1. jpb007.uk

    CUBASE / NUENDO Issue - Re-assigns Fader CC Randomly !!

    Hi there folks, Can anyone help me with this? I want to assign a Cubase10 / Nuendo10 VCA fader to an external fader. I have have figured out how to assign in the Remote Control (Generic Remote) using Mixer and VST Mixer. However, whenever I either enable or disable, or, add / delete an...
  2. Bluemount Score

    Hardware MIDI fader / controller recommendations?

    I‘m for somehow having a hard time finding a (cheap) MIDI controller with just 2 (or more) faders for external CC control. The E-Piano I use for MIDI recording doesn‘t have a single one. I change all CCs inside the DAW after recording. I thought it‘s finally time to gear up... Any recommendations?
  3. A

    Best slider potentiometers I can buy for DIY fader box?

    Hello, like many have tried before me, I am going to build my own fader CC controller. I was about to buy ALPS faders but I read somewhere that they are kinda flimsy and have no real resistance. So now I'm looking for something better? I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for some...
  4. benmwatson

    Good Fader Controller for MIDI CC data w/transport controls?

    I'm currently making do with a Korg NanoKontrol2, which works ok, but it has a few drawbacks: * In CC mode, the transport controls don't work as well as in pure Cubase mode, despite my efforts to program and mimic them. * The faders are a bit short. I don't feel like I can easily control the...
  5. Fab

    Question about Assigning a fader to the currrent 'Focus' in Cubase 9(answered)

    I am unsure how I would get this to work. Ex. When you open a mixer window popup, you can use tab (or a mouse click) to change the focus to most parameters within that popup window. I have tried to assign that 'Focus' to a fader within the midi setup window but can't seem to find the right...
  6. J

    For Sale: Steinberg CC121 DAW Controller, €280.

    Mint condition. Great controller that can be used with Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and every other major DAW. Features a motorised fader, pan knob, EQ section, track controls, transport controls, monitor volume knob, shortcut buttons, and AI control knob. Selling for €280.