1. silverling_co

    DIY Studio Desk

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of designing my own studio desk and I would love any thoughts/experience/advice you have on the subject! I don't use a lot of sound gear, but I have included a tray for my keyboard, and a 4u 19" rack on the desktop (for a power conditioner, pre-amp and 2 audio...
  2. A

    Best slider potentiometers I can buy for DIY fader box?

    Hello, like many have tried before me, I am going to build my own fader CC controller. I was about to buy ALPS faders but I read somewhere that they are kinda flimsy and have no real resistance. So now I'm looking for something better? I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for some...
  3. R

    Upcycling an old grand

    So, when I was still studying in Delft, I bought myself my first grand piano for about 300 Euro. It wasn't the best thing (actually, it was in very bad shape), but I loved taking it apart to learn something more about the mechanics. I ended up wrapping her in carbon fiber. After my studies it...
  4. DanielOutro

    Recording vocal on a budget

    This one is for all vocalists and singer-songwriters looking to build a DIY recording setup for under $500. Hope you like it. Read here :)
  5. creativeforge

    DIY & TIPS to navigate libraries without the mouse

    I've been looking for ways to cut on the hand-mouse solicitation to browse my Kontakt libraries, and soft synths like Omnisphere and others. Auto-mapping is still finicky it seems, but someone mentioned considering the use of a Kengsington trackball mouse. I also started looking at MIDI...
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