1. Illico

    Contact - Alan Silvestri mockup with mainly Cinematic Studio Series

    A new mockup I would like to share with you. This is a rarely mentioned soundtrack from Alan Silvestri, I like, Contact. This cover was performed on Cubase Pro 11 with mainly Cinematic Studio Series virtual instruments libraries. Of course, I would be happy to receive feedback from the...
  2. Illico

    Flying Theme from E.T. - John Williams - 100% Cinematic Studio Series

    I would like to share with you my latest mockup done with mainly Cinematic Studio Series libraries. I really enjoyed doing this. This is one of my favorite soundtrack from John Williams. Hope VI Control followers will like it. Libraries used: - Cinematic Studio Woodwinds (CSW) - Cinematic...
  3. TRON 1.0

    Make ensembles in EWQL Hollywood Woodwinds Gold

    Hi y'all. I assembled a template from Composer Cloud Gold stuff and am recreating a Williams' theme. And I'm curious whether it's possible to fiddle somehow with EW HOW solo instruments to make ensembles a2. Options: 1) Double the track and play with panning. I'm afraid this may screw up the...
  4. Illico

    Tomorrow ?

    You know what to do during Black Friday, but do you know what you're doing tomorrow? This is my latest composition as hobbyist. I'll be proud to receive some feedbacks from VI-Control members. About orchestration, mixing, mastering, what else ? Now I know what to do tomorrow...another track.
  5. Illico

    Transcribed : Thomas Newman - Shawshank Redemption

    This is my mockup of the introduction's theme from Shawshank Redemption film. A music from one of my favorite composers, Thomas Newman. I used EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and 8Dio Adagietto layering for strings. EWQLSO and Organic Samples for Horns. From soundtrack:
  6. Illico

    My first composition with WordBuilder2 (PLAY 6)

    I used the East West WordBuilder for the first time. This composition also uses the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra library for all other instruments. I made some adjustments on the youtube version during the rhythm section at 2mn. Hope you'll like it.
  7. cato

    Replacement for EWQLSO Gold in 2018?

    Hi there, I've been using EWQLSO Gold Pro for a number of years now and slowly been building up my arsenal with things like the Spitfire Albion collection. I've mainly been using EWQLSO Gold for so long because it's lightweight / quick to load up and still has a semi-decent sound to it...
  8. Illico

    Orchestral with Guitar and Drums Kit

    This is the first time I use Guitar & Drums Kit with an Orchestral library. Any feedbacks are welcome on orchestration, mixing, etc. Please do not hesitate to post any comments
  9. Illico

    The voice of Arcane

    I have a melody in my head that haunted me for days. This is the result of my music therapy ;). Let me know what you think about it (melody, instrument choice, mixing...) Have a good listening !
  10. M.Ramillon

    CHAOS composed for a French documentary film with VSL

    Music composed for a French documentary film. To create this track, I used vsl dimension string, vsl Special Edition Volume 1, vsl dimension brass, Vienna Mir Pro, and EWQLSO PLATINUM for double bass and percussions.
  11. Illico

    Hello from Rennes, France

    Hello my name is Samuel, I'm an electronics engineer, but I like composing music. For the past few months, I have bought Cubase8 and a EastWest Symphonic Orchestra's library. I share here my first and only personal realization for 2016 with this new material. Hope you'll like it. Please, be...
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