1. Fredeke

    Time Stretching + DFD ?

    I'm afraid I know the answer but - Is there a way of doing time stretching and pitch shifting in Kontakt, while also doing DFD ? Thanks
  2. Fredeke

    [ANSWERED] Change group's engine (from sampler to DFD) via KSP ?

    Hi Can I set a group's source engine to sampler or DFD via a script? Or do I need to create duplicates of each group with different source engines and then allow/disallow/purge them from the script? Or some other solution ? (What I'd like to do is provide a button switching from reading the...
  3. T

    Will an NMVe M.2 drive work better than SATA M.2 drive for Kontakt's DFD?

    I have my main operating system installed on a Samsung PM981 NMVe drive. I have one more M.2 SSD slot in my Intel Hades Canyon NUC, and would like a dedicated samples drive to allow Kontakt's DFD feature to save RAM. Is there any point in getting a more expensive NMVE drive for this purpose...
  4. B

    Changing source from DFD to TimeMachine Pro

    Hi everyone, Glad to be part of this group! I am pretty new in the Kontakt editing world so please forgive me if I am making a silly question. I am trying to edit some Patches from Kontakt. To be specific, what I am trying to do is to change the Source from DFD to Timemachine Pro. I was able to...
  5. Phryq

    Optane as RAM replacement

    You'll soon be able to buy a 32gb Optane M.2 2280 drive for $150. It's said to be slower than RAM, but faster than PCIe. However, looking at the specs, it seems even slower than some PCIe disks. E.G. sequential reads are Optane 1350 MB/s vs the 960 Pro's 3,500MB/s. I know what's important...
  6. K

    High dfd in vep

    Hello, So, I'm getting a weird behavior in Vienna Ensemble Pro (it's been like this for a while). I'm getting really high readings of DFD inside Kontakt, but only when I host Kontakt inside VEP. First time I noticed this was with Mural Strings, as soon as I deleted them from VEP and hosted them...
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