1. Kubler

    FL Studio 12 – “Mix in buffer switch” issue

    Hi everyone, I noted lately that enabling the "Mix in buffer switch" option would save nearly half my CPU load. So obviously I'd like to keep it this way, the problem is that then, the whole playback of my project starts playing at low speed and clicking furiously. It sounded like some kind of...
  2. dman007

    Audio PCs and the Chip BUG

    Regarding the chip bug, how does this stand regarding Windows audio PCs, ASIO, audio interface drivers, and DAWs ? Thanks
  3. dtonthept

    Monster X99 DAW PC built by Pro Tools PC USA

    Hey all, For sale is my monster X99 8 core 6900k DAW PC, components chosen for super quiet, super powerful DAW operation, built and tuned specifically for audio by Steven Gilliland at Pro Tools PC USA. Main specs are: - Intel 6900k 8 core processor - Asus X-99 WS/E Motherboard with Thunderbolt...
  4. E

    DAW Benchmarking

    I'm attempting to use DAWBench VI 2017 but I'm having trouble sourcing the Kontakt 3 samples required to run the session. I am an owner of Komplete 10 (and Kontakt 5) but apparently none of my current library matches with any of the needed files. I've e-mailed DAWBench and I'm waiting to hear...
  5. VerbatimProd

    FS/FT: Loads of Plugins, DAWs, Hardware Gear & Accessories

    *Please note, this photo is to show our full studio only. Not all items pictured are for sale! Downsizing my studio & I have a TON of software & gear available for sale or trade. Hardware items shipped at actual shipping rates, unless marked free S/H. Local pickup from The Dalles, OR is...
  6. creativeforge

    Hard-drive recording (DAW) vs external hardware (ADAT)?

    I'm curious to know if tape or HD recorders are still used professionally? I'm thinking ADAT, HDR or other multitrackers. Or is everything fully done on hard-drives, including storyboarding, sketches, etc. I'm considering to bypass software for the composing portion, as hardware seems faster...
  7. N

    PC configuration: Asking for your opinion / guidance

    Hi guys I configured a pc on PC part picker to use as a slave, and maybe as a DAW down the road. I was hoping I could post the specs of it here to get your feedback on whether these parts will all work together. I don't want to be skimping on any parts that need to be better quality, and at the...
  8. Epicurse

    Best Monitor for my DAW Studio One?

    Hey Controllers, I have done my research but I am still searching... lol Many use 3 monitors or TVs like Daniel James who I believe, uses a 30in TV in the middle for his cubase. Some use Wide 21:9 curve screens, some use 4K and some uses touch screens... Not an easy decision to make when all...
  9. M

    Master/Slave: MacMini + PC?

    Hi all! I'm planning a system upgrade very soon, and I'm thinking about going one of the following routes: - PC Master + PC Slave - Mac Mini Master + PC Slave Considering the Mac Mini is long in the tooth, I'll wait and see if Apple will release a new model before the end of this year. I was...
  10. sleepfacingwest

    Ipad integration with DAW workflow

    I've seen pictures of studio setups that have a place for an ipad. I'm working on retooling my studio setup, and am curious if this can be useful. I've on occasion created custom faders and buttons in touchOSC to make recording certain gestures/maneuvers easier in Logic, and have been thinking...
  11. G

    Anyone using Reason?

    Is anyone using reason, or gone back to Reason for their compositions since they have implemented VST support into the application. I haven't used it in like 10 years. But they seem to have a big following, but not too sure how good it is for virtual orchestra composition? Anyone have some...
  12. creativeforge

    DAT machine dump to DAW: best practices?

    So I got this DAT tape from 1991. I downloaded it to my DAW using the XLR "ANALOG" outputs in the back. Routed to the DAW through a Mackie MiX8 small mixer, channels 1 & 2 panned hard L & R, and output from there via the Main Out using 1/4" cables and into a Focusrite Saffire 24 Pro via the...
  13. wuubb

    *Survey* Researching what kinds of computer setups people use

    Hello everyone! I'm doing some research as to what kinds of computer setups people use for composing/production. I've created a quick google survey and if you wouldn't mind taking a quick minute or two to fill it out it would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  14. cosmeliccardo

    Pro Tools for composing

    Hi, just wondering how many of you use pro tools as your DAW for composing or scoring. I've noticed it isn't as common as I thought
  15. creativeforge

    VST step sequencer recommendations

    I'm trying to find a simple to use/understand sequencer I can use to enter chords all at once. Not by drawing in individual notes, but by playing full chords on a controller. Ideally, after each chord is played, the cursor would move in place for the next chord to be entered. And I could...
  16. midiman

    Virtual Routing from DAW to Web Browser - for the purpose of Webcasting on Windows

    Hello, Anyone know what is the best software for routing audio form DAW to google Chrome. The purpose is to broadcast an audio session through Source Connect Now on Goggle Chrome. Any tips would be really appreciated. Source connect has a software called Source Nexus, but it is only for Mac...
  17. kilgurt

    Show your most valuable DAW related software-tools!

