1. damirexus

    'Distant Hope' is hoping for feedback

    Hi, this is my latest (6th) Soundtrack - Distant Hope. I am still keeping it in a 'safe zone' considering different aspects. I would like to hear any feedback for orchestration, balance and mix or anything else that you notice on the way. I knoe there is a lot of room for improvement here. Thanks!
  2. Duncan Formosa

    A Reflection

    UPDATE I submitted this piece to Mike Verta's annual "Unleashed" where you can submit your pieces and get feedback on them. So I've went and tried to work on his notes and this is the result. What does everyone think? I think this one sounds a lot better. Here's the notes he gave as...
  3. Duncan Formosa

    Turning lockdown into music

    Thought that it was about time to put everything I've been feeling about lockdown and turning it into music. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.
  4. D

    Expressive Libraries

    Hi, I've posted a bit on here before about BBCSO (Core) and I've now decided why I'm not entirely satisfied with it. It's good for what it is, but it doesn't do EPIC, nor does it do really expressive and emotional; it just sits in the middle and can go louder and quieter, but doesn't do...
  5. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio New Release Emotional Guitars: Pads

    8Dio Emotional Guitars A couple of years ago, we wondered how we could make a library that could encapsulate the most important human emotions, those that drive us to act the way we do, what makes us human. After some research, we discovered the Plutchik Wheel, which would summarize human...
  6. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 14!

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 14! For the next 48 hours, get our Insolidus Choir for $198. There is only 24 hours left to grab our 1990 Studio Grand and Prepared Piano Bundle for $98 and receive our Century Ostinato Strings for Free with (With any purchase of $148 or more)...
  7. angeruroth

    I'll miss you - A sad and emotional piece using Sonva, BDT, Tundra and Aone

    Sometimes words are not enough, or you are not able to say what you feel, but music can express so much in such a short time... Although, in this case, I think I'd need a lot more than a 4' track to convey everything I'd like to say, because sadness cannot exist without joy, and both are not...
  8. A

    Looking for feedback on Piano / Cello Cover of Christmas Classic

    Hi all, I am about to publish a cover of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel". I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have (especially on mixing, mastering) thanks for listening and hope to hear from you! Aron
  9. Muluku S.

    How to live without you (emotional music)

    Hi guys, here a track i made early ! can i have some feebacks ? :)
  10. Sarah De Carlo

    'Ghost World' - Emotional Theme/Trailer Music inspired by the TV series 'The InBetween'

    Hi everyone, these days I dedicated myself to the production of a song inspired by a TV series (The InBetween), developing both a trailer / teaser music and a theme. The idea is to produce an entire album (immediately after the deserved vacation :-D) of music suitable for TV Series to propose...
  11. Kubler

    Shutdown — Original short film soundtrack

    Hi everyone ! I'd like to share with you one of my latest work, the soundtrack of “Shutdown”, an animated short film from four students of l'École des Nouvelles Images in Avignon, France. The movie has a peculiar atmosphere going on, which made the work on textures quite interesting :) As...
  12. Taj Mikel

    Jaanu - Romantic Emotional Hybrid Orchestral

    Whoah! Been a little bit since I signed in. Cool, clean new look! :D I made this song for my fiance. It's probably the most emotional and best track that I've produced. It's not perfect but songs never are, maybe especially songs like these. When writing it, I wanted to keep it very simple...
  13. Sarah De Carlo

    Another experiment with the 'Spitfire Labs Soft Piano' + 'Eastwest Bosendorfer' combination.

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share this new production with you, where I once again experience the 'Spitfire Labs Soft PIano' + 'Eastwest Bosendorfer' combination. Both the melody and the accompaniment are played by both instruments with a lid position of around 70% for the Bosendorfer and a dynamic...
  14. AdamSold

    Its only a Memory /epic-romantic-emotional-piano

    I finally finished my newest piece. Its a short one again. Feedbacks are always welcome!
  15. AdamSold

    Emotional orchestral piece

    I wrote this short piece right after my girlfriend broke up with me. We didnt see each other for 6 months, but we were hoping its gonna work and were planning a life together. She was supposed to be here on wednesday this week but just called me she's not coming, and we Will not see each other...
  16. Stu Lloyd

    OUT NOW! My first album - Impulsum

    Hi all, I'm excited to finally release my first album titled "Impulsum". A mix of orchestral and hybrid stuff I've been dwelling with over the years and can finally tick it off the bucket list. Would love to know what you think. You can check it out FREE on Youtube. Alternatively it's also on...
  17. ChrisSiuMusic

    Emotional Violin: A Walkthrough

    Best Service has just uploaded a walkthrough of the Emotional Violin. Check it out here:
  18. ChrisSiuMusic

    Christopher Siu - Chief Of The Sky (Official Audio)

    Hi composers! I hope you're having a wonderful day! Today I wanted to present to you something I've been working on for the past couple of months. For the past year, I've been refining my composing and production style, experimenting with soft/emotional, adventure/fantasy, and cinematic/epic...
  19. ChrisSiuMusic

    Breaking Down a Track Using ‘Palette’

    Hi friends! In today’s video, we look at how Red Room Audio’s ‘Palette’ can be used to create a soft and emotional track in basically no time. Please enjoy!!
  20. Muluku S.

    Forever, is that a myth ?

    Hi guys, here a new track from me. Please can i have some thoughts on it ? please keep in mind i'm a newbie composer ^^ !
  21. ChrisSiuMusic

    Soundiron’s Emotional Piano: A Review

    Emotional Piano is a lovely sounding library. On the darker side, it’s perfect for soft scoring. Please enjoy my review!
  22. N

    Relaxing Ambient Music

  23. Simon Daum

    Piano & Emotional Soundtrackmusic

    www.simondaum.com or for some soundsamples also visit youtube. Thanks for the interest, and look foreward to make a difference
  24. Zelorkq

    Our Lost Planet (kind of Emotional Piano)

    Hey all! I just uploaded a new piece. Some might say it is an Emotional Piano piece but I'll let you decide. I've never been completely happy with how this one develops but I simply couldn't figure out what to change... Feedback is greatly appreciated :)
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