1. L

    EW Installation Center Problem - no way to download purchased libraries.

    So, after some time, I've decided to give Play another Go and there's no wrench or a cog on the right side of available downloads like it used to be... how do you re-download your EW libraries these days? MacPro 2013, 10.14.6 Mojave, everything is updated including PACE and JAVA, switched dark...
  2. TRON 1.0

    Make ensembles in EWQL Hollywood Woodwinds Gold

    Hi y'all. I assembled a template from Composer Cloud Gold stuff and am recreating a Williams' theme. And I'm curious whether it's possible to fiddle somehow with EW HOW solo instruments to make ensembles a2. Options: 1) Double the track and play with panning. I'm afraid this may screw up the...
  3. SoundChris

    Esperanza de la Vega - EWQL Gypsy Demo Track

    Hey there guys, here is a track that I have written some years ago featuring the Gypsy Library from EastWest. Even it is old the Guitars can be a lot of fun to work with. The track´s name is inspired by the Wife of Don Diego de la Vega, who was known as "Zorro" in his secret second life...
  4. S

    Small Sketches - Original Composition

    Composite sketches throughout my life. Softwares: Finale, Kontakt, Cinebrass PRO, The Giant Piano, EWQL Symphony Orchestra.
  5. arpegiah

    New Cubase 9 Pro Expression Maps

    Hi guys, Metropolis Ark 3, CineHorns Core and Hollywood Choir Expression Maps are added to our website. Also Custom Expression Maps includes Vst Preset Instrument. Download from our website at: www.arpegiah.com Under Musicians Zone click on Expression Maps tab. Emjoy!
  6. hozierschurch

    EWQL Spaces Workflow

    Hi! Had some good advice on reverbs lately but is Spaces a different beast? For a full orchestral template what is the best approach? String section -> bus send to Spaces with 'o' dry signal for more control OR String section > output send to Spaces and let it do it's thing?! but less...
  7. S

    VSL Scoring Bundle

    Has anyone bought the limited offer bundle by VSL? If so does it feel justified? I have a few of the solo wws and brass but the offer is still tempting since you get MIR24, Synchron reverb for it and the Synchron perc. I could also get the 40% extra discount which would be insane saving. I'm...
  8. Z

    Help me out with ewql Hollywood orchestra

    So, I ordered the composercloud bundle some time ago and the whole point of getting it was to rework and polish (with the added possibilities of the ewql libraries) orchestration for a symphonic metal track that I have finished except for the vocal recordings. The track's current orchestration...
  9. G

    Ewql how legato

    Hello, I have a problem with the EWQL Hollywood Woodwinds oboe legato patch: notes sound harsh and change timbre during play: I made some tests with two other virtual instruments playing this simple melodic line: These tests are written in Sibelius 8.6 and use the soundsets from...
  10. orchetect

    WTB: Best Service Latin World (Kontakt)

    I'm looking for Kontakt licenses for this library. Best Service Latin World PM me if you want to sell. Thanks!
  11. calebfaith

    EW Hollywood Harp Gold Review/Walkthrough

    Hi, Here's the review: Let me know what you'd like to see next and don't forget to subscribe for more reviews! - Caleb
  12. Jetzer

    MIDI mockup of The Last Samurai by Hans Zimmer (cover)

    Did this about a year ago, don't think I ever shared it here. Fun to listen what my mockups sounded like a year ago, that solo cello though...ugh. Learned a lot from doing this + it was a lot of fun! Can recommend it to anyone. The piece is called "A Small Measure of Peace" from the original...
  13. VerbatimProd

    Hello from The Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA

    Hi everyone, I'm Tim Vergori, owner of Verbatim Productions here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am a musician, composer and producer with a diverse technical background, mainly in electronics & broadcast engineering. I offer a wide range of audio, video and IT services. I am also, the...
  14. Tareck117

    Great Orchestral Library that does not cost too much.

    So.. this is my first post in this community so first : Hi everyone ! I play music since I'm 6 but I started using DAW only in 2015 and I want to do orchestral music. At the beginning of the year I bought Reason 8 and I love it, but VST compatibility is a big bummer since most of orchestral...
  15. Eurig Gwilym

    EWQL PLatinum Plus and Gold

    Is it possible to install both EWQL Orchestra Platinum Plus and Gold on same system? I would require Gold for previous projects.
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