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  1. Al Maurice

    DP 11 and Zebra 2 -- how to get it working as an instrument?

    I've been trying to get Zebra 2 (VST 3) with DP11 but to no avail. It shows up as an effect but not as an instrument plugin. Has anyone been able to get this to work, and if so how?
  2. Garlu

    Controlling iOS apps from DAW (Mac)

    Hi all, I decided to create a Vlog entrance on connecting your iOS apps (on ipad/iphone) to your DAW, for controlling some of those sounds from the sequencer. Just the USB connection is needed for sending bidirectional midi and receiving audio. Hope you like it! *Warning: video is in spanish...
  3. Aleela

    Is this possible? Cubase with DP

    Is it possible to use Cubase for the composition and DP for the video together in the film scoring?
  4. musicalweather

    EZKeys / EZD2 - messed up midi when dragging from Song Creator window

    Wondering if anyone else has this problem: when I drag midi from the Song Creator Window in either EZ Keys or EZ Drummer 2 into my DAW (Digital Performer), the first bar of the midi gets completely messed up. Notes are left out, some notes are elongated, some are placed in the wrong beats...
  5. G

    Digital Performer: Difference between Track view and Sequence view

    I'm dipping my toes into Digital Performer after using Logic and Cubase, and man it looks like it has some great features. Can the DP users let me know what the big difference between the Track view and Sequence View are. Seems like a bit of redundancy between the views. From what I understand...
  6. musicalweather

    A couple of questions for Logic users

    I'm new to Logic (but not using DAWs) and have a couple of questions: When I load a multi-plugin like Kontakt or Omnisphere in Logic and play one instrument on one channel on my keyboard, all the channels for that plugin light up in the mixer window, and in the tracks window. Is it really not...
  7. Aleela

    Digital Performer - Film scoring

    Is Digital Performer the best DAW for film scoring?
  8. Aleela

    Digital Performer 10
  9. arcy

    FS: Digital Performer 9.5, T-racks 5, NI battery 4

    Hi all! as I wrote in the subject, I want to sell: Digital Performer 9.5 -> 150€ (sold) T-Racks 5 -> 75€ (transfer fee included) NI Battery 4 -> 90€ ;)
  10. callen1685

    Digital Performer 9

    Anyone interested in purchasing this from me for $250?
  11. DMerkel

    SOLD Digital Performer v9.52 • $240 (USD)

    I've decided to sell my copy of Digital Performer ... not because I have problems with it or don't like it, I'm just DAW poor (too many of them) and this is the one I've been using the least over the past year. Largely due to the projects sent to me. DP is a great DAW with some amazing features...
  12. R

    Articulations in Digital Performer

    I've cobbled together a method for doing articulations in DP using patch changes. Here's a video explaining how: Articulations in DP using Patch Changes
  13. JaikumarS

    Digital Performer 9.5.2 - Audio Routiung

    Hi there, I have a couple of questions related to DP - 1) Is there a way to route a track [eg SYNC-POP (its a stereo track)] to more than 1 track in DP9.5.2? 2) Is there a shortcut key to return the playhead position to the start of the project? eg - return key in Protools 3) How to...
  14. JaikumarS

    Tutorials - Scoring to Picture with DP

    Hi, I'm looking for Filmscoring tutorials with DP like Thank you.
  15. JaikumarS

    Sync-pop - 00:59:58:00 in dp9

    Hi, I have my sync pop sample that I created. May I know how can I have my SYNC-POP at 00:59:58:00 in DP9 and have the movie start at 01:00:00:00? Thank you
  16. musicalweather

    Help! Getting audio dropouts when bouncing to disk in DP- SOLVED

    Am under pressure with a project and am suddenly getting problems with bouncing to disk in Digital Performer. Instruments cut out for a fraction of a second. I seem to get the beginning of notes; the dropouts occur after the onset of the note. Hard to know what in the chain might be causing...
  17. sinkd

    Digital Performer, VEPro (MAS) and High Sierra incompatibility

    A warning for DP users: After upgrading to High Sierra, DP no longer scans third party Motu Audio System (MAS) plugins like VEPro. The only workaround is to hide VST plugin folders/rename them, trash prefs and rescan. Since I have recently moved my template to a single system, this means that...
  18. T

    MOTU Digital Performer 9.5 Competitive Upgrade Sale for $195.

