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  1. E

    Can't save articulations in Kontakt with Joshua Bell Violin

    I'm sorry for writing a lot of posts nowdays. But I am a beginner and have a hard time to figuring out how things sometimes work by myself. I can't save articulations in Kontakt with Joshua Bell Violin. I know I should be using expression maps and I will of course do so later in time to get a...
  2. T

    Joshua Bell Legato Issue?

    Hey guys, I just bought the Joshua Bell Violin yesterday and seem to have noticed an issue with some of the legato samples. I've noticed this issue in the transitions between various pairs of notes, but the most glaring one so far seems to be between Bb3 and Eb4. If you listen to the brief demo...
  3. Jorgakis

    Full Symphonic Poem

    Greetings to all, I tried to compose a symphonic poem using midi. It might have been a weird idea but I think I learned a lot while composing for future works. Feel free just to dive in at some random point, since I do not expect somebody to listen to the whole thing. Libraries used: VSL SE...
  4. Embertone

    Friedlander Violin - Agile/Fast Playing

    Hello Gang, We’ve been following the recent virtual violin releases with great interest, naturally… since we have a very similar product. With the upcoming release of Orchestral Tools’ Nocturne Violin, we’re especially curious and excited by their videos and demos. Hendrik and the gang are...
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