1. M_Helder

    Jeremy Soule like fantasy mockup

    Hello everyone, I've been checking the limits of EWCC libraries for some time now and wanted to see if it is (or I am) capable of soft and ethereal textural writing, which in my opinion it absolutely does (not sure about my end). Here is a piece inspired by The Elder Scrolls universe that I...
  2. M_Helder

    John Williams - Rey's Theme mockup

    Hey everyone, This is my first orchestral mockup of a real composition by the grand daddy of soundtracks John Williams. I've noticed that a lot of people usually mock up the 'Main theme' or the 'Force theme', so I wanted to do something different and see if I can get at least somewhat close to...
  3. jrrshop

    Free Eventide/Newfangled Audio synth & up to 77% off Voltage Modular, Sugar Bytes, Toontrack, EastWest, McDSP, SONiVOX, Presonus, Harrison, & Akai

    New free synth by Eventide and Newfangled Audio, introducing Pendulate chaotic monosynth that uses a brand new oscillator technique to create previously unheard sounds: https://www.jrrshop.com/newfangled-audio-pendulate Up to 66% off Voltage Modular Two Year Anniversary Sale, including the PSP...
  4. Jdiggity1

    Synthestration - *NEW* Eastwest Template for Logic

    Hi all, Earlier in the week I "re-launched" a website that I've had sitting in my lap for a little while now - Synthestration.com The premise is simple: Project files complete with MIDI, audio stems, mixing and routing, that you can download, explore, and study at your own pace, to see exactly...
  5. Vesuvius

    Cinesamples Questions

    Hello everyone. I'm still new to posting, so I hope this is in the right place. I currently own EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Diamond and Spitfire Albion ONE as my orchestral libraries. I love Albion for doing epic trailer style compositions, but I come from a background of contemporary classical...
  6. jrrshop

    60% off EastWest

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  7. jrrshop

    Up to 86% off PSP, XLN Audio, and EastWest, including PSP Nexcellence spring reverb for $20

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  8. jrrshop

    Up to 50% off EastWest and Vienna Symphonic Library

    50% off EastWest: https://www.jrrshop.com/eastwest?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Up to 42% off Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestra: Capricorn, Big Bang Orchestra: Black Eye, a SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments, with crossgrade starting at $22...
  9. jrrshop

    Cyber Monday: Up to 85% off iZotope, UJAM, IK Multimedia, Beatskillz, Toontrack, Vienna Symphonic Library, EastWest, Softube, Tone Empire, and more

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  10. jrrshop

    Up to 85% off Beatskillz, Tone Empire, and EastWest, plus last chance for PSP, XLN Audio, and Sonible

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  11. jrrshop

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  12. berlin87

    Little Fantasy to hone my Cubase/EastWest skills

    I would be very grateful for some feedback, in particular in regard to how I work the EW Hollywood samples and the overall balance of the orchestra :) Getting a decent sound out of EW HW is hard, but sadly I don't have the budget to order Spitfire or Berlin. Maybe some day! Cheers, -B87 PS...
  13. jrrshop

    Up to 73% off Sonnox, EastWest, Synchro Arts, Toontrack, Flux, & GRM Tools, plus many sales ending

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  14. jrrshop

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  15. F

    BestService vs EastWest for Celtic Instruments

    I found this thread, where they discuss RA but exclusively in terms of Eastern Instruments. Though, I am more concerned about the European (read: Celtic/Irish) Instruments. Most of the commenters stated that RA is rather outdated. So here is my question: How crucial is the difference between RA...
  16. jrrshop

    50% off XLN Audio, Tracktion, Martinic, and EastWest

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  17. Time+Space

    Save up to 89% - new deals at Time+Space!

    We've just added a host of new offers to the T+S store and don't forget to redeem your loyalty points to save even more! 50% off AAS instruments and effects PLUS 2 free Sound Packs of your choice worth £58: https://www.timespace.com/blogs/offers/ends-27th-august-save-50-off-all-aas-products...
  18. jrrshop

    66% off EastWest Voices Bundle

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  19. jrrshop

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  20. Sarah De Carlo

    Another experiment with the 'Spitfire Labs Soft Piano' + 'Eastwest Bosendorfer' combination.

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share this new production with you, where I once again experience the 'Spitfire Labs Soft PIano' + 'Eastwest Bosendorfer' combination. Both the melody and the accompaniment are played by both instruments with a lid position of around 70% for the Bosendorfer and a dynamic...
  21. jrrshop

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  22. jrrshop

    Up to 84% off Typewriter Audio, IK Multimedia, EastWest, & Ohm Force

    84% off Typewriter Audio X Dynamic Imager, now $21 instead of $129.99 for JRR Shop's 21st Anniversary: https://www.jrrshop.com/type-writer-audio-x-dynamic-imager 74% off IK Multimedia Master EQ 432 Sontec, now $39 instead of $149. Ends Monday: https://www.jrrshop.com/ik-multimedia-432 60% off...
  23. jrrshop

    50% off EastWest

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  24. Arise

    Hyperion Strings Micro - Good shorts?