    Hey guys, I'd like to start this thread with two of my most valuable tools on my DAW-PC: 1. Search Everything (https://www.voidtools.com/) - very fast search tool for any file, very handy to search huge libraries (file based) very fast. Switch off your WIN-index! 2. Procmon...
  18. michaelamlacher

    For Sale: Cubase Pro 8.5

    Hey there fellow composers. I am selling my Cubase 8.5 Pro. I switched to Pro Tools to be more compatible with delivery for TV scores and it has just been lying around for the last couple of months. I will deliver the original Cubase 7 DVDs, I upgraded from 7 to 8.5 (see attached screenshot)...
  19. S

    FS: Studio One 3 Artist

    Got a copy of Studio One 3 Artist with my Zen Tour audio interface, but I already have Studio One 3 professional. Selling for $70.
  20. V

    Switching from FL Studio to another DAW

    Hello, I've been using FL Studio since I started producing and composing (I don't compose professionally). Now I know it's really not the best for composing but it's what I'm comfortable with and I know it inside and out. However, I want to start exploring other DAWs and switch away from FL...
  21. DanielOutro

    30+ free sample packs for just about any genre

    Hey friends! Hope everyone is doing well. I've been working hard with the team at Outro to put together some sample packs for our website. If you're a sample head, or just looking for a few extra sounds to spice up your production, we've gotcha covered. The packs are up on our featured page...
  22. J

    Scoring music first before DAW vs. playing music live into a DAW

    Hello everyone, I've been a lurker on this forum for a while, but I have just recently gotten back into composing. In the past, my workflow has always been to compose "by hand" manually (no instrument, just mouse and keyboard) in scoring software and then exporting the MIDI to Cubase, where I...
  23. DanielOutro

    Recording vocal on a budget

    This one is for all vocalists and singer-songwriters looking to build a DIY recording setup for under $500. Hope you like it. Read here :)
  24. ranaprathap

    Must try features of Cubase

    Hello, I am demoing Cubase Elements 9 at the moment. Didn't want to get the pro version because I have limited availability of USB ports in my computer. To all the experienced cubase users out here, what are some of the must try features of the DAW that you think would influence my decision...
  25. DanielOutro

    8 simple steps for a better vocal mix

    Hey! We've put together a step-by-step guide to mixing vocals - hope you like it :) 8 Simple Steps to Mixing Vocals Like a Pro
  26. David Hall

    Studio One 3 pro.

    Hi. I recently joined this community, And I haven't found yet a thread from composers who use Studio one 3. I haven't used any other DAW, it seems like most have their favorite, I for once like it. I would like any information of others like me who are also using this DAW as their main...
  27. David Hall

    Thank you! and hello!

    thanks V.I.CONTROL for allowing me to be part of this community. that being said... My name is David, I am a starting amateur composer, growing up I've always had musical talent, but it wasn't until recently that i decided to make a career from it. So here I am. A little background on me, I've...
  28. DanielOutro

    Why do you make music?

    Hey everyone! I've been producing music for nearly 7 years and can sometimes feel like i'm chasing an unknown goal. There are moments where I feel as if music is just something I do for fun, and others where I'm totally driven to put out releases, and strongly believe this is something I need...
  29. D

    Post your stable Windows DAW - VE PRO setups

    Hi, Please let me know if anyone successfully uses PCs with VE Pro for 200+ tracks orchestral templates. Ι use DP 9 with VE Pro in a single PC with an i5-4460 & 32GBs of RAM that will be used as my slave machine. Hopefully, my master PC will be an 8-core i7 & 64GBs of RAM. As for the audio...
  30. MoteMusic

    DAW workflow for game loops

    I'm working on a game project which is using an adaptive music system. I'm new to composing for games so I don't have a standard workflow yet in Cubase. Specifically, I'm interested how others set up for multiple variations and adaptive slices. For example, right now I'm working on a background...
  31. MarcJovani

    David Buckley- "You never know when a new opportunity will come. Focus on the things you can control

    Hi everyone, This is my second post and I'm very excited to share about this... I had the incredible privilege to interview the British composer David Buckley, who’s worked in the last Jason Bourne movie and is composing for the TV show “The Good Fight”. David moved to LA around 10 years ago...
  32. ontracktuts

    Free Presonus Studio One on Udemy

    Hey Guys, I used to be a Logic user, but have moved over to Studio One. I'm really liking the user interface and some of its features. It may be lacking on some functions in comparison to Logic and Cubase, but I think its a real contender to these guys. I'm busy putting together a full course...
  33. darrenwonnacott

    New Weekly Cubase Tutorial Series

    Hi Everyone, I’m starting up a weekly Cubase tutorial on Youtube. These videos will be short useful things that someone new to Cubase or has recently switched from another DAW may find useful - or even if you have used Cubase for a while there is always something new to learn. Please subscribe...
  34. DanielOutro

    Who here develops plug-ins?

