1. Bluemount Score

    New track incl. Metropolis Ark 1 - 4 + some Strezov Wotan Choir and Ilya Efimov whistle

    Hi together, just released a ("old school epic") track to try out my newly finished Metropolis Ark template, which includes all four libraries of the series. Going to use it more often in the future. Besides that, there is Strezov Sampling Wotan Male Choir in there, NI Session Guitarist Picked...
  2. Alex Niedt

    Eric Whitacre Choir | Ethereal User Demo

    Here's a demo using only the Eric Whitacre Choir from Spitfire. I scrapped this a couple years ago, then listened again tonight and thought, "I guess it's not that bad." I find the library difficult to use for convincing melodic content, but it's cool as a textural kit.
  3. Alex Niedt

    Arkhis Demo (NI & OT)

    Hi all. Just wanted to share my official demo for the new Arkhis library from Native Instruments & Orchestral Tools. The textures are so incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Definitely recommended for any fans of the TIME libraries from OT. I also used tubular bells and timpani from Berlin...
  4. P

    Let's talk about sample library reviews, demos, walkthroughs, and everything in between,

    I hate to be mean, but someone has to say it. Most sample library review videos on youtube are useless. There are exceptions, and I don't want to name names, but I can't be the only one who thinks this, surely? If you're going to make a sample library video on youtube, make it a demo or a series...
  5. Bluemount Score

    20th Century Fox Intro Music (mock-up) CSS, CSB, NISS Percussion, BBCSO

    I randomly had this theme stuck in my head for the last weeks or so. Made a quick cover yesterday, to maybe get rid of that. Orchestration is not 100% like the real thing, but close. I think the Cinematic Studio Sound fits pretty well. Winds (barely audible, but there is a flute, oboe and...
  6. filipjonathan

    Spitfire Epic Brass & Woodwinds Demo

    Hey guys! Here is a short piece I wrote, featuring Spitfire Epic Brass & Woodwinds, clearly inspired by the phenomenal John Williams. Hope you like it :)
  7. TRKStudios

    "River of Life" - MIDI Demo

    Hope everyone is having a great new year!! I made a goal for myself to write more this year (outside of the work realm) and not let cues of mine just dust away in folders :) Been diving into the world of classical music a bit more and trying to let it inspire my writing.
  8. Bluemount Score

    OPENING - A happy new year track! (feat. NI Symphony Series + CSS + MA2)

    This one is already a couple of months old, but rather than forgetting that I ever made this I decided to release it as a single at this very fitting date :) Enjoy, happy new year!
  9. L

    Beginner talk: How can I try a demo of a sample library ?

    Hi! Beginner here. I am currently trying to produce uplifting trance music as a hobby of mine. I don't work in the music industry, but I always loved the genre, which mixes both synth and orchestral instruments. And over the last year, I challenged myself to learn music theory, piano, synth...
  10. Alex Niedt

    Berlin Percussion Demo - Unprocessed

    Got second place for this in the LA Modern Percussion composition contest, but it also doubles as an Orchestral Tools Berlin Percussion demo. All sounds are from the main library and timpani expansion, and there is no additional processing.
  11. iliatilev

    Thomas Newman will sue me 😁

    I did this little demo for Pianobook site using "Jonah's Felted Grand" and i wanted to share it with you.. Excuse me for the title 😎
  12. C

    Woodwind Freebies/Demo Samples

    Hi there, I'm looking to bulk up my library of virtual instruments with some freebies and whilst I've found quite a lot for strings and piano, I can't find any for woodwinds. Does anyone know of any (Kontakt or otherwise) that are good? I have looked in the freebie thread but was having...
  13. Alex Niedt

    Orchestral Tools Berlin Harpsichords | Official Demo

    Excited to have my first official demo for Orchestral Tools up on their new Berlin Harpsichords page! I used the French Harpsichord, mostly the Back 8 with some Front 8 and Staccato articulations. Having actual recorded staccato makes a world of difference in realism. Mics are the Close 2 and...
  14. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Ambient Guitars | User Demo

    Here's a quick demo I just did with Spitfire Ambient Guitars. All sounds come from Ambient Guitars except for the sine bass, which comes from Albion III Iceni. I really like this library, and it's definitely a step up from Enigma 1, which I had previously.
  15. peakeleven

    Palette Orchestral Series (Review + Video Demo)

    Hello Composers, Mike here! =) - Check out my video demo + review of Palette Orchestral Series: Sketchpad, Melodics, Runs & Arps and Orchestral FX. Super cool stuff. Sincerely, Mikael "Mike" Baggström
  16. cliffordmartin

    Piano prelude idea/demo Theme

    Piano Prelude/Demo demo. A theme to be developed for a short film.
  17. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Alternative Solo Strings Demo

    I think this is a great library for modern avant-garde material. Just have to play to its strengths. Next I want to see how Alternative Solo Strings sounds with LCO Strings. Wondering if they might be a match made in heaven for scratchy, dissonant stuff!
  18. Alex Niedt

    8Dio Insolidus, Bazantar, 1969 Piano

    My piece using three total tracks/patches: Insolidus Arc 4 Syllables, The New Bazantar Main, and The New 1969 Piano Main
  19. Werewoof

    VI designers: What makes or breaks third-party demos?