    Hey guys, I'm currently in need of a low budget string library (Kontakt PLAYER compatibility required) and so I thought of getting either Hyperion Strings from Soundiron (32usd with my discount) or Eastwest's Hollywood Strings Silver (66usd on sale). I am mainly looking for nice sounding...
  25. Arise

    VOXOS 2 and Olympus Elements, main differences?

    Hey guys, I don't really have a dedicated choir library, however I do have the choirs in Metropolis Ark 1. I was looking to expand with a dedicated, versatile (can do lower and higher dynamics well), intuitive and easy to use choir library. I am a bit limited on my choices, as: - it needs to be...
  26. jrrshop

    50% off EastWest

    50% off EastWest, including new downloadable versions of Symphonic Choirs Platinum and Pianos Gold and Platinum: https://www.jrrshop.com/eastwest?dir=desc&order=special_from_date EastWest Fab Four $199 EastWest Ghostwriter $199 EastWest Goliath $199 EastWest Gypsy $199 EastWest Hollywood Brass...
  27. jrrshop

    50% off all EastWest

    50% off all EastWest, including Spaces II which was excluded from previous sales: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=asc&limit=all&manufacturer=129&order=name&sale=1&type=2 EastWest Fab Four $199.50 EastWest Ghostwriter $199.50 EastWest Goliath $199.50 EastWest Gypsy $199.50...
  28. KJee Music

    Earth Dance - Beautiful Africa

    Love to hear an opinion or two on this track. It was made for a client's web-series based on everyday African life, although i made a video for it using some beautiful wildlife and landscapes. Thank you in advance, KJ
  29. Arise

    List of sample libraries/plugins/companies that use iLok?

    I was wondering if anyone has at least an approximate list of sample library developers or plugins/libraries that require iLok. I know of Eastwest's stuff and Heavyocity (at least the Punish plugin requires iLok). Anyone know of any more?
  30. TheSteven

    EastWest Quantum Leap Platinum Pianos - $175

    Unused/Unregistered virgin license for: EastWest Quantum Leap Platinum Pianos Virtual Instrument Collection Your chance to pick up EastWest's most prestigious sampled Pianos library at a discount. MSRP: $530.00 Features: Detailed samples of Bechstein D-280, Steinway D, Bosendorfer 290, and...
  31. jrrshop

    60% off EastWest

    60% off EastWest libraries and bundles (excludes educational, upgrades, and Voices of Soul). Also, receive a free license for Play 6 with every purchase. Play 6 provides improved effects, faster loading times, and advanced integration with hardware controllers for all EastWest libraries...
  32. amadeus1

    East West Composer Cloud Installation and Activation Walkthrough

    Hello guys, Here's a video on how to subscribe and install the East West Composer Cloud software including Play 6, Libraries to which you have access, Ilok activation, and East West Installation Software. Video discusses various license types and their differences. Here's the link: Thanks...
  33. jrrshop

    Up to 70% off EastWest, Air Music Tech, SONiVOX, Akai, IRCAM Tools, and Positive Grid

    60% off EastWest Hollywood Choirs + Voices of the Empire bundles, now $399 for Gold or $499 for Diamond: https://www.jrrshop.com/eastwest?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Up to 70% off Air Music Tech Loom II, Strike 2, Transfuser 2, and Creative FX Collection Plus, now $49 each or $39 for...
  34. jrrshop

    Up to 82% off Sonible, Eventide, KV331, EastWest, Accusonus, Toontrack, Sugar Bytes, Synthogy & more

    82% off Sonible Frei:raum EQ Plugin Bundle, now $49 instead of $269. Ends October 15: https://www.jrrshop.com/sonible-frei-raum 70% off Eventide SP2016 reverb time machine plugin, now $79 instead of $249. Ends October 31: https://www.jrrshop.com/eventide-sp2016 70% off KV331 SynthMaster...
  35. jrrshop

    EastWest 50% off MSRP

    EastWest 50% off MSRP, including the lowest price ever on Hollywood Choirs Diamond: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=asc&limit=54&manufacturer=129&order=name&sale=1 EastWest Fab Four $199.50 EastWest Ghostwriter $199.50 EastWest Goliath $199.50 EastWest Gypsy $199.50 EastWest...
  36. Time+Space

    20th July 2018 - Latest Music Production News and Offers

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below: New EastWest Spaces II Coming Soon: http://bit.ly/2JFEJGy Zero-G Ethera EVI Update...
  37. P

    Hollywood Strings Diamond Update?

