1. Reasy

    For Sale Sonible Smart:Comp // Evolve Mutations, Berlin Concert Grand

    Hi, I am selling these following Vi's (PayPal fee not included!): ***SOLD - Omnisphere v2: (Have the ok from Spectrasonics)- SOLD*** Native Instruments: - ***SOLD Una Corda: 40 € SOLD*** - Razor: 30 € - Berlin Concert Grand: 25 € - Evolve Mutations BUNDLE: 50 € - Evolve Mutations 2: 30 € -...
  2. Embertone

    Bruce friday week - sale ends today at 1159pst

    Hello VI-Control, it's your old friend, Embertone! We're doing a simple but huge sale this year, with nearly everything at 50% off (and Joshua Bell Violin is 25% off) Some highlights: - Our Herring Clarinet is more affordable than it has ever been - only $39.50! - Popelka Bassoon, one of...
  3. MSutherlandComp

    My first ever mockup of a piece by someone else ... Hiroyuki Sawano

    Hey everyone! This took me about 5 days, so I thought I'd share this mockup I did of the first part of "7Tsuno:the1" by Hiroyuki Sawano. I've never transcribed or mocked up a piece by anyone other than myself before, so it was an interesting experience, to say the least. Different experience...
  4. A

    How to get the most from Herring Clarinet

    I just got the Embertone clarinet and would like to extract the best from the library. I have few libraries but I would like to make the most of them. I am also in the process of improving the piano (eternal intermediate level). The point is that I would like to play the Herring clarinet in...
  5. amadeus1

    A Comparison of 9 Top Solo String Basses

    Hi guys, Here's a video on most articulations of 9 Solo String Basses including VSL, Synchron, VIP, Chris Heins, Cinestrings, Spitfire, East West, Orchestral Tools, Embertone, and the Kontakt Factory. Best, Bill
  6. amadeus1

    A comparison of 10 solo violas

    Hi guys, Here's a quick comparison of 10 solo violas by a variety of top of the line manufacturers. Best, Bill
  7. T

    For Sale Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D (make me an offer)

    Hi there, I want to sell this piano library. It is the full version with the main mics. So you can add other microphone positions in the future if you like. This library is compatible with Kontakt Full/Player 5.7+ and is around 34GB in size. You can find all the information you need on their...
  8. aaronnt1

    For Sale Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D - FULL version

    Am selling the much admired Embertone 1955 Walker Concert D (Steinway) - FULL version with all mics (~200GB). You can of course remove / move mics to different locations if drive space is an issue. Product description page here https://www.embertone.com/instruments/concertD.php This will be a...
  9. M Abela

    CLOSED Embertone Joshua Bell Violin

    Selling Embertone's Joshua Bell Violin (full version) for 135€ as I do not need it. PM me if interested. For the license transfer, I will be needing Name/Address/Phone/Email. PayPal only.
  10. Old Timer

    Joshua Bell Violin Plays Country

    I love country music and I love Embertone's Joshua Bell Violin. So I wanted to see if I could coax a simple country tune from this amazing sampled instrument. I've called it Joshua's Waltz. Hope you like it.
  11. S

    Embertone 1955 Walker D Lite (SOLD)

  12. V

    WTB: Embertone Joshu Bell violin - GOT ONE!

    Send me a PM. Thanks!
  13. R

    FS: Embertone Walker D Full piano VST, all mic's, 50% off!

    Selling the Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D (Steinway D) piano. All mic's included. (188GB of samples!). Bought for $149 (132 EUR) Sale price 50% off: 75 USD (66.45 EUR) Embertone support granted permission to transfer the license. Please send a PM and we can transfer the license.
  14. S


  15. A

    For Sale FS: Apocalypse Percussion, MMUltiAnalyzer, EQ550, Stealth Limiter, ISW Guzheng, Embertone Chang Erhu, Fluffy Woodwinds.Prices dropped!

    Payment through paypal. Buyer covers paypal fees. Soundiron Apocalypse Percussion Elements - 50 USD Melda MMultiAnalyzer - 50 USD (includes 13 USD transfer fee) Overloud GEM EQ550 - 50 USD IK Stealth limiter - 55 USD (including transfer fee) Impact Soundworks Guzheng - 35 USD Embertone Chang...
  16. M

    For sale Embertone ISS Bundle

    I'm selling the ISS bundle from Embertone, Friedlander Violin, Fischer Viola, Blakus Cello and Leonid Bass. 200 $. Embertone needs this information about the new user: Full Name Phone Number Email Address
  17. J

    FS: Joshua Bell Violin, Symphobia 1

    Selling some Kobtakt Libs I picked up recently. These are AMAZING libraries, but I unfortunately need the money at the moment, so I have to part ways. I've gotten plenty of use out of Symphobia, which is an extremely versatile library, filled with loads of awesome orchestral effects, and solid...
  18. Dear Villain