    Hello! I work for Outro, a new music marketplace for high-quality loops and samples. We also run a blog where we publish content related to music production. We've just started up a weekly feature where we review new and exciting plug-ins. We would like to support online music communities by...
  35. C

    Track vs Rack Instruments in Cubase Templates: a Different Approach

    Hi All, I'm a big fan of using the track settings window in Cubase while composing with track instruments. But when using rack instruments, or midi tracks that are connected to an instrument, you have to travel a bit, sometimes a long way, to get to the track settings window of that vst...
  36. Tareck117

    Why would you choose Cubase over the rest ?

    Hey, I'm currently using Ableton Live as my main DAW because initially I had a huge discount on it But, Ableton seems more interested in providing functionalities to its PUSH controller then to the software itself. One of my friend suggested me to try Cubase and I would like to know your...
  37. sprout

    Plugin Auto-Analyzing Harmonic Functions Showing Roman Numerals & Figured Bass plus Score Notation

    I'm looking for a DAW plugin that can auto-analyze MIDI and perhaps audio then display the harmonic analysis in figured bass roman numerals. It should also display score notation. I'd like to avoid the messy process of importing to a proper notation program like Sibelius. I know that my Logic...
  38. M

    Audio interface

    I looking to get new audio interface I looking the Presonus Studio 192 mobile or the motu ultralite mk4, both have similar setting I use studio one as main daw so the presonus one look more interesting, but i read some problems about latency, any one had try the studio 192 or mobile ? the motu...

    Cubase Track Limit

    Hey Guys, Just purchased Cubase Pro 8.5, switched over from another DAW. Trying to create my template and limited to a 100 track limit count, does this seem correct? 100 Audio / 100 Midi. Thanks in advance. Corey

    VEPro Implementation

    Hi Guys, Thinking of implementing Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 into my workflow. Currently running a 6 Core Setup and not looking at adding another slave, as of this stage. Have multiple SSD's for sample streaming / libraries. Wondering what the benefits are of having VEPro on the same system as...

    VEPro Question

    Hi Guys, Thinking of implementing Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 into my workflow. Currently running a 6 Core Setup and not looking at adding another slave, as of this stage. Have multiple SSD's for sample streaming / libraries. Wondering what the benefits are of having VEPro on the same system as...
  42. B

    Cubase or Studio One?

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit torn up on a decision, which I was hoping you could help me with. I've been using Cubase 5 for the past few years, and I love it. But the 32-bit/4GB maximum RAM issue is getting on my nerves these days. Especially with my new sample libraries. So I want to upgrade. But...
  43. R

    Slave: why you should have one? :)

    Hi everyone, totally frustrated in trying to decide how to upgrade my current DAW. Totally newbie also, wanting to understand more, so any link is much appreciated! What is a slave computer and why an ITB soundtrack composer should have one? I'm now (happily) running an Hackintosh but it's...
  44. R

    Apogee Quartet vs Apogee Quartet Protools

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new audio interface. Can anyone explain to me the difference between Apogee Quartet and Apogee Quartet by AVID? I'm thinking of upgrading Protools also, moving from my old version 8 to 12. Thanks a lot!


    Hi Community, Looking to make the switch over to Cubase 8.5 Pro. Wondering if any or all of you have advice / positive / negatives / things to be aware of etc of the software and if you recommend it. Appreciate your feedback. Cheers EDIT: PC USER
  46. SomeGuy

    Did a control surface really speed up your workflow?

    I was looking at adding a control surface for controlling Cubase and plugins more quickly. However, I use Vienna Ensemble pro and try to load as many instruments and insert effects inside VE pro on both my PC slave and main Mac system. Will systems like the Nektar Panorama (who have pre-mapped...
  47. marclawsonmusic

    A Tip for Glyph Drive Users

    This may be common knowledge for some, but I thought I would pass it along anyway... The other day, one of my Glyph drives (GT050Q 1TB) started smoking. Literally smoke was coming out of the side accompanied by a nasty electrical burning smell! I unplugged the thing immediately. I have no...
  48. W

    Midi out from Sibelius to Ableton

    Hi, I am using a macbook pro, I am finding it hard routing midi from sibelius to ableton to make all the midi play the vsts in ableton! I followed the instructions on the internet but nothing happens!
  49. S

    PC DAW builders

    Hilarious ;) A case in the Mac Pro trashcan design. So we Mac Pro users can now have sample play out systems in the a similar design.
  50. Y

    Sample libraries and DAW templates

    I know Native Instruments has been working directly with numerous VI companies to optimize their new keyboards... So here's a thought: What if sample library companies created custom templates for the different DAWs out there?? I am a Logic user... So that would be first on my list! Hehehe...
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