1. 1

    VEPRO hell and heaven

    Crashes, crahes everywhere! If I open Cubase 8 first then load VEPRO, then they don't connect. If I load VEPRO, then open Cubase it just crashes and disappears. It worked for a while when I first got it. But then it started to crash here and there, and now it's just unusable. I found that I can...
  2. Chris Porter

    Help me build my first customer DAW

    (I meant to type "custom DAW" not "customer") Hey everyone, I'm enlisting the help of this awesome community to take a look at the parts I have chosen on PC Parts Picker, make sure I'm on the right track, and provide suggestions for some things I'm not sure about. I should note that this...
  3. G

    Quick Tip For Cubase Users After Software Upgrades!

    Hey there everybody! *wow that sounds like a cartoon.. maybe it's just me?* How many of you guys rebuild your templates after Cubase updates? I know I do! As much time as it takes, I've found rebuilding your template*s* from scratch eliminates most chances of a bug or kink being brought over...
  4. S

    Decisions: PC vs. refurb. Mac Pro vs. VEP Slave

    Hi! First of all I feel I should apologise for starting another one of these threads, however, I've spent days reading through forums and I haven't found the answers I'm looking for. I'm a musician who's recently gotten into writing orchestral stuff for video games. My current computer is a...
  5. composerken

    Starting from Scratch, $20K

    Hello everyone, I have been preparing to make a career move focusing more on scoring for TV and Film and am looking for some advice in what gear/knowledge I should invest in starting essentially from scratch. My budget is about $20K. My current DAW/rig is pretty bare at the moment: Decent...
  6. amsams

    How to create a multi-output Kontakt instrument in Logic X

    Specifically, I'm trying to make one Kontakt instance of Seinnheiser Drum Mic'a in mutli-output. I've searched and fiddled, but I can't successfully make this work. I know it's probably an easy fix. I'd like each mic (bass drum, hi hats, snare, toms, overheads, etc.) routed to a different...
  7. tabulius

    Sample streaming slave 2016

    I might get a new slave for VEP5 next year. I've built PCs for years now, but I'm a bit unsure what components I should get for a optimal sample streaming DAW. I'm not going to mix or use a lot of plugins inside Vienna Ensemble, mainly Virtual Stage panning and maybe few EQs. Main usage is...
  8. J

    Smpte lock in ableton (like in logic)

    I recently made the switch from logic to ableton and I'm working to video for the first time. I want to change the tempo of the project while keeping some clips in place with the video (locked to smpte) Anyone know if/how this can be done? Thanks for any help.
  9. J

    Audio Interface for new DAW

    Ok, so I'm researching the audio interface for my new DAW (PC - Windows 10). Seems like the safest option would be the RME HDSPE AIO PCIe card. This is a desktop rig, so I don't need portability or the convenience of USB. That being said, the Babyface seems to be really popular and the...
  10. Kardon

    REAPER 5: An Exhaustive Review

    Here's a link to a great review of Reaper 5. It shares a little history (very interesting), the Cockos business model, and covers a lot of the wide scope of this feature rich DAW. It is amazingly powerful, efficient, and full of more capabilities than most will ever use, but are there for...
  11. dtonthept

    Daw pc laptop?

    Hey folks, I'm looking to buy a PC laptop to mainly run Reaper, and the occasional splash of Pro Tools HD and Ableton Live. I'm very interested in nabbing something with a lot of on board storage. My live streaming uses are moderate to medium, and I like to do the odd bit of recording plus a...
  12. cacophonix

    Is you DAW connected to the internet?

    Hello, Seeing some developers taking the direction of not allowing offline registration of their products (or make it very difficult for the non-hacker user), I wonder if I am a the last dinosaur by strictly isolating my DAW from the Internet... Could you please tell me what is your DAW...
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