    I saw in my EastWest Installation Center that there was an update to Hollywood Strings Diamond. Does anybody know where there's a change log? I searched thorugh the EastWest site, their forums and on here but I couldn't figure out what changed Also, if anyone has noticed what changed...
  38. Heledir

    Any experiences with the EastWest CC Hard drive?

    I'm thinking of getting it so I can clear a whole bunch of space off my current HDD, and so I don't have to download 83GB libraries like Stormdrum 3, etc. Only thing is, when I googled the specific hard drive they use, it didn't exactly show great user reviews -- lots of it stopping to work...
  39. jrrshop

    EastWest Voices of the Empire $199

    33% off EastWest Voices of the Empire, now $199 instead of $299: https://www.jrrshop.com/eastwest?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Melding the ethnic musical traditions of Bulgaria, Serbia, Mongolia, and beyond, it's East meets West like you've never heard before. Her voice is beautiful...
  40. arpegiah

    New Cubase Pro 9 & 9.5 Expression Maps Available

    Hi guys, it`s been a while, busy finishing my new single "Shepherds journey" New Expression Maps are available on my website. Latest add on are Metropolis Ark 3, Hollywood Choir Gold, CineSamples-CineBrass Core, Albion One and EW-Voices Of The Empire. Now the Custom Expression Maps comes with...
  41. jrrshop

    Up to 74% off EastWest, Softube, PSP, Audiomodern, iZotope, Melodyne, DS Audio, Kilohearts, & more

    33% off EastWest until May 31: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=asc&limit=54&manufacturer=129&order=name&sale=1 Softube Tube-Tech mkII introductory sale, now up to 25% off plugins, bundle, and upgrades. Plus, 50% off Tube Delay and introductory sale on Weiss Deess...
  42. jrrshop

    EastWest Voices of the Empire introductory sale

    For 1 week, Eastwest's new Voices of the Empire (released today) is on sale for $199 instead of $299: https://www.jrrshop.com/eastwest-voices-of-the-empire Uyanga Bold is a unique talent, melding the ethnic musical traditions of Bulgaria, Serbia, Mongolia, and beyond. She is a trained opera...
  43. Ganampf

    PLEASE HELP | Effective RAM usage with VSTis

    Hello, first of all my PC specs: Windows 10 Pro 64bit 16GB RAM Intel Core i5-6500 CPU Cubase 9 Pro Now, I've got a problem with my VST problems in Cubase: Sometimes the sound becomes extremely laggy, I can't even work or listen to anything at all when I try to play the project. I confess to...
  44. jrrshop

    IK Multimedia introductory sale & EastWest 30th Anniversary Sale

    IK Multimedia Total Studio Max 2 introductory sale with Upgrades and Crossgrades starting at $199.99: https://www.jrrshop.com/ik-multimedia?dir=desc&order=special_from_date 33% off EastWest 30th Anniversary Sale: https://www.jrrshop.com/eastwest?dir=desc&order=special_from_date 50% off...
  45. Cory Pelizzari

    Does Hollywood Choirs Hold Up?

  46. O

    EastWest Hollywood Woodwinds vs VSL SE Woodwinds

    I'm thinking about getting hold of the EastWest Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond at $199 to do mock-ups and background stuff, however I already have the VSL SE Woodwinds so could add the SE plus/Vol.2 for about the same price. Wondered if anyone has been able to directly compare these libraries? My...
  47. G

    How to Purge Samples in PLAY

    Is there a way to purge samples in PLAY? I've been away from EastWest libraries for a bit, and have mainly been using Kontakt libraries. But have taken the plunge back into EastWest ComposersCloud. I have gotten so used to the purge feature in Kontakt, but can't seem to find how to do it in...
  48. George Bellas

    EastWest PLAY 6

    EastWest PLAY 6 will be released soon as the upcoming Hollywood Choirs requirements state that PLAY 6 is required to run the library.
  49. Jdiggity1

    Dragon Race - HTTYD2 (Hollywood Orchestra Gold)

    I don't know about you lot, but I think it's about time we kicked the Star Wars opener out of top-spot for mockup testing, so here is yet another attempt at mocking up a cue from the How To Train Your Dragon series. This was made exclusively with East West Composer Cloud, and the stock Cubase...
  50. George Bellas

    EastWest Hollywood Choirs

    It's been a long time coming... EastWest will be making an announcement next week about Hollywood Choirs. I'm not sure if it's regarding demo's, a walkthrough, the release date, or more details about the contents of the library, but it's at least something from what has been an all too silent...