1. Thomas Kallweit

    Im Vorraum der Erzählung - an audio/visual collaboration

    This came to life a while ago based on an idea by illustrator / cultural scientist Andreas Rauth. Starting point were some musical creations by Sonic Ensemble, which were collectively chosen and worked as templates for the free, creative spirit of four visually and technically gifted media...
  2. Nicolas Felix

    AVA - Eminence - Pardon My French - Walkthrough

    Hey VI peeps! Here's my not so serious "walkthrough" of my track, "Pardon My French" made with the new AVA - Eminence library::emoji_joy: Enjoy !:emoji_bow:
  3. AdamSold

    Some House/tech/trance mixture with a bumpy bass line

    Hey! Ive recently stepped into the electronic world, just for get some experience and Im really enjoying the workflow. Its a short experiment but hope u will like it! Any feedbacks r very welcome!
  4. Secret Soundworks

    Horizons (Cinematic Sci-Fi Electronic Orchestral Music)

    Did a little sci-fi hybrid electronic orchestral piece called Horizons. Would love to know your thoughts :)
  5. Adam Takacs

    The arrival of mankind | orchestra, electric guitar and synths |

    Hi there! I'd like to share my latest work which is an orchestral/electronic hybrid piece. I used many different sample libraries and some live guitar recording. Mixed with my Audio Technica M40x headphone and my two favorite plugins for mixing: Fabfilter ProQ-3 and Gullfoss. Comments would...
  6. gwscores

    A Hero's Farewell

    Trying out new styles! This is my attempt at sounding like a "hip" and "modern" film composer:
  7. hypnotize

    New album - Responses (Symphonic, Electronic, New-Age, Folk, Ethnic, Synthpop, World and etc.)

    Hi friends! Several years passed, when I decided to write a music album with my friend – and now it is finally ready! We didn’t focus on anything specific in style, so the album came out quite diverse in content and style. It will be very pleased for me, if you pay a little bit your attention...
  8. L

    Acid - Singularity Would love some tips/opinions :)

    Hey guys these are two tracks i released like a month ago. Always looking for tips on how to improve so say what you feel :) and dont hold back on the criticism.
  9. AdamSold

    80s Synths Dream

    I've been busy with this lately, hopefully it causes some retro vibe for the listener. Not a perfect mix but Ive tried my best :) enjoy and stay safe!
  10. Cory Pelizzari

    My Kontakt Synth Library Collection

    All links are in the YouTube video description.
  11. Broojacker

    Action trailers

    upd: New track, more pumping, cyberpunk elements and resampled filtered synths:
  12. L

    Hiii guys 👋

    So this is where the yellow brick road has led me... I am in my young 20’s, am lured in by the nostalgia that wafts from the memories of the roaring 20’s, Madagascar, ancient Egypt, and Tibetan mountains home to zen monasteries, I live in Colorado USA, I am fascinated with eastern culture and...
  13. D

    Dance House - Dee Marcus x Stephano Prunebelli - Into The Unknown

    Hey V.I. control! I am new here and I must say that this is a really huge base of knowledge and it can be really helpful. What I would like to do is that I introduce myself with dance(electronic) track for the start. I am also trailer music composer but I would like to send this first. Hit me...
  14. stan-k

    New Release - some synths, some strings, and some trumpets.

    Hi everyone, just released a new EP. There are some electronic and orchestral elements, all created with virtual instruments. Hope you enjoy!
  15. thestickman8

    Cherry Blossom Boulevard

    Hi all, I recently completed a new track and thought you might enjoy it!
  16. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Imbibaphones 2.0! On sale now for $17!

    Unique and melodically tuned wine glasses like you've never heard. Exquisitely sampled resonant sustains and tuned percussion with a martini glass, champagne flute, and even broken glass. Including natural sustaining finger rubbed notes and soft mallet strikes for each type of glass. 20 custom...
  17. Mads Skønberg

    Trying a NON-epic genre..

  18. L

    Mad sounds

    Hey guys, iv just made a rework of a old song i did on spotify and would love to hear opinions/tips from anyone. Thanks :)
  19. antcarrier

    Psychedelic/Classical/Jazz-Fusion/Prog tune

    Hello musos! I have just finished mixing my latest track. Its a mixture of electonica, jazz fusion, classical, and prog rock. There is plenty of fretless guitar and LinnStrument :) I hope you enjoy! Jon
  20. Voider

    Electronic Cyberpunk Soundtrack

    Hey! The past days I sat on a track for a Native Instruments contest. We were free to do any genre and the only rules were that the song should be minimum 2 minutes long and incorporate samples from the provided free sample pack. So I did grab my own synth patches that I've created all from...
  21. Olmo

    Electric Keys Experiment

    Hi everybody! I'm Olmo, one of the two guys behind Fluffyaudio. I've just released a new album named "Electric Keys Experiment" with my friend Riccardo Barba (whom occasionally collaborated with Fluffyaudio). The project itself is called EKE. We would be glad to have VI-control users' feedback...
  22. Cory Pelizzari

    Remember This Library? - Konkrete

    Get it here: http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/27-electronica/g40-konkrete/
  23. bayramjazz

    Night Story (instrumental mix / electro lounge)

    8 electro lounge compositions recorded since 2014 - 2017
  24. Mads Skønberg

    Totally changed the genre tonight....

