1. S

    How much do you EQ your reverbs for orchestral music?

    I'd be interested to know! I use EW Spaces, and (using the built-in filters) have a 10khz HPF on every instance (seating positions AND hall, to help smooth out the sound), as well as a 120-130hz LPF to stop things from getting too muddy. Is it wise to go even further than this? It's very easy...
  2. kessel

    MAutoDynamicEQ experiences?

    Hi, I'm working on several tracks and getting slowly to the point where I will start the mixing and mastering processes. I've been putting some mixing and mastering plugins in my future purchases list during the last months and I already own the elements version of iZotope's Ozone 8 and Neutron...
  3. SwedishPug

    Orchestral High-Pass

    People on this forum have been so helpful so far, I greatly appreciate it! I've heard that setting a high-pass EQ of 20hz on all of your instruments can reduce muddiness and increase overall volume of the final mix - what are people's experiences with this within the orchestral context? Is...
  4. greentuga

    Overloud GEM

    Hi, Does anyone use these plugins in orchestra samples? can give opinion, tips and suggestions ??? I really like the Overloud UI and I can not use the Logic Pro X eq because I tend to overdo it ... thank you
  5. hozierschurch

    Audio FX Best Practise

    Hey guys, Currently I'm using folder stacks to organise groups of instruments (winds, synths, percussion e.t.c.) and using sends for reverb before routing to the final mix. Aiming to achieve the 'big trailer sound' as a project but I guess these questions could apply to anything really ... Is...
  6. James Marshall

    Eventide EQuivocate giveaway

    I just saw this tempting offer. Has anyone here got experience of the plugin? The only thing putting me off is having yet another EQ that I'll never use, as FF Pro-Q2 and Neutron seem to cover me for most things. If it's half decent I'll grab it while it's free, and maybe you should too!
  7. Gabriel Oliveira

    How do you treat your Reverb?

    If you do... HP? LP? Bell/shelf boost/cut? Mid/Side EQ or Stereo EQ? Compression? Saturation? Stereo Widening? Transient Shaping? I've been EQing a bit but would love to hear your approach.
  8. R

    Using Saturation Instead of EQ

    Hi Everyone, I've been mesmerized by the Alan Meyerson video like most of us here. I've googled and googled about using saturation instead of EQ (as he says he does regularly) and have turned up next to nothing. I'm very interested in this secret technique so I'm going to share my thoughts and...
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