1. R

    Drama / Horror themed Orchestral VST Suggestions?

    Hello, I'm working on a soundtrack for a horror film and i'm thinking of using some dramatic, horror-themed orchestral crashes, hits, rise-and-falls similar to the sound Christopher Young used for the OST of "The Grudge 2" (Which was amazing in my personal opinion). :thumbsup: Does anyone have...
  2. Kyle Preston

    Drama Threads On VI Control: An Outline

    (Below are the typical motifs that appear over and over in our drama threads. Next time you feel you're missing out, come back to this thread and satisfy your addiction to social trainwrecks without throwing gas on the fire. All in good fun :laugh:) OP - I have a question about A? Response 1...
  3. Celestial Aeon

    Spitfire British Drama test run

    I'm in love with Spitfire libraries and when I first heard British Drama, I instantly knew that this will be one of my favourite tools in future. Here is my first crude test run that well describes how well it works "out of the box". I basically recorded the whole thing on the fly without...
  4. dman007

    Reverbs for piano ?

    Hi, What reverbs do you use for piano for classical piano, and piano for tv/film cues and scores? Which reverbs, and what settiings do you use?