1. AdamSold

    Cinematic Orchestral Intro /BBC SO

    Hola! Last week I decided to rescore one of my short orchestral pieces I've composed exactly 8 years ago. Hope u like it. Any feedbacks r very welcome :)
  2. AdamSold

    Its only a Memory /epic-romantic-emotional-piano

    I finally finished my newest piece. Its a short one again. Feedbacks are always welcome!
  3. AdamSold

    When the Sun Comes Up /epic/orchestral

    My newest recently finished piece. I mixed it on my brand new Dynaudio Lyd5 studio monitors. I really like the result. Its much better than doing it only with a studio headphone. Hope u Will like it. Comments are very welcome :)
  4. Sarah De Carlo

    Dramatic Film Music Album using Spitfire Chamber and Solo Strings.

    Hi, I'm working on a collection of film drama music, and I made the album almost entirely using Spitfire Chamber Strings as the main library. I am increasingly convinced that when it comes to intimate and emotional music, SCS is the first choice. The dynamics and the nuances that it offers are...
  5. AdamSold

    Emotional orchestral piece

    I wrote this short piece right after my girlfriend broke up with me. We didnt see each other for 6 months, but we were hoping its gonna work and were planning a life together. She was supposed to be here on wednesday this week but just called me she's not coming, and we Will not see each other...
  6. AdamSold

    Short hybrid score influenced by Harry Gregson-W

    I was away from scoring for a few months, but finally i have space and time again for to do it in 7/24. Its a short one, i was trying to mix an "easy listenable" blend with synths and orchestral Instruments... feedbacks are welcome any time! Cheers
  7. AdamSold

    Field of Trolls | adventure

    Hey guys! Here is my track i finished recently. Its kinda adventure style, Starting with scary moment, then a chasing scene which ends with a nice and monumental happy mood. comments are welcome
  8. AdamSold

    Into the Deep /Epic Dramatic Hybrid Orchestral

    Hey guys! This is my new short track. Kinda teaser, hope u Will like it. Comments are welcome.
  9. AdamSold

    Fantasy MMORPG Music

    Hey Guys! Recently finished my latest short piece called Entrance of Thalabat. Its kinda mixture with different styles. Hope u gonna like it. Comments are very welcome. Thanks for listening! :)
  10. AdamSold

    Birth of a Planet /dramatic orchestral trailer

    I imagined a birth of a planet, or something like that. Hope u like it. Comments are welcome.
  11. bayramjazz

    Dramatic soundtrack / Pilgrim / Artur Bayramgalin

    Welcome to the mystical place where Celtic meets Chill! Atmospheric and Mysterious yet peaceful and sorrow filled that evolves in emotional depth. Fiddle lead Celtic adventure of discovery and empowerment.
  12. Jorgakis

    Love Theme 1992

    Hello, I recently rewatched the 1992's Dracula Movie, and I just love its soundtrack. So I stole the key and the alto flute and the em9-chord from Mina's and Dracula's Theme and did the usual dramatic thing that I always want to do. Some JW's across the stars orchestration is included ofc:D...
  13. AdamSold

    Epic-dramatic trailer

    A few years ago i've written some trailers for non existent movies. I think this was the best of all. Hope you like it!
  14. AdamSold

    Short Piece about dreaming/remembering

    Happy New Year! I started the month with this short piece. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome
  15. AdamSold

    Waiting - Orchestral track

    Hi! Pls check out my new short track what I've written for a fictive movie scene. Hope U like. "
  16. pagliacci

    Late submission, but still a great exercise, revealing DAW experience...

    I was too late for the competition, but I threw myself into this, as my very first full blown attempt at scoring a dramatic scene. Cubase 8.5 Pro was an ornery cuss not accepting any tempo changes without changing the length of the video. There still might be a solution, but I haven't found it...
  17. N

    Eastern Dream by Nektarios.

    After one year of creating my song "Eastern Dream", I finally released it and finished the music video for it. This song is about war and refugees and their struggle and dream to find a safer and better place. In my eyes, refugees from the Syrian war, Ukrainian war, or any war, are the same. So...
  18. Jorgakis

    Classic Love Theme with weird middle section

    This is my attempt to write something "across the stars"-esque. It was shortened from like 10 minutes, I'm still struggling being more brief and less random with new ideas throwing them all in one bowl. So any advice, especially arrangement-wise, is appreciated.
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