1. jrrshop

    Up to 75% off Sonnox

    Up to 75% off Sonnox, including Oxford Inflator for $39, Oxford Limiter for $66, and VoxDoubler for $23: https://www.jrrshop.com/computer-software?dir=asc&limit=54&manufacturer=162&order=name&sale=1&type=2 Sonnox Broadcast Bundle HD: EQ Dynamics Limiter Inflator SuprEsser $1,205 $560...
  2. jrrshop

    50% off select Kilohearts and Internet Co., starting at $7.50

    50% off select Kilohearts, including Resonator and Gate for $7.50 each: https://www.jrrshop.com/kilohearts?dir=desc&order=special_from_date 50% off Internet Co. F-REX and MS EQ Comp, starting at $14.50: https://www.jrrshop.com/internet-co?dir=desc&order=special_from_date
  3. I

    SSS - Uneven "Dynamics" curve?

    Hey guys, I recently got Spitfire Symphonic Strings and overall I'm happy with the sound and playability, especially with the Performance legato patch. Though when playing with the mod wheel, I find the dynamics curve really weird. It sounds like it's not linear at all, and has sudden volume /...
  4. Christoph Pawlowski

    Dominus Choir Pro Modwheel (Dynamics) Problem

    Hello everybody! I have a problem with Dominus Pro: If I want to record my modwheel (with or without automation), Dominus Choir Pro doesn't respond to the drawn curve (I mean: The GUI shows that the dynamics are changing but the sound remains at the same dynamic layer). Does anybody know how to...
  5. jrrshop

    80% off Metric Halo Production Bundle, now $149

    80% off Metric Halo Production Bundle, now $149 instead of $699 exclusively at JRR Shop and only while supplies last: https://www.jrrshop.com/metric-halo-production-bundle Includes 8 fantastic sounding plugins that will help you bring your work to new levels: ChannelStrip: Put a Million...
  6. U

    Velocity "compression" of loud / soft samples

    This is something I've been trying to do for a while, and finally found a simple way of doing it - I have a lot of Kontakt libraries (for example, pianos and some percs) which have a really wide dynamic range so transitioning from soft to loud playing results in huge volume difference...
  7. Vik

    (Re-)recording MIDI notes and dynamics in Logic?

    I've never found a good way to re-record dynamics/vibrato (etc) info in Logic. There's something with the workflow which doesn't make sense to me. For instance, I sometimes ending up with stuff like this: Also, both region based automation and track based automatons seem to have...
  8. Vik

    Logic's 'secret' way to deal with dynamics

    OK - so it's not secret, but my feeling is that many users aren't aware of this or focusing on it: Logic's Modifier (MIDI plug-in). This little plugin is very useful: You can set your mod wheel (or other controller) to avoid the upper range in your libraries, if you feel that they are too...
  9. d.healey

    HISE velocity spread mapping - video

    I made a short video demonstrating how to quickly map samples across velocity ranges in HISE.
  10. hozierschurch

    Workflow advice re: crescendi and dynamic layers in a piece

    Can anyone advise the best workflow for dealing with crescendi in a piece of music? For example, if I'm composing a piece of trailer music in 3 sections which builds to a climax ... Are there set dynamic levels / outputs you guys work to in each section? Is there a standard db range I should...
  11. jrrshop

    Flux 10 Year Anniversary up to 70% off

    50% to 70% off Flux 10 Year Anniversary Sale: https://www.jrrshop.com/flux?dir=desc&order=special_from_date Flux Alchemist Dynamics and Mastering Processor $299 Flux Epure v3 $119 Flux Pure Compressor v3 $49 Flux Pure DCompressor v3 $49 Flux Pure Expander v3 $49 Flux Pure DExpander v3 $49 Flux...
  12. michaelamlacher

    Spitfire Symphonic Dynamics

    Hey there, I was wondering if someone of you fellow composers already tried to find out how the dynamic range on the Spitfire Symphonic Libraries (Strings, Brass, Winds) are laid out on the modwheel. I am currently going through Visual Orchestration 2 which is a great source of information and...
  13. Ihnoc

    How do YOU control Shorts and Accents with CC - Kontakt/Play

    First time caller, long time listener. I've an itch to buy a new library or two, but I've hit a snag which I've spent days pouring over Kontakt in an effort to solve. In short, I want to control dynamics of shorts with CC1 and add accents relative to that dynamic with velocity. I do this because...
  14. ptram

    Articulation and dynamics morphing

    Hi, At this point I know how to xfade dynamics and articulations in both VSL and Xsample. What I don't yet know well, is how to do both things at the same time: morph between articulations, while at the same time changing volume by a wide range. Something like this: A solution I tried was to...
  15. almound

    I need a "Change dynamic" Sibelius plug-in that handles custom dynamics

    Anybody good at writing Sibelius plug-ins? Care to give pointers on how to write a "change dynamic" plug-in like the one under the Text menu of Sibelius 7.5.1, but which handles custom dynamics rather than Sibelius standard dynamics? (No, the plug-in's option "Custom dynamic mapping" doesn't...
  16. onnevan

    Classical music dynamics in Ableton Live

    Hi everyone! I struggle trying to do the music more dynamic in Ableton, classical techniques are very complicated to replicate, glissandos and rubato for example or making a composition in "free time", with variable bpm. Also the change ¡n volume, intention, accents and all those kind of...
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