hi All, I would like to sell my Falcon with 7 Expansions: Analog Motion Atmospherics Cinematic Shades Devinity Ether Fields Spectre Subculture Falcon now costs: 244€ Expansions: 7 x 27€ = 189€ Total 433€, but now the whole thing is only 350€ : KnobCloud
  5. K

    Control the amount of one CC changes value

    Hi all, first post on the forum so go easy with me :) I'm trying to find a way to control the amount of one MIDI CC changes value. Consider this: add white noise and then Comb filter with resonance at 99.5. At this level, the resonance value is extremely sensitive, so I would like to control...
  6. UVI

    UVI releases 'Organic Keys' expansion for Falcon

    UVI releases Organic Keys, a new expansion for Falcon exploring modern and charactered key sounds, available now for $39/39€ With 120 hand-crafted patches presented in categories including Acoustic Mood, Mono Chords, Digitalish, Lo-Fi, and More Than Keys, Organic Keys is a one-stop shop for a...
  7. New_Loops

    What Falcon presets/expansion do you want?

    There has been quite a bit of talk on here about the lack of third party expansions for Falcon. So what kind of presets are you looking for? What style/genre? What do you think of single category expansions like Bass only, or only Pads expansions, or synth Keys presets? Or, do you prefer mixed...
  8. New_Loops

    Clicks/Audio glitches

    Hey guys. I know there are a lot of things that can make audio problems, things like CPU, buffer size, latency etc.. I often push my PC to the limits so know what is normal. So now I've said that. Why am I getting mad glitches from the IRCAM stretch engine with just a single sample playing one...
  9. xplend81

    For Sale Fs: uvi falcon + px p10. (210€)

    UVI FALCON (175) + PX P10 (35) 210 euros Transfer incl
  10. Øivind

    CLOSED Sold

    UVI Falcon: SOLD UVI Synsation: SOLD UVI SubCulture: SOLD UVI Meteor: SOLD
  11. S.M Hassani

    Interesting video from PluginGuru: (Sampler Engines Compared)

    Hi, I came across this video today. The results are quite revealing, and probably surprising for many people: Same Sample thru 9 Plug-Ins: Sound the Same? Will come back to this soon.
  12. arcy

    Trade Zebra for Falcon (plus charge if needed)

    I would like to trade my copy of Zebra 2.8 for UVI Falcon. I will pay your Falcon fee. PM me! ;)
  13. X-Bassist

    Falcon on sale, favorite expansions?

    Ok. Now we are a couple of years in and falcon is on a decent sale: $244 for Falcon and 2 expansions. From the webpage it looks like you can get one expansion and one other sample lib from UVI (or another expansion). https://www.uvi.net/falcon.html The price is reasonable but I honestly can’t...
  14. Mikael Adle

    Evocative Symbolic Orchestra for UVI Falcon announced by Leap Into The Void

    Dear vi-control members and readers I am very proud to announce Leap Into The Void's first official contribution to the magnificent hybrid synth Falcon by UVI. Please welcome... Evocative Symbolic Orchestra. Evocative, provocative, sensible, emotional, dark and divined sounds for UVI...
  15. chrisn3901

    Sample Library Guides For Kontakt & Falcon

    Hello Everyone! 2017 has given me great inspiration to start creating my own sample libraries since demoing libraries at NAAM for 2 years now. I desire to make libraries using Kontakt & Falcon. I want to start small and learn how the process works so I don't overwhelm myself with many bugs...
  16. dtonthept

    Who's using UVI Falcon?

    Hey all, Anyone been running this puppy for a while? They've got a little sale on at the moment and I'm weighing it up. I've got a half decent spread of hardware and software synths already, never been that in love with anything in software, and am considering forcing myself to just use one...
  17. Silence-is-Golden

    UVI falcon owners question

    hi, If you are one of the owners of Falcon ( I do not), do you think the following could be possible?; I bought a library that has the dynamic crossfades fixed to velocity, whilst I would realy want it to be adjustable by cc1 or another cc( any will do) Is there in the parameter options...
  18. S

    UVI World Traditions

    I see that UVI offers a 60% discount on World Traditions until today, April 18th. For $39 it's most likely a great deal, but I was wondering whether this product is merely a rebranding of MOTU Ethno (which I have but never really digged it) or if it really is a different product on its own...
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