1. T

    Fluffy Audio 30% Sales until August 15th (ALL LIBRARIES)

    Fluffy Audio has 30% off on all their libraries until August 15th, so for instance you could get Dominus Choir for just $260.
  2. Garry

    So, if not Eric Whitacre library, wait or go for Dominus?

    Was really hoping today’s Spitfire announcement was the choir, and if not, that they’d give us an indication of when it would be coming out. So now the question is, should I continue to wait, or go for something already out there? I was really impressed with Dominus, and that was the standard I...
  3. reutunes

    Fluffy Audio - Dominus Choir - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 58 - Fluffy Audio - Dominus Choir More information on Dominus Choir ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
  4. reutunes

    Samplecast #58 : Dominus choir reviewed - plus loads more

    Greetings VI Crew, This week's show is all about choirs and pianos. There's a big review of Fluffy Audio's new Dominus choir and lots of odd little piano libraries. I've also managed to pin down composer Matt Hawken who exposes his secrets for writing Studio Ghibli style tracks - that's on the...