1. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Pre-Friday The 13th Sale

    8Dio Pre-Friday The 13th Sale We Combat Fear with Sound! Pre-Friday the 13th Sale + FREE Gift with Purchase Sale Ends 03/16 Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness $128 (Goes $198 03/16) Hybrid Tools – Eternal Darkness is a focused collection of unsettling, dark and hauntingly beautiful horror-based...
  2. Broojacker

    Battle track for videogame

    Hi, I have here atmospheric orchestral battle track for the dark fantasy game. I will be grateful for your opinion.
  3. Voytek Pavlik

    MariiLu - Awakening (Announcement)

    Welcome, I have decided to share with you here, an announcement of an art project AWAKENING, which starts with this music video. The music is a co-composition of mine and my close friend, who likes to call herself - MariiLu. It has been many years, since the last time she touched her voice...
  4. Alex Niedt

    "The Hive" | Dark Hybrid Suspense

    Hi, everyone! Would love to hear some feedback. This was my first attempt at this sort of genre. The whole "film" music thing is pretty new to me. For anyone curious, I used a lot of various libraries, but definitely heavy on 8Dio, Spitfire, and a bit of Heavyocity. Thanks!
  5. Kubler

    Without A Trace – Dark orchestral theme

    Hi everyone ! I'd like to present you this composition I finished a couple weeks ago. This was an exercice for my master degree in scoring. We were asked to write a theme in a detective story style – I think I strongly leaned towards a thriller sort of thing, but I got positive comments...
  6. MatthewHarnage

    Looking for mixing/sequencing feedback on new dark/fantasy game track

    Hey everyone, This is the most recent track for a game I'm scoring: Since this is the latest time I've had the opportunity to use full orchestral stuff I'm really trying to use each track to grow my mixing chops. Any feedback on the sequencing or mixing would truly be appreciated. I feel...
  7. MatthewHarnage

    Fantasy track combining Medieval Era II with acoustic guitar. Looking for any feedback on mix.

    Hey everyone, This was created for a Fantasy game coming out in 2018. It is played in a secret library area and was meant to be calming and somewhat reflective. The main melody is the main theme of the game, inverted. I thought I did pretty well with the mix. Everything sounds clear and...
  8. MatthewHarnage

    New track from a Dark Fantasy game I'm currently scoring.

    Hey everyone, I recently started scoring a fantasy game. This is my first time finally getting to score in this genre (I've done about 20 games so far, but haven't gotten this lucky yet). Just wanted to share the main theme/first track with you all. Bought CSS, Spitfire Percussion, and Albion...
  9. Mikael Adle

    Leap Into The Void Summer sale - Absynth, Bazille, Massive, Serum sound sets 30-50% off

    Leap Into The Void summer sale! Spend the summer composing with inspiring sounds from Leap Into The Void. We are entering July and with it Leap Into The Void announces summer sale. All Absynth, Bazille, Massive and Serum single soundsets are 30% off. Purchase four sound sets and get 40%...
  10. Jetzer


    First track I wrote in 2017. Last couple of weeks where a bit tough so I was in a dark mood when I wrote this. The orginal idea was I would keep it going for another couple of minutes, but I feel things are looking good again so I decided to just finish it :)
  11. Grim_Universe

    Song of the Damned

    Hi, guys! I just finished kind of "dark impressionism" music. I just don't know what to say, hope you'll like it.
  12. Logan

    HOME PIANO (Dark Soft Upright) for Kontakt

    HOME PIANO is a delicately performed Cable-Nelson upright piano for use with Kontakt. The sound could be described as an intimate and real. Just released today, and for the first two weeks, the price is $25 (instead of $39). I hope you enjoy my first Kontakt instrument! -Close & Far mic...
  13. Rectobiasi

    Bloody Sphere ( Quick Omnisphere 2 Demo )

    Hello everyone ! So, i just downloaded Omnisphere 2, and was so inspired by the possibilities that i quickly went onto the dark side ( which i like to do with most instruments ) and decided to do a very quick demo using only an 8 tracks multi with sounds i tweaked to hell and some i designed a...
  14. akox

    Origins of Audio: Zebramatic II - Unleash the Dark Zebra

    We are very pleased to announce Zebramatic II - Unleash the Dark Side of Zebra! A soundset for Zebra 2, containing 100 presets, including Pads, Soundscapes, Arpeggiators, Guitars, Effect and more! As the image clearly gives away, 99% of our sounds were created having in mind dark and horror...
  15. R

    Dark Age

    Hello guys. Here is a piece I wrote. Any kind of feedback would be appreciated. -Rok