electric guitar

  1. Duncan Formosa

    Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme

    Came up with this short little theme and it reminded me a bit of Saturday morning cartoons. Got to give a special thanks to my friend Alan McGeoch who recorded the guitar lines (with the exception of the second guitar near the end, I came up with that idea later on and he got really busy and...
  2. Elementary Sounds

    Elementary Sounds: WREMENA - a vintage textural and electric guitar library for NI Kontakt

    Hi guys! I'm thrilled to introduce the WREMENA: the vintage textural and electric ghost guitar library for NI Kontakt. It is a recreation of the beautifully sounding handmade PRS guitar which was recorded with help of tubes and transformers, tape recorders, vintage and modern gears and rare...
  3. Valiant Samples

    Giveaway Announcement of Quartarone Guitar Reveries

    We will be giving away 8 free copies of QUARTARONE GUITAR REVERIES, one copy a week leading up to Christmas via Instagram. That means 8 chances to win a new copy each week in November and December! The winners will be selected at random. HOW TO ENTER 1. Follow us on Instagram @valiantsamples...
  4. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Quartarone Guitar Reveries

    Get it here: https://valiantsamples.com/products/quartarone-guitar-reveries Buy an album: https://corypelizzari.bandcamp.com/
  5. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Emotional Guitars Multi-Sampled Available Now

    Emotional Guitars Multi-Sampled A couple of years ago, we wondered how we could make a library that could encapsulate the most important human emotions, those that drive us to act the way we do, what makes us human. After some research, we discovered the Plutchik Wheel, which would summarize...
  6. Ben

    SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments

    Upright Bass with jazz articulations Concert Guitar for solos (single notes) and accompaniments (chords) Overdrive – Distorted Electric Guitar Improved playabilty for fluid, authentic performances Introductory Price € 175 (regular: € 220) This library is based on the VI Single Instruments...
  7. Thomas Kallweit

    Improphony for one out of tune electric guitar (27 Min)

    Here's another old piece from an old alias, which I released now (hesitated a while, but I think it's something important and different). It's a one e-guitar improvisation atonal style with vivid detunings. So again - pre-virtual instruments computer era stuff. The articulations would be hard...
  8. Thomas Kallweit

    Doomy Hell Autistic Landmark (guitars 1994 - 2017)

    And the second one of compiled guitar-tracks - this time some guitars were already recorded into a DAW. Concept stays merely the same: Mostly Solo-Guitars - some fxed, some not (first half western guitar, 2nd half E-Guitar(s) There will be another publication with one extremely out of tune...
  9. antcarrier

    Electric Guitar + String Orchestra

    Hi Guys! I have just finished my latest composition, for an electric guitar and string orchestra. I am expanding from my prog rock/fusion background a bit, haha. After programming the orchestra over the guitar, I overdubbed a real violin over the top to add some realism. I hope you enjoy :) Jon
  10. DarkestShadow

    Best Metal Guitar Library Ever!! - Heavier7Strings

    Website: http://www.threebodytech.com/ Couldn't find a threat dedicated to this cool library. IMO it's just mind-blowing.
  11. tav.one

    What is this guitar?

    I've never been exposed to guitars so don't know much. Is it acoustic or one of the many types of electric guitar? Can you recommend a library where I can get the sound closest to this? Another one that comes to mind is:
  12. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling releases free DISTORT 2 Update

    Strezov Sampling releases free Distort 2 1.1 Update adding a finetuned version of the clean samples patch with an alternative tuning. Owners of the library will receive a download link during the next 24 hours. About Distort 2: DISTORT 2 is an electric guitar sample library perfect for film...
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