    MOTU Digital Performer 9.5 Competitive Upgrade is on sale for $195 (usually priced at $395). The offer ends on 12/31/2017. Sweetwater: MOTU Store: Edit: Offer extended from 12/21/2017 to 12/31/2017.
  19. musicalweather

    Can I put my entire studio into a laptop-based system?

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of setting up a second, kind of portable studio and am wondering if you all could help me narrow my choices. Because I'm finding myself away from my main studio quite a lot these days (taking care of family members in another town), I'd like to have an alternate...
  20. M

    VE Pro Template - Routing & KK

    Hey all! I'm in the process of building a VE Pro 6 template. My current main DAW is Digital Performer, but I also want to be able to use it with Cubase. For this reason, I am using VST Kontakt instances (virtually all of my libraries are Kontakt, with the exception of Omnisphere and some EW...
  21. Joe Williams

    Is there a way to import audio tracks sequentially into Pro Tools?

    I work in DP, but I prefer mixing in Pro Tools. Is there a way to export audio files from DP so that they show up in orchestral order in Pro Tools like I have them in DP? What I would like to do is record all of my audio for a cue in 1 pass (in DP), then export all those to a folder of stems...
  22. musicalweather

    General Impressions of DP9 and Windows

    For those of you who are working with Digital Performer 9 and Windows, is everything working smoothly? I'm particularly interested in hearing from anyone who previously used DP on Mac and switched to DP on Windows. I'm a long time DP/Mac user considering switching over to PC/Windows (I guess it...
  23. Steve Steele

    NEW VIDEO Vienna Ensemble 6 and Digital Performer 9.1 set up to finish

    It's nice that DP9.1 and VEP6 came out at the same time. Both are really good and stable. I ran them hard together for 24 hours straight and not a single crash. So I made a video about starting from scratch with an empty DP document. I set everything up, wrote about 20 bars of orchestral music...
  24. vewilya

    Vepro - tempo sync - cpu overload

    Hello I've been encountering a problem recently that has been reported a couple of times I think. I have been playing around with the new 8Dio percussion libraries (Solo Taikos, Frame Drums, etc.) and have loaded an instance of VEPRO 5 with 16 Kontakt instruments going into Logic X or DP9 for...
  25. musicalweather

    DP problem: how do hear an effect live?

    I'm working with DP 9 and am using Native Instrument's "The Mouth" as an effect on an audio track. I want to hear this effect live. That is, I don't want to just apply the effect after I've recorded the audio but to hear it live on the input. I'm using a stereo track with a mic input and have...
  26. musicalweather

    Constant beach ball in DP9 -- help!

    Hi all, I'm working in Digital Performer 9.02. Just recently, DP starts halting what it's doing and I get the spinning beach ball. It does this a lot. Very annoying, since each disruption lasts about 10 seconds or more. It seems to occur when I'm working with midi. I checked to make sure...
  27. stigc56

    Digital Performer & key switches

    Hi I have once again dived into the wonderful world of DP9, coming from Cubase 8. I use VSL Dim Strings and have spend hours, days, weeks and months trying to create a meaningful setup for this and a lot of other libraries in Cubase 8. The keyswitching system in Cubase is rather elegant but VERY...
  28. ag75

    Help with VEPro and Digital Performer

    Can someone give me an "idiots guide" to how best to streamline Kontakt and VEPro to work within DP? DP feels SO SLUGGISH compared to Logic, I get the spinning wheel ALL THE TIME and have to force quit) but there are so many things I love about DP so I thought I would once again try to get...
  29. JohnG

    Digital Performer restarting audio engine?

    Hi all, I'm on DP 9.01 and it has been somewhat randomly restarting the audio engine now and then, maybe twice a day. Any ideas to address this? Never experienced it before. It's not a huge disaster but annoying nonetheless.
  30. Steve Steele

    OS X Daily featured my DAW and studio in an article

    Hi my friends! The good folks at OS X Daily did a nice little feature on my home studio. There wasn't enough space to cover everything but they did highlight Digital Performer by hyperlinking it. Since the interview/article I've added another modified ultimate 2009 MP with Xeon (2) 12-core...
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