1. puffer3

    DIY 100mm MIDI fader control box

    I play synthesizers and drums mostly, but as I've pivoted towards learning about scoring, I found the little knobs and sliders on my MIDI controllers to be sort of inexpressive for playing with sample libraries and even more limiting when working with tricky filter combos in Zebra2. I found this...
  2. silverling_co

    DIY Studio Desk

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of designing my own studio desk and I would love any thoughts/experience/advice you have on the subject! I don't use a lot of sound gear, but I have included a tray for my keyboard, and a 4u 19" rack on the desktop (for a power conditioner, pre-amp and 2 audio...
  3. A

    Best slider potentiometers I can buy for DIY fader box?

    Hello, like many have tried before me, I am going to build my own fader CC controller. I was about to buy ALPS faders but I read somewhere that they are kinda flimsy and have no real resistance. So now I'm looking for something better? I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for some...
  4. R

    Upcycling an old grand

    So, when I was still studying in Delft, I bought myself my first grand piano for about 300 Euro. It wasn't the best thing (actually, it was in very bad shape), but I loved taking it apart to learn something more about the mechanics. I ended up wrapping her in carbon fiber. After my studies it...
  5. DanielOutro

    Recording vocal on a budget

    This one is for all vocalists and singer-songwriters looking to build a DIY recording setup for under $500. Hope you like it. Read here :)
  6. creativeforge

    DIY & TIPS to navigate libraries without the mouse

    I've been looking for ways to cut on the hand-mouse solicitation to browse my Kontakt libraries, and soft synths like Omnisphere and others. Auto-mapping is still finicky it seems, but someone mentioned considering the use of a Kengsington trackball mouse. I also started looking at MIDI...