1. RichiCarter

    Opinions Desperately Needed On How To Fix My Mix...

    Hey guys, I've been getting a bit frustrated really. Essentially I've decided to take a variety of tracks, spanning the past few years, and condense them down into an E.P. The drama is as well that I've recently changed machines and most of the original mixes have been lost, which means I only...
  2. A

    Neutron 3 kills my cpu usage??!!!

    So recently bought Neutron 3 Standard, "cross-grading" from Elements. I make Orchestral music and have 49 instruments loaded, and when I deleted Neutron elements, and started to load Neutron 3 Standard, after the 7 or 8th instance (Note that all instances also have JUST the Equalizer loaded) my...
  3. jadedsean

    Kontakt Multi Processing

    Hi guys, i am currently trying to mix a track and wondered if there is a way to process the separate channels of a multi? For example trying to eq a buss doesn't get me the results i want. My daw is Reaper. cheers
  4. A

    Realism in Orchestral Tracks

    This might sound like a very basic question, but I've been yet to find anything on the internet that provides me a decent solution or workaround. Let me inform you of my situation first - I'm 17 and have been dabbling in orchestration since I was 14. At the moment I am using a combination of...
  5. Silence-is-Golden


  6. James Marshall

    Eventide EQuivocate giveaway

    I just saw this tempting offer. Has anyone here got experience of the plugin? The only thing putting me off is having yet another EQ that I'll never use, as FF Pro-Q2 and Neutron seem to cover me for most things. If it's half decent I'll grab it while it's free, and maybe you should too!
  7. Gabriel Oliveira

    How do you treat your Reverb?

    If you do... HP? LP? Bell/shelf boost/cut? Mid/Side EQ or Stereo EQ? Compression? Saturation? Stereo Widening? Transient Shaping? I've been EQing a bit but would love to hear your approach.