1. reutunes

    PRIZE DRAW: 50 Sample Libraries up for grabs to celebrate Samplecast #50

    Hey Controllers... I've pulled out all the stops for our 50th episode. Firstly, a massive thank you to everybody who has supported the show - especially if you've followed my exploits from the very beginning. To celebrate this milestone, Sonokinetic have kindly agreed to give away FIFTY copies...
  2. cinematique

    Release of a free ensemblia 1.5

    Good day, we are very pleased to announce the release of a free version of Ensemblia 1.5 downloadable at our website at: More infos @: Ensemblia Webpage: Walkthrough of Ensemblia 1.5 here: What is Ensemblia? ENSEMBLIA is the sound of a modern chamber orchestra that lets you easily...
  3. cinematique

    Cinematique Instruments: 2 new Ensemblia Flavors: "Metallique" and "Stringed"

    Cinematique Instruments has released two new flavors of Ensemblia, METALLIQUE mallets and STRINGED, a collection of our unsusual string library. ENSEMBLIA Metallique is focused on all kinds of metallic mallets such as vibraphone, glockenspiel, metallophone or kalimba, asian sound...
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