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  1. Ben

    SALE: BBO: Andromeda Expansion Set & Dimension Strings + Bonus Content

    Yes - Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda is getting an expansion set - and if you already have Andromeda, it’s simply a free download for you here! Not so lucky and still missing BBO: Andromeda? It’s now on sale, so get it here! BBO: Andromeda’s Con Sordino Expansion Set focuses on the quiet side...
  2. Ben

    VSL String Celebration - Up to 1/3 Off!

    Spring is in the air! Take advantage of fresh offers on all Synchron and SYNCHRON-ized String libraries and save up to a third off their list prices through May 4, 2020. Check out the complete list of all discounts here!
  3. Ben

    Holiday String Special: 30% off!

    All Solo Strings, Chamber Strings and Dimension Strings libraries now 30% off! If you are still missing one of these libraries, or if you have bought the Special Editions during Black Friday and want more: Get these strings now. Combined with the current Voucher Deal (put 4 vouchers in the...
  4. M.Ramillon

    Vsl Project

    A short piece of music with only VSL Vienna symphonic library ... (except solo cello and duduk). Dimension strings, Appassionata string, dimension Brass , Epic Horn(8 horns), woodwinds solo, harp. MIR Pro reverb.
  5. Zedcars

    VSL Release Cantabile Violins Update for Synchron Strings I

    VSL release Cantabile Violins, an update to Synchron Strings I - free for registered users: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Synchron_Package/Synchron_Strings_I Looks like they listened to users and responded. Also announced, SYNCHRON-ised Dimension Strings I, II, and III, and Vienna Dimension...
  6. O

    Giallo/Morricone 70s-type soundtrack attempt thing

    I started this just as an exercise, both in instrumental writing (I'm a singer-songwriter so usually have words to structure things aroudn), but finishing (ish) it took ages - just wondering how it sounds to people who haven't listened to it 1000 times, feedback welcomed... Main VIs used were...
  7. P

    FS: VSL Dim Strings 1 Full Library + VSL Solo Strings Bundle + VSL Dim Brass 1: $1600 USD

    Hello VI Control members: I'm selling these libraries as a set only. Price $1600 USD. I will send you my Vienna Key (eLicencer). I will pay the VSL transfer fee. All of these libraries are downloadable products, I do not have disks. Thank you. Paul Worbey
  8. E

    Thoughts on Spitfire Chamber Strings, VSL Dimension, Berlin, Cinematic Studio Strings

    Apologies up front for asking what must be a common question from a noob. Which library do you like the best from this list and why? I'm new to the forum and have listened to what seems like countless sound demos of the various string libraries on manufacturers websites, youtube and this forum...
  9. D

    FS: VSL Dimension Strings 1 Full Library Now $700/€622

    Hi I'm selling my VSL Dimension Strings 1 library which includes the standard + extended articulations. I'm asking for €800 which is a bargain when you look at the RRP which weighs in at €1,190! VSL have authorised the sale - I have a brand new eLicenser to transfer the license to upon sale...
  10. P

    FS: VSL Dim Strings Full + Dim Brass 1 + Solo Strings Bundle: $1600 USD

    For Sale: VSL Dim Strings Full + Dim Brass 1 + Solo Strings Full $1700 USD for all three. I will pay the 10% VSL licence transfer fee. I'll send you my Vienna Key. I've already been in contact with VSL. I have way too many sample libraries. Payment via PayPal only please. Thank you. Paul...
  11. brunodegazio

    Dimension Strings for aleatoric and algorithmic music

    I picked up Dimension Strings recently and since hearing the Ligeti Kammerkonzert on Digital Concert Hall a few weeks ago I've been intrigued by the possibilities for individual algorithmic control of all those strings. Here are the results of a few tests where the individual instruments are...
  12. O

    FS: VSL Dimension Strings I (Full Library) + Dimension Brass I (Standard Library)

    I'm selling two VSL libraries: - VSL Dimension Strings I (Full Library) - 800 €(including 119 € transfer fee) - VSL Dimension Brass I (Standard Library) - 330 €(including 55 € transfer fee) Note: I still need the eLicenser key. So the licences have to be transferred to a different key(in case...
  13. R


    Hi, I am selling following license: SOLD
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