daw build

  1. wuubb

    Host samples on NAS with 10gbe

    So this is part question, part personal anecdote from my own setup. I currently have a Linux server that I use as a NAS with 3x1TB SSDs with all of my samples on them. Back when I built this SSD's were really $$$ so it seemed like a good idea at the time. The server has a Mellanox Infiniband...
  2. H

    Thoughts on new build?

    I know this build is capable of handling large sessions.What I'm curious about is if I go with a 7700k/8700k would that make much of a difference in performance? i79700k is overpriced where I live. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4dDzD2
  3. J

    New Pc ...ok?

    Well, I wanna get a new Pc but considering all the aspects for musicproduction is too much for me :/ Here is what i have : Link
  4. T-LeffoH

    Energy efficient desktop suggestions for VEPRO PC?

    I'm hoping to find suggestions regarding building out the most energy efficient desktop I can for my Windows Vienna Ensemble Pro setup... I live & do music scoring work off of solar power in Hawaii but am trying to compile as much information as I can with respect to building out a machine in...
  5. M

    New x99 based need your feedback.

    Hi guys, I need a new main PC to work with 4 other slaves via VePro. Most of my projects are huge orchestral template like trailer music. This is what I end up with.(Noise is not a issue as PC are all in a machine room. Budget around 1600$ case: ATX Cooler Master HAF 912 mobo: ASROCK...
  6. S

    PC DAW builders

    Hilarious ;) A case in the Mac Pro trashcan design. So we Mac Pro users can now have sample play out systems in the a similar design.