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  1. S

    Sfg composer - New Epic music You Tube channel

    Hi, My name is Fab. I just created a new Youtube channel called Sfg composer on which I post my latest songs in a trailer music and epic music style. You will also find tutorials on some of my pieces and composition techniques. Here is the link ...
  2. Secret Soundworks

    Horizons (Cinematic Sci-Fi Electronic Orchestral Music)

    Did a little sci-fi hybrid electronic orchestral piece called Horizons. Would love to know your thoughts :)
  3. nuyo

    Orchestrating Low End and Chords

    I'm talking about Cinematic and Trailer Music. Synthetic Basses work well in combination with Basses and Cello in Octaves. Low Brass Patches always mud up my mix. Do you have any tipps on how to orchestrate the low end of a track ? And how do you handle the following chords. I'm talking about...
  4. EpicDude

    [Epic Music] I'm starting to take my hobby very seriously but I need your opinion (you, talented people of this forum).

    Although I'm just a bedroom composer, I have spent a lot of time these last months making music and a lot of money (upgrading my PC, buying software and treating my room). But I love to know your opinion. Does my music sound professional, am I wasting my time? Thank you so much, your opinion is...
  5. Celestial Aeon

    Epic Heroic Theme - The God Emperor

    Working on my "trailer chops" - tried to put together a bit more heroic and epic layering at the end. Still a bit hard to figure out the mixing related troubles when it comes to this kind of stuff.
  6. D

    Cinematic/epic scores utilizing children choir

    Hey all, I'm looking for scores or music in general with children choir. Most music I find on Spotify is either a form of pop music or church music. Is there any music you guys know, apart from Lord of the Rings, which is utilizing children choirs and could be seen as epic or cinematic music...
  7. Celestial Aeon

    Personal Spotify milestone

    Just wanted to share one of my biggest personal milestones of my music career - my fantasy music / instrumental music project Celestial Aeon Project managed to surpass 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify few days ago! Feels amazing as I never thought I would get this far! Will be great to...
  8. Taj Mikel

    Deathless - Epic Symphonic Metal

    Heyo, here is a track I just finished called 'Deathless'. Dunno, the guitars could sound better, not sure how I feel about some of the synth elements in the intro. Tell me what you think! :)
  9. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  10. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  11. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  12. Cătălin Popescu

    Trying my hand at some some EPIC music. Feedback needed

    Hi guys, I decided to go laser focus on EPIC and trailer music for a period, to see how far I can go with that. This is an orchestral piece, no epic booms and synths this time, but my plans of global domination include hybrid productions, too. :) As always, feel free to rip me to shreds and...
  13. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  14. Epicomposer

    Spitfire albion one 10th anniversary edition - review

    We reviewed Spitfire Audio's brand-new ALBION ONE - 10th Anniversary Edition for Epicomposer! "Featuring a 109-piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion and synthesizer section, ALBION ONE provides media composers with everything they need to create compelling scores...
  15. Epicomposer

    Review: CASPIAN by Performance Samples

    We had the pleasure of testing Performance Samples' brand-new orchestral brass library CASPIAN! Caspian features 12 brass players of the renowned Czech Capellen Orchestra. In style and design, Caspian follows the company’s philosophy of creating easy-to-use, all-in-one instruments. This approach...
  16. E

    Ares Son of Zeus (Epic)

    Epic for you! I'm new to this genre but I'm really loving everything about it. Feedback appreciated, especially over mixdown. Still open to any other kinds of constructive feedback too. Thanks guys!
  17. Muluku S.

    The march to glory (Emotional cello + Action strikes)

    Hi, after some months of learning, here my very first track. I need some feedbacks, advices, as well some directives if possible... thanks for listening it ! hope you enjoy it!
  18. Celestial Aeon

    Epic Trailer Music - The Journey Begins

    I wanted to create an epic fantasy / trailer tune with Spitfire Albion I and some 8Dio choirs. The end outcome is quite solid, but I still suck at mixing. I tried to create a sort of natural flow to the tune with clear sections and dynamic changes and from the compositional point of view I'm...
  19. Wassim Samad

    The Guardian - First steps with hybrid elements

    Hello, I used a synth arpeggio made with massive for the root of my new song for the first time. I'd love to hear your feedback about this point and what I can improve. What other points should I focus on to improve my future songs? Thank you, wish you will like it!
  20. Dear Villain


    Greetings all! Just thought I'd take a moment and introduce you to my new website, http://www.dearvillainmusic.com To coincide with the launch of the site, I've released a brand new album of orchestral music which I hope you'll check out here Cheers! Dave
  21. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  22. Foni Al Foniya

    Hello there, I'm new guy composers world!

    Hey I'm Alfon 20 years-old. Before I learn to orchestral music, long time as electronic producer from 2014, but I'm very interested in making music like for motion pictures!.
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