    Hi there, IIUC, there are certain VI designers /companies who will take uncomissioned audio demos from aspiring composers and, if the demos are good enough, share them on the company's SoundCloud, somewhere on the product page. At least, that's how I'm guessing that happens. I'm not at all a...
  20. Alex Niedt

    Metropolis Ark 4 | User Demo

    I'm quite proud of this, as it's really far-removed from anything I would have made if I hadn't restricted myself to this amazing library.
  21. Alex Niedt

    Cinematic Studio Brass Demo

    I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to brass, but I feel like this is a pretty great-sounding, user-friendly library. There's also some CSS in there, as I hadn't played with it yet, either.
  22. cliffordmartin

    Choir Writing/Composing

    Quick bit of fun with Labs Choir [Free]
  23. bfreepro

    Review: 8Dio Silka Choir

    This was the most difficult review yet as there is a lot of content to dig through, and I initially was wowed by the arcs. However we gotta take a look at everything included and all the aspects of using this library. Can it hold it's own to justify a $598 price tag AND offer enough content...
  24. ChrisSiuMusic

    Christopher Siu - Cinematic Demo Reel (2018)

    Hi all, please enjoy my demo reel for this year! Would love to hear any thoughts you might have to share. Thank you!
  25. Alex Niedt

    Time Macro Demo - Across Blooming Fields

    Really enjoying this library a lot! All sounds in this demo come from Time Macro.
  26. bfreepro

    Review: Cosmos By Impact Soundworks!

    You guys asked for it in the poll so here it is! This one has a walkthru video as well, so be sure to check that out if you're on the fence about purchasing. NEXT UP: Silka Choir by 8dio!
  27. Alex Niedt

    8Dio Studio Percussion Auxiliary Demo

    Wanted to make a little track using only sound sources from the 8Dio Studio Percussion Auxiliary library. There are some creative tonal uses of the library, including a pad, percussive melody, and perhaps most interestingly, a bass made from a heavily processed timpani.
  28. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Solo Strings legato-focused experiment

    All sounds are from the Spitfire Solo Strings library
  29. Erick - BVA

    Seeds of Change (Floppytron Demo)

    A combination of 3 samples libraries (mostly Floppytron). also some Seurat and Autumn Choirs.
  30. Kyle Preston

    Hans Zimmer Percussion Demo

    A quick demo testing out the new SF library. Other than a tidbit of compression, this is completely dry out of the box. The samples themselves are like, surgically-perfect. Might be my new favorite perc library!
  31. catibi79

    My demo - Mysterium - Deconstructed Toy Piano from Origins of Audio

    This is my demo composition for upcoming Kontakt #SampleLibrary, Mysterium - Deconstructed Toy Piano from Origins Of Audio ! :)#OriginsofAuido <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>
  32. willbedford

    100% Cinesamples composition - Searching for the Light

    Hi all, This is the first composition I've posted here - a hybrid/fusion demo written for Cinesamples, featuring only their libraries. Here are the libraries I used: Cineperc Complete Descant Horn Dulcimer and Zither African Marimba & Udu (new library released this week) Cinestrings CORE...
  33. Rectobiasi

    Bloody Sphere ( Quick Omnisphere 2 Demo )

    Hello everyone ! So, i just downloaded Omnisphere 2, and was so inspired by the possibilities that i quickly went onto the dark side ( which i like to do with most instruments ) and decided to do a very quick demo using only an 8 tracks multi with sounds i tweaked to hell and some i designed a...
  34. danielb

    Metropolis Ark 1 Test Song

    Hello everyone, i just had this new instrument from orchestral tools and made a song to test it.. here it is it can give you an idea of how it sounds out of the box .. i didn't mix nothing, just mastered a little bit... Only the percussions are from truestrike... Any comments are welcome ! :)
  35. GhostXb

    Waltz of the Flowers short demo

    Sup. I made a short demo of Waltz of the Flowers, just as an exercise and to see what I can do with it. I might be compelled to finish it some time. Thoughts? Feedback? Samples used: 8dio Agitato Grandiose Legato - Cello - Cello Divisi - Viola 8dio Agitato Arp.Legato & Ostinato: Violin 1...
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