1. barteredbride

    DEMOS / MP3s ONLY - Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra

    Hello all, As much as I really love the chat and fun on other (much longer!) threads, perhaps it would help if we could have a thread only for people to post demos / mp3 / Soundcloud links and other audio files? If we could even get to 10 or 20 demos, that woud be really great. They can be...
  2. Shiirai

    LIST: Software Demos and Tryouts

    Honestly, I very much understand not being able to resell software. Even still, I have very little patience for companies that expect me to shell out hundreds of dollars for something that I cannot return when I don't like it, without being able to try it out. As a brother/sister list to the...
  3. Werewoof

    VI designers: What makes or breaks third-party demos?

    Hi there, IIUC, there are certain VI designers /companies who will take uncomissioned audio demos from aspiring composers and, if the demos are good enough, share them on the company's SoundCloud, somewhere on the product page. At least, that's how I'm guessing that happens. I'm not at all a...
  4. stigma

    Stigmatized Drummer v1.1 Released/Download Free Demo

    Stigmatized Productions updates Stigmatized Drummer to version 1.1 with a ton of new features added. Download now the fully functional free Demo to test it. Stigmatized Drummer v1.1 Demo Added a new nki called STIGMATIZED CLASSIC. It's best suited for Rock,Alternative,Pop and generally the "not...
  5. Vik

    Which string libraries have as detailed demos as this (HWS)?

    Which string libraries have as detailed demos as this?
  6. LexDu

    Sample Library Demos by Lex Du

    Who: In my country, there are a lot of Alexanders. I mean a lot. So Lex is what people call me (no, not Superman's arch-nemesis). I think of myself as a futurist, an idealist and a constant work-in-progress 'till death do me part. What: I had and have the pleasure of collaborating with various...
  7. donbodin

    Sample Library Demo Review 8.15

    Each month we curate a playlist of sample library demos created by composers and developers to showcase the newest virtual instruments. Full demo playlist and links to all the developers and instruments here...