    2nd try with this piano quintet

    Hey all, Here's a piano quintet in 2 movements that I wrote called Pathos and Rapture. I did post it a while back, but..."crickets" :) lol Anyway, I'll give it one more go. I totally get that it's not the style of music most crave and the length is also a challenge in our fast-paced world...
  19. APD

    60% off: Mountain Dulcimer by Embertone

    For just $39.99, get Embertone’s Mountain Dulcimer, a strummed zither with a beautiful, intimate and unique sound. The specific model recorded has a sweet inviting tone, and was meticulously sampled by Embertone. Take advantage of the super detailed programming by playing chord changes, notes...
  20. A

    FS: Hornet DynEQ , Waves Aphex Aural Exciter, Ozone 8 Elements, Embertone Recorders; WTB Dam

    Payment through paypal. Buyer covers paypal fees. Hornet DynEQ - 4 EUR Waves Aphex Aural Exciter - 50 USD (includes 15 USD waves transfer fee) Embertone Recorders - 35 USD Let me know if you have any questions! Also, want to buy Heavyocity Damage - if you're looking to offload a copy, let me...
  21. Knomes

    Help comparison: Pianoteq6 - Embertone Walker - Ivory American concert D

    Hi! I would like to profit from the black Friday discounts and buy a piano library. I saw that the three piano libraries of the title are highly regarded so I would like to make a comparison. Here I post a little Mazurka that I wrote (using the Grandeur from Native Instruments) and share the...
  22. mojamusic

    The perfect strings sound ...not quite there but progressing

    Why are all of the demos for every string library PERFECT and convincing until I purchase them?:shocked: I have spend thousands of dollars buying (and that won't change) only to find that... there's still something missing. But what it it? more ambience? recorded? better legato transition? less...
  23. Ganampf

    Which Solo String Library should I buy?

    Hello, I really need a Solo String Library, as I haven't got one; I also am a student and don't want to bust the bank. For the rest of the orchestra I am using EW Hollywood Orchestra Diamond. At first I thought about the new Spitfire Solo Strings, but heard some bad things about their...
  24. Nicktwo85

    "Missing/Not installed" library in VE Pro 6 / Not missing in Reaper

    (Hope I'm posting this is in the appropriate section.) I recently started using VE Pro6 (single machine) with Reaper, and while I've managed to get most everything working smoothly... there's one hiccup. Embertone Walker 1955 comes up with a "Library not found/installed" message when I try to...
  25. Bernard Duc

    Strings ultimate challenge: Mahler 5th Adagietto

    After the success of my LOTR mockup, and since I have too little work and too much time since I move back to Switzerland, I decided to tackle a new piece. I asked for suggestions and received quite a few... but finally I decided to go for what I consider the ultimate challenge for string writing...
  26. Phryq

    F.S. Embertone ISS bundle + Joshua Bell + Herring Clarinet

    I love these, but I really really want the new Embertone piano, and can't justify purchasing anything new when I'm only a hobbyist. So I'd like to sell enough to buy their piano (though it'll pain me to lose what I have). Joshua Bell Violin Retails $199 Selling for $150 or best offer...
  27. T

    Joshua Bell Legato Issue?

    Hey guys, I just bought the Joshua Bell Violin yesterday and seem to have noticed an issue with some of the legato samples. I've noticed this issue in the transitions between various pairs of notes, but the most glaring one so far seems to be between Bb3 and Eb4. If you listen to the brief demo...
  28. amadeus1

    Top 14 Cellos from 11 Top String Libraries

    Hi guys, Here's a video comparing 14 solo cellos. Thanks, Bill
  29. amadeus1

    11 Top Solo Violin Legato Patches Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a link to the solo violin comparisons with descriptions: LA Scoring Strings, East West Solo Violin, EW Symphonic Orchestra Solo Violin, Quantum Leap Gypsy Violin, Vienna Symphonic Library Solo Violin, Chris Hein Solo Violin, Joshua Bell Solo Violin, Friedlander Solo Violin...
  30. S

    FS Embertone Friedlander Violin & Blakus Cello

    Selling for 100$ each. Pm me if interested.
  31. ChrisSiuMusic

    Embertone: Walker 1955 Steinway D (A Review)

    Please enjoy!
  32. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Walker 1955 Steinway D

    Get it here: https://www.embertone.com/instruments/steinwayD.php
  33. paularthur

    FS: Embertone Chapman Trumpet & Herring Clarinet! (SOLD)

    Embertone Chapman Trumpet = $20 Embertone Herring Clarinet = $66 Thanks for viewing!
  34. R

    SOLD Embertone Viola

    Embertone Fischer Viola (16/24 Bit) - License Transfer $75
  35. R

    Cheap, cheerfull and definitely alive sounding solo flutes (part 1)

    I really like the (often) warm sound of flutes. And of course, the more alive it sounds the better. So in the past I have bought various flute libraries. Mind you, I play music for fun, and therefore I have a kind of financial upper limit when buying libraries. If possible, I prefer cheap and...
  36. Dear Villain

    Joshua Bell played my music...well sort of!