    ....what do you guys think about the start in my new track??
  25. Cory Pelizzari

    Essential Synth Plug Ins - Phosphor 2

  26. bayramjazz

    Smooth Jazz, Lounge tune "Toronto Lights" by Artur Bayramgalin

    The story of two girls with different destinies. Former girlfriends of childhood living in Toronto, each in its own way trying to find themselves in a big metropolis. Composer: Artur Bayramgalin / Артур Байрамгалин Lemon Jazz Records (Germany)
  27. bayramjazz

    Breezz Studio - Dancing Butterfly (Remix 2017)

    Remix on my tune "Butterfly" from album "Perfect Day" 2014
  28. bayramjazz

    Nice Morning by Artur Bayramgalin

    We- that is Karmaloft Music - got some beautiful music dropping! Alongside a highly capable and beatifully versatile team Artur Bayramgalin presents his EP „All day long“. Smooth beats, jazzy and slightly funked arrangements, buzzy bass notes (Alexander Kartashov - bass) carefully acted vocals...
  29. JunoVHS

    Soundiron Releases Cube

    Cube is a collection of 521 glitchy, crunchy, office-supply percussive samples - along with groovy sound-designed FX, stingers, risers, and lush ambient pads from our resident sound artist Juno VHS. Each sound has been designed using carefully selected sources like paper crunches, snapping...
  30. tripplexis

    Friday 13th - Sorhléoð - Music for atmospheric horror game

    Greetings! A long time lurker, first time poster here. As a non-professional producer I've been learning a lot by reading interactions here on the forum and finally gathered courage to post a thread. I would like to share a recent composition of mine, intended for a horror/mystery indie game...
  31. Sample logic

    Out Now: ELECTRO CITY - Electrify Your Sound! Intro Pricing...

    ELECTRO CITY - Energize Your Sound! Built on Sample Logic’s dynamic MULTI CORE sample engine, ELECTRO CITY makes creating and producing electronic music a breeze. Effortlessly design infinite rhythmic sequences, grooves, melodic phrases and beat loops for by stacking and shaping up to four...
  32. Kore G

    Alden Nulden Productions StatiX II

    StatiX II is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt 5 instrument library. It is a powerful tool which emulates the sound of a vinyl disk. it’s appropriate for hip hop music producers, and for those who want to make a custom beat sounds like taken from a vinyl disk. You can download on...
  33. Epicurse

    Hello everyone... I am Epicurse

    Good afternoon members, My name is Eric Oriol and I go by Epicurse when I compose epic orchestral music. Started back in March 2016 with no instrument experience nor music theory knowledge, I decided to use Studio One from Presonus as my DAW and I started composing one track at the time. I...
  34. MoteMusic

    Videogame title screen track

    I'm producing an album of dreamy/ambient game music, and have just finished a final draft of the title screen track. This is something a bit different for me in terms of writing, production, and the whole sound palette overall. Also, I officially love Diva... Thanks for listening!
  35. AdamAlake

    Minimalistic Carpenter-esque electronic piece.

    Hey, Adam Alake here. This is my first post so I hope I am doing everything correctly. I finished a commision for a video game soundtrack yesterday, it is intended to be used in a menu, so I went with minimal development of the motive and instead focused on creating interesting momentum and...
  36. DanielOutro

    Who here develops plug-ins?

    Hello! I work for Outro, a new music marketplace for high-quality loops and samples. We also run a blog where we publish content related to music production. We've just started up a weekly feature where we review new and exciting plug-ins. We would like to support online music communities by...
  37. FarleyCZ

    A bit of dnb for a change? :)

    Hi all, I've recently finished a track that mixes liquid Drum & Bass with a little piano piece, synth instrumentation and few other things. I'd be glad if you could listen to it and tell me what you think of it! :) I know it's not going to be anywhere near the huge compositions you guys make...
  38. TomNoyd

    Tell me what's wrong with these meager attempts at Hybrid music (works in progress)

    I don't mean that in a defensive, sarcastic, rhetorical sort of way. I'm sincerely inviting people to take a listen and give their 2 cents on what needs to be improved with these tracks. (I'm still not too savvy with embing Soundcloud playlists so I may be editing this post a few times)...
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