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  1. mOKa

    Hybrid Drones

    Hi, I would like to show my project Drones. Its a one man project, so I created everything myself and am currently testing it out. I was hoping to get some feedback and see if anybody is interested in sth like this. I put together a little demo video. If anyone would like to test out my...
  2. Time+Space

    Rob Papen releases MasterMagic

    Rob Papen, the legendary sound designer and synth expert behind Predator, Blue, SubBoomBass and many other award winning virtual synths, has announced the release of MasterMagic – an affordable mastering tool to give your music the edge. With MasterMagic, the power really is at your fingertips...
  3. Time+Space

    Overloud Classic Analogue effects plugin bundle - over 62% off

    For 5 days only, we're giving you the chance to buy two Overloud effects plug-ins for an exclusively low price! Here's some more info about the Classic Analogue Bundle plug-in duo... Dopamine Overloud Dopamine is the emulation of two classic tape encoding processors, used as enhancers. It is...
  4. Time+Space

    NEW Audiority Tube Modulator vintage tremolo vibrato plug-in

    The latest addition to Audiority´s line of affordable yet effective plugins has arrived at Time+Space. Tube Modulator is a collection of several tremolo, vibrato and spatial position effect circuits ranging from the late ‘50s tube bias tremolo to the late ‘60s psychedelic vibe pedals. Getting...
  5. Time+Space

    Free iZotope Ozone Imager Plug-in

    iZotope has released a small tease of what the Boston-based audio experts have in works by adapting the popular Ozone Imager module for release as a free plug-in. Those familiar with iZotope will get a sneak peek of what is to come, and new users will get a chance to own a piece of Ozone for...
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