    I posted this on the Embertone developer's thread, but for those that might not expect to hear music there, I'm posting it here as well: Hi, I just completed a piece for violin and piano using the Joshua Bell violin, and I'm thrilled with the results; so much so, that I really am hoping that...
  37. paularthur

    For Sale: Embertone Shire Whistle & Jubal Flute! (SOLD)

    Selling my copy of the beloved Embertone Shire Whistle: $10 Embertone Jubal Flute: $10 Fantastic for character pieces and candy layers! Embertone gave me the thumbs up to sell them, msg me!
  38. APD

    Get 70% off Winds of Awesomeness Bundle by Embertone (You save over $200)!

    For just $89, get the amazing Winds of Awesomeness bundle by Embertone. This vast collection of winds libraries built for the full retail version of Kontakt comes with over 14,000 samples. Save over $200 and also earn 2x rewards on this amazing deal which ends February 21st, don't be late to...
  39. Embertone

    New Release! Embertone's Whistler Ensemble

    Whilst wistfully waiting for winter wonderland, we've wrapped up a whistling wonder. We worked with wicked willpower to welcome WHISTLER ENSEMBLE into the world… and what a way to wheel in the wintry weather… wow! Whistle your way into a whirlwind of wonderful wooziness! Warmly, Alex...
  40. Embertone

    Embertone: Happy day! Everything is on sale... 40/50% off most

    Hey Friends, We've put together the biggest sale in our history… most instruments are marked down with 40/50% discounts. Just for the next few days, our best legato instruments (including Jubal and Crystal Flute) are about the price of a Vente Pumpkin Spice Latte :) :whistling: (click here...
  41. W

    SOLD: Embertone Blakus Cello

    $75 24-bit version. Already pre-approved the transfer with Embertone. Please note: while I will move very quickly to get it transferred for you, Embertone requests a minimum of 7 days on their end.
  42. P

    FS: Impact Soundworks, Embertone, Soundiron

    I am selling licenses for the following instruments as I haven't used them nearly as much as I wanted to in my daily composing workflow: Impact Soundworks Pearl Concert Grand - $60 (SOLD) Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions Volume 1 - $10 Embertone Crystal Flute - $10 (SOLD) Soundiron...
  43. S

    FS: Embertone Blakus Cello + Friedlander Violin (110$ for both)

    These sell for 125$ each. I am offering both for 110$, which is less than half price, if you buy them together. Separately, the price for each is 60$. Contact me, if you are interested. I have already spoken to them about transferring the license. These are 16/24 bits libraries.
  44. I

    FS: Symphobia 2, Embertone Cello & vln, Ableton Suite 8, 2CAudio B2

    Hi guys, I'm selling the following: Embertone Blakus Cello - $70,- Embertone Friedlander violin - $70,- Ableton Suite 8 - $130,- 2CAudio B2 - $70,- Let me know if you're interested in any of these!
  45. Illico

    The voice of Arcane

    I have a melody in my head that haunted me for days. This is the result of my music therapy ;). Let me know what you think about it (melody, instrument choice, mixing...) Have a good listening !
  46. L

    FS: Emberton Strings Solo: Violin & Cello

    Hello, I'm selling my Solo Violin & Solo Cello Library from Emberton for each 90 EUR. I sent a mail to Emberton and the guys gave me the OK. Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested. Hello. Thanks for reaching out. We can certainly do that for you! All we need is the buyer's...
  47. APD

    DEAL: Get 60% off Embertone's Intimate Solo Strings Bundle + $25 Embertone Gift Certificate.

    60% off Embertone Intimate Solo Strings Bundle + $25 Embertone Gift Certificate Embertone’s Intimate Solo Strings Bundle is an astonishing collection of the most detailed, life-like solo strings on the market today, with all the controls necessary to create beautiful and realistic...
  48. Embertone

    Embertone: Time to get Super-Sexy with iOS!

    That's right - Sensual Sax has been brought to the wonderful world of iOS, the first instrument (that we know of) to feature TRUE LEGATO samples and a truly desirable digital solution to sax saturation, not to mention the giant SEX knob which will basically turn any user into the Sexy Sax Man...
  49. musicalweather

    First attempt with Friedlander violin and Blakus cello

    I recently purchased the Friedlander violin, so here's a first attempt with it -- a Mozart piece with violin and cello. I'm using the Blakus cello. I'm realizing how much more I need to learn about string instruments. For example, are detached / staccato notes actually played with...
  50. musicalweather

    Solo Violin BF decision: Spitfire Artisan, VSL Solo 2, or Friedlander

    Going crazy with all the Black Friday offerings... I'm looking at three solo violins at a special sale price: 1) Friedlander (today only! 40% off) 2) VSL Solo 2 and 3) Spitfire Artisan. I don't know whether I should grab one of these or spend my money on other things while I take more time to...
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